Thursday, October 30, 2008

Art Works For My Bunny Top Hat!

Hey Guys,

I'm just sharing with you guys the Clip Arts that was created base upon my "Bunny Top Hat" I made about a year ago for pRO servers...which now is getting around world-wide commercial release. Well anyways Enjoy the Pics.


You guys be the judge...Anyways, if you like these head gears and more, you can check them all out currently on all pRO's servers!

Me & Myung-jin Lee

Hey guys,

While I was at Live 08 it became a real treat for me to finally meet the man behind the Ragnarok Manga, which started the entire revolution of Gravity buying the rights/license to produce it as a MMORPG...and then it growing into a massive Franchise world-wide...pretty much he has a easy life now relaxing and collecting royalties from all over the world, oh and he does a few art works here and there to help with concept arts and promotional use...some day I hope I can be like that, lolz.

Anyways here are some pics. I had taken on my Flip Mino while I was there...We really had a nice time, we we're able to talk 1 on 1... well with the exception of his translator of course, about all the things we've both done for RO, along with what can and will be done for the Future of RO! He was really excited to see my works, and really hopes that Gravity and Level-Up! can work out a better understanding with our new contents about to be produced after a whole new world...Sadly he has no control over Gravity's approval with contents, tuff luck though, LOL.
It was still a great honor to meet him and talk about things!

Soon after the meetings and a week of organizing thoughts, Level-Up! and Gravity started to undergo new Developing ordeals which will conduct new plans basing around new installments and developments after a whole new world. I'm VERY Excited for all the new projects and concepts we'll be developing seeing how my roll is now much more larger then before with previous RO installments. /gg

Ragnarok DS Test #2 (DarkKnight Sprite)

Hey Guys,

I got another chance to test RO for the DS, and this time I was finally able to test the Dark Knight and Male Shaman...As a Plus side to things, they did increase the map mobility so u can rotate some of the maps, but only to a certain degree, kinda like in the Insides rooms/Inn/Shops from the towns...But never or less they're trying...

As for the Dark Knight and Shaman Class sprites, nothing has really changed besides it's playable for your main character to change into...or one of the orginal classes...You only have 7 Jobs to choose from and they only expand to 2-1. Plus you'll have the choice of Dark Knight or Shaman....

Besides that the game is looks alright, but still the sprites has been downgraded alot to fit on DS units as I said before in one of my pervious Posts about this...So it looks like someday I'll be in charge of recreating those 2 Jobs for RO

Anyways heres another little sneak peek at the classes...To be honest I was truely expecting the Dark Knights to be alot more like Nightmare from Soul Calb. but I guess they just couldn't do it that way, I mean they already have the look, why not the weapon....Oh wellz I'll make sure that they'll have somthing like a huge buster sword later on down the road, LOL. Till then guys, Laterz!

Mechanic Mounts

Hey Guys,

This is some more stuff about the Whole New World stuff, continuing off from the Rune Knights Mount...Pretty much this time it's about the Mechanics Mounts...

(Designs and Functions are subject to change)

This time Gravity has developed the same kinda thing I worked on before with the ride on mechas for mounts but it's of more of skill/function for the Mechanics to use and make, they're actually arranging IF the class should allow development Mechas for all player classes. But as it stands only Mechanics and control these beastly beasts. The Heads can be changeable here and there for diffrent looks to match your likings (however that function might take along time to actually complete so there's only 1-2 default for now). The base head works as a Skull for the endoskeleton, while I'll explain in abit later, it can be upgraded.

The system works pretty easily considering it's only changing your class sprite and head sprite, and then adding the list of mech'll be locked from using a lot of normal summoning skills etc. so be caution these are pretty much melee type fighting machines so far, but they'll have options to equip new head PARTS like you do with head gears...weapons and junk will also increase your type of skills and battle mode. Hey maybe someday they'll give them missiles to shoot out!

How Does a Mechanic Build and Ride a Mech?:
Very simple, accuire the skills from your quest. Collect the materials and bam, now you've learned the ablitly to create a Mech armor. Next you'll need to be able to Equip it. Thats another Quest Skill where your going to be taught how to ride it and what it limits you from it. After that the rest is history.

It's sad tho. a long time ago the GM's (and possible players) were suppose to be able to ride in mech like things too, but it seems like gravity didn't want to deal with a Capcom Law suit with it ALMOST looking like Baby Commando from "Captain Commando". Take a look for yourself:

Yes the sprite even blew out steam from the pipes...
::sighs::So much effort to be put to waste...

Till then guys, Later!

Rune Knight Mounts Confirmed!?!

Hey Guys,

I just came back to states, after a nice 2 week vacation to Philippines to celebrate the historic event of the 1st ever hosted RWC event outside of Korea! It was a blast I must say....and I hope Level-Up gets a chance to host it again soon!

Anyways, as I came back, of course I had to get back to work as well, checking my e-mails and stuff...

Well one of friends who's been keeping tabs for me at GungHo was able to show me the latest development on the Whole New World....YES all speculations are confirmed if what they're doing is true or not....I HIGHLY warn you........

Rune Knights Dragon Ferus
The Mount will be able to do Dragon Fire Breath Atks along with Auto Defense skills to protect the Rune Knight in some ways....Right now I'm only given permission to show some frames of the Dragon Mount...But I think you get the basic Idea. Enjoy!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The 3rd Eye!

Hey Guys,

Just as the heading says...."The 3rd Eye". This is a one of the many new head gears I'll be submitting along with "The Poring Bags".

There really is not much to share about this head gear since, it's pretty much a 3rd eye. Kinda like the ones you see Shamans, Monks, or any other Anime character have.

This head gear is FULLY animated with the eyes blinking and it closes as well when being hit.

The stats for this headgear is still unknown besides the fact I want to give it +INT, +DEX in some ways along with autocasting Ruwach.

Well I hope guys enjoyed this funky little headgear...MORE TO COME SOON!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Visit Our Booth and Get THESE!

Hey Guys,

As the title says, Visit our Level-Up Live 08 Booth in the LU City and get a chance to buy some of these fabulous items! Show your love and support for RO with these!

Here's a small sample of what to expect:

(Sample designs may vary)

Kool Huh?! Hope to see ya there!

Face Worm MVP

Hey Guys,

Before I went about working on getting ready for Level-Up Live 2008, I was working on a new monster for pRO servers to get. Which was the Face Worm...
Face Worm, appeared in the original Korean Manga of Ragnarok vol. 1...

The thing is, back in Beta days of RO, the Face Worm was going to make surface, however the development team could not justify the animation and style of it...Though they made the Face Worm card and kept it in the client side all these years, which later became a GM Card.I know now that Gravity is trying to dig up the roots of RO to put into the game, so I took liberty to make that happen for pRO 1st. Introducing the Face Worm Monster....Thought details on the mechanics on how we'll approach this is still in the works.

I had an idea where the players could buy a ticket or somthing that warps them to a new map containing the Face Worm.

The Other idea was that players could just Buy his Card after proven they've killed him...This would mean a whole seprate NPC to read off the items that the Face Worm Drops, This would pretty much be a Hyper Mart Quest thing, LOL.

Well I hope you guys enjoy! More crazy ideas and works coming soon! Till then Laterz!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Shaman and Dark Knight ! + DS Details!

Hey guys,

I'm just gonna show you guys some pics and explain simply that these are the new Shaman and Dark Knight classes coming at ya soon on the "Nintendo DS". Yes that's right, if you haven't heard RO will be hitting the NDS by next yr. however, I myself have gotten a hands on the game plus gotten a chance to be able to release some details about the upcoming classes...

Let me start off by saying I didn't make the sprites for these classes, So just to stop the e-mails and comments about how horrible the sprites in the future there, I'm just stating that I didn't do the Dark Knight and Shaman Class sprites...Honestly I don't know how or why gravity even let those sprites be approved to be put into the game...

Now let me just lay this out in the open...the game is Far from being a real deal, in fact you can't even rotate the map around in a 360, PLUS all the images are just 2 different sides being quarter views. I can understand it's to compress the feel of the game in a DS card but seriously, they could have increase the quality on the new classes at lest...

Neat little new features is that you can use the stylist to do different skills and attacks. Plus you'll be teamed up with 2 other NPC characters who will help you along the way.

Don't expect EVERY MAP in the game, and DON'T EXPECT every MVP and class in the game...
You're only going to see the top tear MVPs and common to known RO monsters and Maps. And Most of the classes you'll see are all the 1st classes (plus expanded) and 2-1 (from what I've played so far).

Now Online/WiFi play will allow you to have a connection with 5 friends (DS) to explore a 50 floor random Dungeon...That's about all your going to get WiFi related.

Once you buy the game your given a free item code that will last for 30 days or else it expires. So once you add it in time to your account, you'll be upload 2 new Items to your account. Which are the "Village Benefits" and "Odin's Mask" (or in Japanese : AUDOMARU and ODINMASUKU)

The Stats of the Odin's Mask are the Following:

-All Transcendent Classes Execpt High Novice
-Required Lvl. 50
-Lower & Mid Head Slot
-Adds 6% damage to all Demi-Human Monsters
-Hit -10
Stats of the Village Benefits now:

-Accessory Slot
-Novice Only
-For each monster killed you will gain a +5% Exp boost.
-Adds +5% damage to all monsters.

The Odin's Mask is more for current players, while the Village Benefits is just really for that extra boost for the noobies...or anyone who wants to get a early boost on a new character.

Well that's about it for now on RO DS....I hope this helps anyone out there...Enjoy!

Meet and Greet Me?! LU-Live 2008!

Hey guys,

Today I would like to officially announce that I'll be heading back to visit the Philippines for a few days, and just in time for the annual Level-Up Live 2008 Event! Oct. 18th-19th

This year is gonna be HUGE for pRO, main reason because they'll be hosting the Ragnarok World Championships this year!

But that isn't the real reason why I'm posting this, It's simply because I'm telling all you wonderful people out there to come out and visit me at our booth in the LU city...

Yup thats right, you'll get a chance to meet me in person along with getting autograph works of mine, along with purchasing merchandise that our team made just for the event. You'll even get a chance to meet milady who does the RO clip arts for us (as seen on my pervious entires). So you could get her to sign your things too! We're willing to discuss as much as we can about RO and any other related topics, so if you want Interviews for your Blogs or what not...This is the spot and time!

Meet and Greet the official RO Spriter and Artist! Yeah, and buy some things too! hehehehe.
Don't Forget, LU Live is GONNA BE HUGE THIS YEAR! Don't miss out! See ya there!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Anubis Helm - Exclusive Look!

Hey Guys!

This is one of my favorite works as of yet, It's known as the Anubis Helm and you guys are getting a Sneak Peak at something WAY BEFORE it's even released! Thats right, this the 1st time in my blog I'm actually displaying something before it's released commercially, or even announced!

Infact, the design MAY vary depending on when it's finally approved result seeing how Gravity likes to be picky, so I might have to tweek it up, but this is what I've sent as of last night. So I hope you guys enjoy! This headgear IS FULLY ANIMATED with Glowing Eyes and Moving Hair!!! Once again this will be exclusively on pRO servers 1st, before it's global debut!

I'll give you guys an update when the time comes when it's Officially released along with the full stats!
-Official release of the design may vary to changes-

If your interested in this new headgear I’ve developed please take your time and look for it yourself at the official Philippines Ragnarok Online Server…Enjoy!

3rd and 4th Migration Classes!

Hey Guys,

I'm happy to introduce to you guys the 3rd...or should I say 4th classes of RO!

-Official release of the design may vary to changes-

Let me start off by sharing with you that these class ideas have been in the works for a few years now, Infact project G.A.T.E. was where most of these classes came from.

The good people over at Level-Up! know very well what I'm talking about, when I say these been in works for a few yrs. simply because thats a fact! These classes and ideas were in fact some of my 1st works....

See we had a fusion system called Arc Classes, short for Arcadia Class. Pretty much it was were your current class skills will be fuses with the other 2-1 or 2-2 skills to become a fusion class. So an Assassin would end up getting all the Rouge skills...or Vise versa, Etc.

Not only that, but mechanics could produce Mecha rides for all player classes to use, PLUS Rangers and Hunters had Wolf mounts.

I created the 1st concepts behind the Wolf mount simply because I was tired of seeing the RO clip arts that was made of the Hunter always with the Wolf, so I figured why not make it a Mount! And then BOOM! As for the Mecha, it was pretty much a simple concept inspired by Ghost In a Shell alittle...using the Apocalypse monster as it is, but opening up the Head so classes can ride in it. Since all RO chars. need a head to work from, I opened the head as a lid for it. But Now we've took it under a whole new teammates at GungHo are using the head sprites to being the mecha's head...and well You'll see in due time! ^_^

These are the 1st ideas behind the wolf mount and mecha mounts...In game specs for 3rd/4th classes:

You can get these classes by going from either 2-1 , 2-2 OR 3-1 , 3-2 (Reborn Class). Each of these serve a different style for your builds on your characters. When your 2-1 or 2-2 and go into the Migration class, you'll be treated as a normal Class up character, getting certain builds that you can't get when your Reborn, certain options for different skills will be unlocked as well. When your Reborn going to the 4th class you'll be able to keep your stat boosts from before. Along with that, all your transcendent weapons will be usable. In this Job class your Max lvl will also be extended to 150 for the lvl cap! Thats not all, most of these classes are build around PvP now, so we could expect to see some heavy guild matches!

The Job Quests will also vary between Medium and Hard....Medium would be if your Not Reborn and Hard would be if you are Reborn. The hard quest will require Cards, headgears, and other Misc. objectives. As for the Medium, it'll fall under the same toughness as to going into Reborn.

I'll update you guys more once the next 6 classes are done, along with the Pecos, Dragons, and Wolfs! hehehehe.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Mask of Ifrit !!!

Hey guys,

This is one of the best additions I've created for the headgears in the Item Mall...players can now unleash more power of Ifrit's with wearing my new original "Mask Of Ifrit". Yes you heard it, Ifrit's mask....Not ears, MASK! Fully Animated, and well equipped with a force to be reckon with!

Seriously, this headgear took me some time to finish to make it perfect, and still today I find some mess ups, but it was accepted! What scares me the most was the over powering stats of this thing...The development at LU really came up with an unbalanced headgear, however they removed the extra possible head slots and card slots too, so it does work out. I really hope you guys find yourself enjoying this new headgear I designed! This headgear was released on offical servers as of [July 23, 2008].

Mask of Ifrit
- Str + 1 Int + 1 Mdef + 5.
- Increase 10% resistance against Fire Property attacks.
- Decrease 10% resistance against Water Property attacks.
- Enables use of Lv. 1 Sight.
- Autospell Meteor Storm Lv. 3 by a certain chance when receiving physical attacks.
- Autospell Fire Bolt Lv. 3 by a certain chance when dealing physical damage.
- Unable to refine

These stats are like having a built in Dark Lord Card on a headgear and then some! Really powerful stuff. Hahahahaha. Enjoy!

If your interested in this new headgear I’ve developed please take your time and look for it yourself at the official Philippines Ragnarok Online Server…Enjoy!

Rok’n @ Five! Poring Cake Hat!!!


It's the 5th Rok'n successful year there and I'm proud to be friends with some of most innovated, creative, unique, and great people there at Level-Up! I wish RO there in Philippines to have many more HAPPY and successful years to come!

Now on ward to the good stuff---

In honor of the great celebration it's a pleasure to introduce my next addition to the RO servers! The "Poring Cake Hat" oh yes, this was an original idea I designed just for pRO! They've release the headgear as a special event headgear that has some niffty stats that will be removed by September 30th 2008. Well this headgear event was officially lunched [ July 17, 2008] and the event ended [July 23, 2008]. To all the lucky players that got this fine addition CONGRATULATIONS! You'll be Rok'n in Style!

So what are the stats? Here you can check them out right here:
Poring Cake Hat
-A special hat created to celebrate 5th year anniversary of RO in the Philippines (item feature will disappear after September 30, 2008)
-MDEF, CRIT, FLEE, Perfect Dodge +5
-ASPD +5%
-Reduces Cast Time by 5%
-Skill Delay reduced by 5%
-Def: 5

If your interested in this new headgear I’ve developed please take your time and look for it yourself at the official Philippines Ragnarok Online Server…Enjoy!

Ears of Ifrit

Hey guys,

We're here once again to introduce to you yet another of my fine collections, this time to feature highlights from the episode Veins! This headgear I can decently say is much better then the normal Elven Ears, since it's the "Ears of Ifrit" yes, fully animated flamed ears! Not just that but Ifrit's Ears, you could just feel his power burning up within you. Hey just check out his stats on it. hahaha. The thing about this headgear is that it was pretty simple to do, so not much to say besides it has great stats for a middle slot, and it's animated and better looking then the Elven ears! wOOt wOOt! /gg

I hope you guys get a chance to enjoy this fine addition to my collection of works! This was officially released on the servers [July 16, 2008].

Here are the stats for the headgear:
Ears of Ifrit
- A headgear which imitates an ears of Ifrit, the spiritual owner of fire.
- STR +1, MDEF +3
- Increase damage of Fire Bolt, Fire Pillar, Meteor Storm skill by 2%.
- Increase damage of Bash, Pierce, Magnum Break skill by 2%.
- Increase 5% resistance against Fire Property attacks.
- Reduce 5% resistance against Water Property attacks.
- Middle Slot

If your interested in this new headgear I’ve developed please take your time and look for it yourself at the official Philippines Ragnarok Online Server…Enjoy!

Offical Headgears Promo Trailer !!!

Well, ever since the announcement of the headgears Philippines Ragnarok 's Level-Up! created a promotional trailer to showcase my 7 additions to the Item Mall....This video was uploaded around [January 22, 2008]. But this way you guys can see for yourself the headgears in action! On ward to the next episodes of headgears!! Enjoy the video!

If your interested in this new headgear I’ve developed please take your time and look for it yourself at the official Philippines Ragnarok Online Server…Enjoy!

Bunny Top Hat!!!

Hey Guys,

I'm here to introduce the last of the season 1 premium collection for the Item mall! This one is my favorite original designs for a headgear by far. It's stylish, cool, animates, it surely tops the normal bunny bands, and oh of course the stats! Let me present to you the "Bunny Top Hat!", I'm really proud of this headgear because of how well I was able to come up with a unique design just for RO basing around the thoughts of an evolved Bunny Band. I'm mean, I seriously didn't think twice on the design, it was set in stone in my thoughts that If I'm doing animated ones then the ears should bounce too when walking. But LU liked the design, and Gravity accepted, so there you have it! One of my prized works officially touched servers on [ February 12, 2008 ] . Since then players seemed fonded of these new additions to the servers....But why stop there...hehehehe. I hope you guys enjoy this headgear, just as much as I do!

Heres the stats for the headgear:
-An energetic Bunny Band perfect for a magic show.
-Agi +3.
-Adds a chance to cast lv 5 Increase Agi when dealing physical damage.
-Animated [When Moving]

If your interested in this new headgear I’ve developed please take your time and look for it yourself at the official Philippines Ragnarok Online Server…Enjoy!

Orc Hero Headress!

Hey guy,

When I was introduced the idea to create the premium headgear collection, it was to originally over write the sprite images of the Evolution version gravity made in which they reused older sprites. Well this certain headgear I recall being the 1st idea to pop in my head when I was talking with the guys at Level-Up! I explained, "Well I imaging the headdress bigger and more feathers like Orc Heros, and when u walk the feathers move." The RO team seemed impressed with the idea, so it was my 1st headgear I actually went home doing right away for them to get released to this new premium collection.

But see, it wasn't all milk and honey with this gear....I think i spent too much time on it in fact. Each feather was a Layer that I had to animate, Not only that BUT the head plate was also another layer. The thing was, I knew i did something wrong, see I was alittle rusty from doing sprites for RO fromt that time, infact I was doing sprites for another game, and see I completely forgot about the size limitations...It's not like it was bad or anything, it's just yeah you take a look at it:

So what I had to do was resize the entire thing, and redo all the layers animations and each frames layers filled with the animation! In the end I was able to finally make what I wanted with the headgear improving the size and animations...

But the troubles didn't end there....the development of LU sent me test pics of it in the server, and well....when ever you sit with it, it would slide right off , LOL. Just take a look:
FINALLY after I fixed the problem, it was officially released onto the servers by [Febuary 12, 2008]. So yeah this was one of my favorites to the collection, simply because it has alot of story that made it what it is today. Hahahaha. Well I hope you guys will join me in taking part of this wonderful headgear in the Item Mall and enjoying the greatness it has!

Heres the stats of the headgear:

Orc Hero Headress
-A true Orc Hero’s headgear.
-It’s so big and heavy that it might hurt your neck. Str +3.
-Adds a chance to cast lv 3 Power Thrust when dealing physical damage.
-Animated [When Moving]

If your interested in this new headgear I’ve developed please take your time and look for it yourself at the official Philippines Ragnarok Online Server…Enjoy!

Koneko Hat!

Hey guys,

Well heres yet another fine original addition for me to introduce for the premium headgears. This cute little headgear is known as the "Koneko Hat". It seem to become a quick favorite among fans, who just love cute things...This is a FULLY ANIMATED HEADGEAR. The Neko changes it's expressions in different views when you toggle the camera. even durning battle pose or when your dead. X___X

I was actually surprised that Gravity accepted this gear the way I sent it because I thought they wouldn't understand the lingo of the expressions being toggled. But obviously they noticed and accepted the idea, allowing it to be a new addition to the Item Mall! I'm very proud of this gear because it rivals the other fallen kitty bands AND the Neko Mimi. Well I hope you guys enjoy this headgear just as much as I did making it! It was a pain doing all the frames....but it was worth it! This headgear was officially released [February 6, 2008].

Here's the stats on the headgear:

Koneko Hat
Reduce Skill Cast Delay 3%
MATK +3%
Max SP +3%
Mdef +3
Upper Slot

If your interested in this new headgear I’ve developed please take your time and look for it yourself at the official Philippines Ragnarok Online Server…Enjoy!

Gentleman’s Pipe!

Hey guys,

I'm here again to introduce yet another great addition to the premium headgear collections! It's the "Gentleman's Pipe"! Completely original design by myself, even the concept for making it fully animated! Yes it was base upon those Japanese Pipes with cool dragon engravings on it, gems, and of course the smoke! SO WHY NOT IN RO?! hehehehe. As you'll see, the pipe was approved and fully patched into commercial servers as of [January 30, 2008]. I hope you guys will enjoy this just as much as I did!

Here are the stats for this great headgear:

Gentleman’s Pipe
- A long, smoking pipe used by gentlemen and nobility.
- Reduce damage from Demi-human monsters by 2%.
- Lower Slot
- Available to all Job Classes
- Animated

If your interested in this new headgear I’ve developed please take your time and look for it yourself at the official Philippines Ragnarok Online Server…Enjoy!

Flying Evil Wing!

Hello everyone!

Been a long time hasn't been?! Wow, I haven't updated for sometime now, but don't I'm here to keep updating! In fact I HAVE ALOT of things to share with you guys from this point on, seeing how it's been months since I posted anything important that was released officially.

I guess I can start with the rest of the premium headgears that I was listing down, between the
Baphoment Horns and Dark Randgris Helm. In total there are 7 headgears to this collection, so I'll introduce number 3 the "Flying Evil Wing". Now let me note here that THIS IS FULLY ANIMATED just like a few others I will be posting about. Well I hope you guys enjoy!

Here are the Stats of the headgear:
Flying Evil Wing
An unholy Satanic Chain forged with an incantation. SP + 120. Adds a chance of casting curse on the user when receiving Physical Damage.
Def: 3
Location: Upper
Weight: 10
Jobs: All
Sloted: 1

This headgear was officially released February 20, 2008.

If your interested in this new headgear I’ve developed please take your time and look for it yourself at the official Philippines Ragnarok Online Server…Enjoy!

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Dark Randgris Helm!

As you guys might know already I’ve already talked about an Official headgear which is currently on PRO servers. Well today, I’m going to touch base on yet ANOTHER new headgear I’ve designed that is included in PRO’s new headgear collection, but this one is special to me…

See, back when I was working on GATE, I created a class known as the Elites, who each watch the servers, and towns. With that, they needed to stand out from the crowd, seeing how I created a new custom class sprite for them I figured they needed to stand out further…SO I designed them new equipments so it’s easier for them to stop the perpetrator.

Ahhh, nostalgic times…..Anyways, there was a certain headgear they wore known as “The Darkness Helm” it became a very popular headgear with players and even with my chosen Elites.

As time went on to finally pitch new creations to Level-Up! Games in the Philippines, one certain headgear caught the eyes of the brand manager of PRO at the time, and it was no doubt “The Darkness Helm”. Soon after I sent sample images to him, Gravity then wanted more of that content and others, so now I present to you….the NEW “Dark Randgris Helm”!!!!!

For the official release I gave the wings on the Headgear more detail, so it matches with official standers.

Here’s an exclusive look at the in-game sprite and promotional art together:And here are the stats of the headgear now:

+4 Dex, Mdef+1Upper/Middle Slots

If your interested in this new headgear I’ve developed please take your time and look for it yourself at the official Philippines Ragnarok Online Server…Enjoy!

Baphomet Horns!

Today I would like to introduce something I’ve planed to for some time now.

It’s known as the Baphoment Horns, which are pretty much a kick ass version of the original Majestic Goat Horns. This headgear will be released world-wide, after an estimated time of 3 months. HOWEVER, Philippines Ragnarok Online (PRO) is currently the 1st to get this fine headgear to its item mall before any other country.

Here’s an exclusive look at the in-game sprite and promotional art together:

The stats of this headgear are:

+12% Damage versus Demi-Humans
+Attack Power
Upper Slot

If your interested in this new headgear I’ve developed please take your time and look for it yourself at the official Philippines Ragnarok Online Server…Enjoy!