Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Hey Guys,

Just alittle awhile ago Sorcerer was finally released on Sakray-R. Here is a look at the sprite:

Now to share with you guys a little about the design. As you can notice, it's Japanese/Oriental themed Sorcerer, but if you closer at the build of the sprite, it's just like the Genetics layout to keep the major reborn designs intact. The Sorcerers wear magical amulets to amplified their new controlled elements. Both Male and Female lost the fox for feathers to match some current trends of sorcerer/magic users designs in other games. Female DOES wear a transparent dress and wear sandals.

Well I hope you guys enjoyed! More to come soon!

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Sunday, September 20, 2009


Hey Guys,
I'm leaving a reservation spot for the Genetic so you guys get a heads up that it's coming very soon!
As I promised The Genetic was coming soon! And as of today - a little awhile ago - it was officially uploaded to Sakray-R. Now that I can it's released I can freely show you guys the design along with explaining some designing backgrounds to it.

The Genetic - is short for Genesis/Generator. These guys pretty much are loyal Biochemist who can generate DNA and strands into other things. It really makes it the TRUE job level up from the Bios. Not to mention the Genetics can generate new stronger homunculus to aid in battle.

Heres a look at the sprite:
Now the design of the Genetics is pretty simple since it's suppose to represent something similar to the previous job. As you noticed the shoulder-pads are now wider/bigger and also animate. This was simply because the last job shoulder-pads WAS suppose to move and breath-fire just like the art works you guys might see around. However, due to deadlines once the sprite was finished and the public liked it how it was, it was never looked backed at. Since this is a new job of the same type, this time it was made a point to finally make the shoulder-pads move like they're alive.

The outfit now represents more of a creature then just the cape did before, which showcase it as demonic/fiend armor. The chest armor is Satan Morroc while the shoulder-pads are Hodremlins.

Well I hope you guys enjoy! More to come soon!