Thursday, September 23, 2010

RO1: New rides for jobs

Hey guys - just a quick update. I already shared some info with Rafa over at ragnatales before posting it here, so I'll just give you guys a quick run down of things and you can visit his article over at ragnatales. Link: here

-This was jRO proposal project.
-New rides/mounts for each job. [Even gunslingers]
-Currently the stage is set for them to be Rentable, through Cash, Quests, and Events. *Please note the actual mechanics to obtain them isn't finalized yet.

-Players will be gifted with special boosts.
-Swordsman types will have NEW mounts in the future.
-Plans for the release is sometime During or After Indonesia's World Map.

Pictures can be found at the Ragnatales site - Enjoy!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Blog Advisory

Hey Guys - just a quick update on things.

After and during the events of CBT I've been seriously swamped with work, I still have to give a post on the 6-7days [which is minor] and to award our contributors for their Screenshots/Video submissions. Not to mention I'm still going over all the comments and suggestions you guys been sending in, which some haven't been uploaded yet. I'll try to get to those soon.

Oh yeah, I had some requests to show the mouse pads I was giving away, so here you go:

In between all of this, I'll be doing an interview with Rafa and his community over at Ragnatales. Don't worry when it's released I'll repost or direct link you guys to the interviews.

We got RWC in Oct. and LU Live2010 in Nov. - Not to mention I got alot of things to finish up between now and End of Q4.

Though, I want to actually apologize to the RO1 community and fans out there for what might have seemed like I've neglected, but in all honesty, I haven't. I'm still developing for RO1, in which is mainly my focus right now.

As always, I'll try to keep you guys updated. Till then!

Friday, September 3, 2010

RO2: CBT Day3/4/5 + Screenshots

Day 3 was filled with more testing on the connectivity, channels, logins, patching, and trying to fix some major bugs. In fact it became such an issues the servers actually had to close early for the players to even test on. I received a call last night about it actually, so some of you guys noticed I haven't been streaming the CBT. While I'm still aware of some concerns and issues the team and public are having, let me stress out that this is all part of the CBT.


Day4 started off with continuing and recapping the fixes that team made before closing the servers last night. While it might not have looked much of an fix upon start up, the team requested for another 30mins to close down to fix another error. In exchange, to the players Gravity extended the CBT to the players an extra hour to test the new stability. Generally it worked, but still not sure how players from long distances we're handling it. A great deal of players finally made it to Home base "Prontera" to job change, made some new weapons, clothes, and armors.

Others have ventured off to the Prontera Sewers too.


Day 5 - Things started to get a lot better as we approached the weekend, making the server stabilize for everyone across the world. Some things are still being tweaked around with each channel, but for the most part except for the lag and random DC's it works.

Today we've seen a good amount of players finally turn lvl 15 to get their Peco Rides. Others started to job change and venture off to Ludlow and Mt.Mjolnir. Some started to battle the Dimago's while others tackled the Grand Mastering.

Also a lot more positive feed back started to roll in once players had a chance to set aside their frustrations and become more open-minded with the game itself. The servers became a little more stabilized as another playtime of extension was granted as well.

Some new feedback actually are in regards now to some of the skills, buffs, cool downs, items, warps, mobs, systems, animations, etc. Most of which is in regards to RO1, or just giving creative criticism, which is all very appreciative. Some players even sent in pictures of them falling out bound of the maps like in Prontera sewers or jumping into lakes to swim with the fishes at Prontera.

Though bugs are what we're really after, just for a heads up, some been found in the party system, some quests, Peco mounts, and a few other things. For the most part though, actual bugs that are being worked on, one of which is actually a concern that sometimes a player account turns into a broken/fake GM account...not really changing them into a GM but they're locked from using Skills, and a few other limitations while being hidden. If this happens to anyone, please Log out completely, and try to re-log to see if it corrected the issue, if not please make a report on the bug support page.

For the most part, things are starting come together.
Now for some screenshots throughout the days:

GM bug:

Day 3 & 4:

Day 5:

Hope you Enjoy!