Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Anubis Helm - Exclusive Look!

Hey Guys!

This is one of my favorite works as of yet, It's known as the Anubis Helm and you guys are getting a Sneak Peak at something WAY BEFORE it's even released! Thats right, this the 1st time in my blog I'm actually displaying something before it's released commercially, or even announced!

Infact, the design MAY vary depending on when it's finally approved result seeing how Gravity likes to be picky, so I might have to tweek it up, but this is what I've sent as of last night. So I hope you guys enjoy! This headgear IS FULLY ANIMATED with Glowing Eyes and Moving Hair!!! Once again this will be exclusively on pRO servers 1st, before it's global debut!

I'll give you guys an update when the time comes when it's Officially released along with the full stats!
-Official release of the design may vary to changes-

If your interested in this new headgear I’ve developed please take your time and look for it yourself at the official Philippines Ragnarok Online Server…Enjoy!

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