Thursday, March 19, 2009

RO iPhone /TouchScreen Mobile!

Sorry I haven't been posting much new stuff for RO, I've been somewhat busy with a few other projects for Capcom and Udon Comics regarding the 15th anniversary of Dark Stalkers.

Now that those projects are done, I was able to get back into working with RO and getting updated by my team. Apparently, the latest development for RO isn't or shall I say, will a closer step from the RO DS, which was inspired by other MMOs converting to the DS.

Well apparently, other MMO's and game developers across the world are making fast cash off of iPhone and other Touch devices these days. So GungHo and Gravity decided to it's time to take RO out of the DS wood works and approach the same factor as "DC" did "Watchmen iPhone".

Yup basically it'll be once again a mini-watered down version of RO, but on your touch devices. Almost the same as the DS version with un-rotated maps and wide range of functions etc. But you'll still be able to hack n' slash, level up, and chat with various mobile device users from across the 3G (or other mobile connection) networks!

The game is being currently developed under "Flash" for Mobile Devices, so that might already take away the mystery if your cell can play it or not. But from what I know iPhone doesn't have Flash enable Games, so the only bet some of yous got is someone licensing it in the States, and ports it to iPhone. (Fat Chance Maybe?) But here's to hoping the development of this project shifts to going to iPhone Maybe....mainly though this is under Japan standards so they're choosing what phones are more popular and which sell the most for games out here.

So far the phones in Japan that are enable for this are NTT DoCoMo FOMA 905i series or later "i APURIONRAIN" are models. OpenGL-ES,iアプリオンライン,iアプリコール,ワイド画面に対応している。 OpenGL-ES, i APURIONRAIN, i APURIKORU, which corresponds with the use of the wide screen.

Here is a link of the sample models:

Onward to more details...
The plus side to this game is that it's integrated with the PC version on some aspects. The main focus of the mobile version is to expand the idea of WoE/GvG. Players will be able to create and join guilds through the mobile network, also allowing integration with their main PC accounts. Players who don't have a guild can also play solo doing some Quests and Leveling as well in minor areas. Vending and collecting Zenny is also available with this mobile version.

But as I stated before, the main focus is to allow new guilds and older guilds to be connected on a regular bases so if your teammates are on vacation they can at least recruit new members or collect zenny, Etc.

I find this a nice concept for solo players as well, who just want to do something while they're away from the PC, and don't own a Laptop. The Mobile version will offer events, and promos as well as the PC version. So if you wish for this device to be release I'd start bugging your local RO provider to get this for any local phone service. LOL.

Here's a few development screen shots:

And this what you see when you flip your phone on the side:

It's a very simple concept and I'm sure it'll be a hit in Japan, no news if it'll be licensed in the other countries though. I'll try to keep you guys updated about it, it's just once it's release it's released, it'll be mainly depending on if someone who's connected with Gravity wants to license it in that region. Maybe the Philippines will get it under SMART, if LU plans to get this title. Who knows, LOL.

RO isn't FOR the iPhone per-say, it's just an example of the certain type of touch device that it COULD be on along with many others. The NTT DoCoMo FOMA 905i series or later models have been confirmed though, so Cells like them might be highly possible in your region.

I'll try to find some more time to post some newer stuff, just been very busy. Well I hope guys enjoy!Laterz!