Wednesday, October 10, 2007

1st Offical Free-2-Play Server !

Hi ya,

It’s great you decided to visit again and we hope you continue to…

Well, I would like to announce that the first plan to this operation, which was originally to open a Philippines-licensed Free-2-Play server, has become a reality because of our great partners at Level-Up, Inc! Though this idea had been discussed a little more than a year ago, a lot of red-tape had to be pushed through from Gravity Corp. before it could happen. Along with this, they have also opened the Item Mall, which was another discussed topic in the same meeting.
It seems everything is going well for the project at this point.
If you want to see the server, you can at:

In a few days, I’ll release more information on upcoming events, progress, and new installments in our project for RO.

See you again!

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