Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Visit Our Booth and Get THESE!

Hey Guys,

As the title says, Visit our Level-Up Live 08 Booth in the LU City and get a chance to buy some of these fabulous items! Show your love and support for RO with these!

Here's a small sample of what to expect:

(Sample designs may vary)

Kool Huh?! Hope to see ya there!

Face Worm MVP

Hey Guys,

Before I went about working on getting ready for Level-Up Live 2008, I was working on a new monster for pRO servers to get. Which was the Face Worm...
Face Worm, appeared in the original Korean Manga of Ragnarok vol. 1...

The thing is, back in Beta days of RO, the Face Worm was going to make surface, however the development team could not justify the animation and style of it...Though they made the Face Worm card and kept it in the client side all these years, which later became a GM Card.I know now that Gravity is trying to dig up the roots of RO to put into the game, so I took liberty to make that happen for pRO 1st. Introducing the Face Worm Monster....Thought details on the mechanics on how we'll approach this is still in the works.

I had an idea where the players could buy a ticket or somthing that warps them to a new map containing the Face Worm.

The Other idea was that players could just Buy his Card after proven they've killed him...This would mean a whole seprate NPC to read off the items that the Face Worm Drops, This would pretty much be a Hyper Mart Quest thing, LOL.

Well I hope you guys enjoy! More crazy ideas and works coming soon! Till then Laterz!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Shaman and Dark Knight ! + DS Details!

Hey guys,

I'm just gonna show you guys some pics and explain simply that these are the new Shaman and Dark Knight classes coming at ya soon on the "Nintendo DS". Yes that's right, if you haven't heard RO will be hitting the NDS by next yr. however, I myself have gotten a hands on the game plus gotten a chance to be able to release some details about the upcoming classes...

Let me start off by saying I didn't make the sprites for these classes, So just to stop the e-mails and comments about how horrible the sprites in the future there, I'm just stating that I didn't do the Dark Knight and Shaman Class sprites...Honestly I don't know how or why gravity even let those sprites be approved to be put into the game...

Now let me just lay this out in the open...the game is Far from being a real deal, in fact you can't even rotate the map around in a 360, PLUS all the images are just 2 different sides being quarter views. I can understand it's to compress the feel of the game in a DS card but seriously, they could have increase the quality on the new classes at lest...

Neat little new features is that you can use the stylist to do different skills and attacks. Plus you'll be teamed up with 2 other NPC characters who will help you along the way.

Don't expect EVERY MAP in the game, and DON'T EXPECT every MVP and class in the game...
You're only going to see the top tear MVPs and common to known RO monsters and Maps. And Most of the classes you'll see are all the 1st classes (plus expanded) and 2-1 (from what I've played so far).

Now Online/WiFi play will allow you to have a connection with 5 friends (DS) to explore a 50 floor random Dungeon...That's about all your going to get WiFi related.

Once you buy the game your given a free item code that will last for 30 days or else it expires. So once you add it in time to your account, you'll be upload 2 new Items to your account. Which are the "Village Benefits" and "Odin's Mask" (or in Japanese : AUDOMARU and ODINMASUKU)

The Stats of the Odin's Mask are the Following:

-All Transcendent Classes Execpt High Novice
-Required Lvl. 50
-Lower & Mid Head Slot
-Adds 6% damage to all Demi-Human Monsters
-Hit -10
Stats of the Village Benefits now:

-Accessory Slot
-Novice Only
-For each monster killed you will gain a +5% Exp boost.
-Adds +5% damage to all monsters.

The Odin's Mask is more for current players, while the Village Benefits is just really for that extra boost for the noobies...or anyone who wants to get a early boost on a new character.

Well that's about it for now on RO DS....I hope this helps anyone out there...Enjoy!

Meet and Greet Me?! LU-Live 2008!

Hey guys,

Today I would like to officially announce that I'll be heading back to visit the Philippines for a few days, and just in time for the annual Level-Up Live 2008 Event! Oct. 18th-19th

This year is gonna be HUGE for pRO, main reason because they'll be hosting the Ragnarok World Championships this year!

But that isn't the real reason why I'm posting this, It's simply because I'm telling all you wonderful people out there to come out and visit me at our booth in the LU city...

Yup thats right, you'll get a chance to meet me in person along with getting autograph works of mine, along with purchasing merchandise that our team made just for the event. You'll even get a chance to meet milady who does the RO clip arts for us (as seen on my pervious entires). So you could get her to sign your things too! We're willing to discuss as much as we can about RO and any other related topics, so if you want Interviews for your Blogs or what not...This is the spot and time!

Meet and Greet the official RO Spriter and Artist! Yeah, and buy some things too! hehehehe.
Don't Forget, LU Live is GONNA BE HUGE THIS YEAR! Don't miss out! See ya there!