Friday, October 1, 2010

Catch RWC 2010 Live!

Quick Update on things while RWC 2010 will be taking place in a few hours!

The Level Up! Liveblog will host a Live Feed of Team Philippines' battles (courtesy of LYTO Online Entertainment Company, Host of RWC 2010) at the RWC this October 2-3, starting at 10am.

You guys can catch RWC 2010 Live feed at the Level Up! Liveblog, October 2 -3 starting at 12noon [Southeast Asia Time, GMT+8], at:


DAY 1 Results:
DAY 1.5 Results:
Philippines VS Taiwan - 1:15pm GMT + 8
Japan VS Thailand - 4:15pm - GMT + 8

Day 2:

For battle of 3rd Team Philippines took the win with a result of 2 -0. Leaving Taiwan in 4th.

In the Finals it was the best of 5. Thailand won 3 - 1 over Japan, becoming the new Crown Champions of RWC.

4th - Taiwan
3rd - Philippines
2nd - Japan
1st - Thailand

Friendship Award - Brazil

Congratulations to everyone you did very well!
Enjoy the Moded Exp.