Monday, November 12, 2007

Baby Class Sprites!

Hey guys,

Time for yet, another sprite add on. I think you guys have noticed with the baby class, that Gravity added a few years back, didn't have it's own sprite. Infact, it was, and is, the same class sprite but down sized to being tiny. Well, I would like to introduce to you guys somthing I designed for G.A.T.E. a few years back, regarding the release of the baby class....
Yup, completely adorable baby sprites. These sprites would appear instead of that cheezy shrinked down class. Infact the image you see is the true size and nature of these baby class.
For fun, I even created the Christmas outfit for them, that would automaticly patch over the current class sprite in december, so it looks like their tuned in for the Christmas spirit.

Cute, huh?! Well I hope you guys enjoy!

Saturday, October 13, 2007

My unreleased map

Well, I'm glad I was able to keep one of my favorite maps I created for test servers (Sakray), but I never had the heart to release it without a reason. Finally, I do have a reason for this map, and it's a pretty good one! However, I doubt you guys will know what it is, unless this project uses it. Here's a You-Tube video that I recently uploaded, but keep in mind it's very old, but good. Enjoy!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Play as a 3D Cell shade model in RO!

Hello again,

I know it hasn’t been a day since my last post, but I want to show this a legitimate Ragnarok Online project that I’ve been working on for a long time. Anyway, I will begin by posting an old but fantastic installment into RO; it's not an official release, but simply something I felt like sharing, since a lot people seemed to be amazed at the work I did for it. Now, please excuse me, this video sample is very old, even older than the date it was posted. It was used to show Gravity and Level-Up that my ideas and work can travel far beyond the limits of Ragnarok Online.

Well, I hope you enjoy this sample! Perhaps somewhere along this current project, this feature can be used, but as of right now, I can't seem to find any purpose in it, besides to prove my skills.


1st Offical Free-2-Play Server !

Hi ya,

It’s great you decided to visit again and we hope you continue to…

Well, I would like to announce that the first plan to this operation, which was originally to open a Philippines-licensed Free-2-Play server, has become a reality because of our great partners at Level-Up, Inc! Though this idea had been discussed a little more than a year ago, a lot of red-tape had to be pushed through from Gravity Corp. before it could happen. Along with this, they have also opened the Item Mall, which was another discussed topic in the same meeting.
It seems everything is going well for the project at this point.
If you want to see the server, you can at:

In a few days, I’ll release more information on upcoming events, progress, and new installments in our project for RO.

See you again!

Our welcome introduction !~

Welcome to Project Revolution, where we introduce Ragnarok Online in a revolutionized, new way!

Our goal is to continue the production of Ragnarok where Gravity is currently lefted off, and attempt to attract the new, old, and even private server players of RO. Today, RO is still considered one of the best massive multiplayer online role-playing games to date. However, since the announcement of RO2’s production four years ago, it’s simply not getting enough support. Players realized that RO1’s updates became repetitive, with the same base add-ons, just different terms and appearances. Additionally, what made players really lose faith in the product was the release of Baby, Ninja, & Gunslinger class. Finally, and perhaps the worse, was the poor programming of RO1. Indeed, players noticed that RO had a lot of bugs and functions that were never completed, but some of which I can safely say have just been installed on to current international servers.

Despite the prices, low-quality sprites, missing functions, repetitive patches, and low- quality 3D models, Ragnarok Online still has an aura that drives players to it’s servers. This aura is something no one may ever understand…

Let me start by stating that everything we say and do is under the critical observation of RO players around the world, so it’s only natural to say that we have taken numerous surveys to figure out what makes RO players crave to play it or not to play it.

In this B-Log, we will let you explore a world like no other…the RO world! A world where the could have’s, would have’s, and should have’s actually become reality!

With this Blog, I want to encourage everyone to review the information that is being created for this project and for you to put your best efforts in helping us with your thoughts and comments on each topic.

I will be updating this on a periodic base, so come back soon!