Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Anubis Helm - Exclusive Look!

Hey Guys!

This is one of my favorite works as of yet, It's known as the Anubis Helm and you guys are getting a Sneak Peak at something WAY BEFORE it's even released! Thats right, this the 1st time in my blog I'm actually displaying something before it's released commercially, or even announced!

Infact, the design MAY vary depending on when it's finally approved result seeing how Gravity likes to be picky, so I might have to tweek it up, but this is what I've sent as of last night. So I hope you guys enjoy! This headgear IS FULLY ANIMATED with Glowing Eyes and Moving Hair!!! Once again this will be exclusively on pRO servers 1st, before it's global debut!

I'll give you guys an update when the time comes when it's Officially released along with the full stats!
-Official release of the design may vary to changes-

If your interested in this new headgear I’ve developed please take your time and look for it yourself at the official Philippines Ragnarok Online Server…Enjoy!

3rd and 4th Migration Classes!

Hey Guys,

I'm happy to introduce to you guys the 3rd...or should I say 4th classes of RO!

-Official release of the design may vary to changes-

Let me start off by sharing with you that these class ideas have been in the works for a few years now, Infact project G.A.T.E. was where most of these classes came from.

The good people over at Level-Up! know very well what I'm talking about, when I say these been in works for a few yrs. simply because thats a fact! These classes and ideas were in fact some of my 1st works....

See we had a fusion system called Arc Classes, short for Arcadia Class. Pretty much it was were your current class skills will be fuses with the other 2-1 or 2-2 skills to become a fusion class. So an Assassin would end up getting all the Rouge skills...or Vise versa, Etc.

Not only that, but mechanics could produce Mecha rides for all player classes to use, PLUS Rangers and Hunters had Wolf mounts.

I created the 1st concepts behind the Wolf mount simply because I was tired of seeing the RO clip arts that was made of the Hunter always with the Wolf, so I figured why not make it a Mount! And then BOOM! As for the Mecha, it was pretty much a simple concept inspired by Ghost In a Shell alittle...using the Apocalypse monster as it is, but opening up the Head so classes can ride in it. Since all RO chars. need a head to work from, I opened the head as a lid for it. But Now we've took it under a whole new teammates at GungHo are using the head sprites to being the mecha's head...and well You'll see in due time! ^_^

These are the 1st ideas behind the wolf mount and mecha mounts...In game specs for 3rd/4th classes:

You can get these classes by going from either 2-1 , 2-2 OR 3-1 , 3-2 (Reborn Class). Each of these serve a different style for your builds on your characters. When your 2-1 or 2-2 and go into the Migration class, you'll be treated as a normal Class up character, getting certain builds that you can't get when your Reborn, certain options for different skills will be unlocked as well. When your Reborn going to the 4th class you'll be able to keep your stat boosts from before. Along with that, all your transcendent weapons will be usable. In this Job class your Max lvl will also be extended to 150 for the lvl cap! Thats not all, most of these classes are build around PvP now, so we could expect to see some heavy guild matches!

The Job Quests will also vary between Medium and Hard....Medium would be if your Not Reborn and Hard would be if you are Reborn. The hard quest will require Cards, headgears, and other Misc. objectives. As for the Medium, it'll fall under the same toughness as to going into Reborn.

I'll update you guys more once the next 6 classes are done, along with the Pecos, Dragons, and Wolfs! hehehehe.