Sunday, August 29, 2010

CBT Contributors + Contest

Hey guys - I'm actually looking for some CBT contributors who are willing to share their experiences here. There are 2 reasons why I'm doing this:
  1. So all the wonderful people who actually can't see the game can enjoy it here.
  2. So that in cases there are any problems or issues other people are having the team can actually review it much quicker, than through the bug support page.
I'm also doing a side Give Away/Contest for Contributing. This is actually my 1st time doing something like this, so please be patient with me while I work out some kinks. Right now I've received 2 exclusive "Thank You for Testing RO2" mouse-pads for give aways, it would have been nice to give out more, but it wouldn't be exclusive or a contest if they were. If you guys got any suggestions about this, or future contests, please let know. ^^

*In regards to that, the Contest or rules may change at anytime.

SO 2 Lucky winners have a chance to win a Mousepad.

In respects to the lovely LU-pRO players and Fans: If anyone gotten a CBT who wishes to Contribute and lives around the Metro Manila/Makati area I will be placing you guys in your own Drawing. Deal is, you gotta let me know what area your located at & still be eligible on the rules.

IF NO ONE from the Metro Manila/Makati area participates I will then be just Drawing 2 WINNERS.

Special Thanks to: Gravity


So how do we submit our videos or Screenshots?

Simple just send a comment to this post with your file link, or video channel. Any Contributors videos or screenshots that gets uploaded here will have their Websites[if any] and Names shown.

Current Give Aways:
1 Lucky Contributor from Metro Manila/Makati area will also receive an exclusive RO2 Mousepad!!
1 Lucky Contributor will receive an exclusive RO2 Mousepad!!
*IF NO ONE from the Metro Manila/Makati area participates then 2 Lucky Contributors.

Rules for Contest Eligibility:
  • You can not submit a post without a proper NAME [Anonymous names are not eligible].
  • You MUST submit your Country/Region. [Addresses will not be required until after the Draw if you have won.]
  • Must be videos or screenshots from your own account, not a friends or borrowed from another user on a site without permission.
  • Video/Screens must show actual game-play of RO2:LotS, any other type of applications seen inside the imagery will not be eligible.
  • Video/Screens qualities must be within par to Youtube standard quality.
  • Videos/Screens must be RAW - This means no additional music, watermarks, art, etc.
  • Videos/Screens MUST be submitted between: 8.31.10 - 9.7.10


Thursday, August 26, 2010

RO2: Job NPCs

I've translated partially whats important on the next upcoming news from the site. This time it's about your Job changing NPCs. Hope you Enjoy!

*I've edited the appropriate names for each Job manager.

Yes I've changed the names. They're not mrs_choco's translations nor anyone elses, expect for my own, apparently these names are becoming an issue, regardless if I give the correct ones. You guys keep sending in mail about the names being right or wrong, when they're just beta NPC names. I don't want to publicly give direct translations of the names cause they're not appropriate to display.

These names will most defiantly change in time, especially going to localized servers. Not to mention these are just the current job managers in development.

The actual translation are of the following:

[Rokku or Rotsuku]+ [SAN = Mr.] + Antonio

Working under Publishers I know they would NEVER name a character Rear or Steer for woman...

It isn't appropriate which is why the names I've posted was arranged this way. As for the assassin NPC his name can be translated many different ways, his was ment for Korean to Japanese direct and you can find it also being Ropponmatsu which skim pointed out earlier. I picked Roksuku since it's a combination of his crazy name without the last name which means Invisible or Hidden Rock.

In the end, his name might end up being slashed down to Antonio.

I hope this help clears up any mis-understanding with these names.


Last little note - I was tipped off to visit some websites, and I noticed the translations I provided and Images, are being used without my name for credit. This is simply a warning to you guys, I won't mention any names yet but seriously update your pages. It seems mrs_choco only provided the Names on some of your pages, Not the information I gave out in my wording and detail.

There wasn't a problem with this before as you've shared previous post of mine giving credit. So please update them.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

RO2: Gameplay Screenshots

[Tailor with Peco]
At level 15 you'll be able to move faster with mounts. Each mount will have certain requirements to meet in order to ride 'em. You can purchase one through an NPC named "Jenny", shes North of Prontera Castle with the "Transportation Managers".
Wizzard -> Sorcerer & Thief -> Assassin

Sorcerer battling a Spore

Swordsman job sliding to Chef "Alt + F"
[avoid doing this in battle]

"Emoticons Menu"
Expressions and Emoticons, can be accessed through the Skill window, by hitting the shortcut key "K" on your keyboard, after which you would then click the icon you wish to use. You can also input in the chat window '/' commands for Social Epressions or '//' commands for the traditional Emoticons, following the slashes would be the shorten name. Ex: //heh

"Tailor's Jigsaw System allows custom clothes pattern"
To make these weaves and dyes, you'll need to visit the costume designer NPC "Beston" and purchase those. Then you'll be able to apply a set pattern of weaving and dyes from the set The patterns colors can be edited, or shifted with vertical, horizontal axes, resize and rotate the pattern as well.

"Character Avatar selections - Acolyte"
Users are allowed to customize their character's their Face, Hair, Eyes, Lips, Nose, and Skin tone.

Acolyte Doing a Quest
Sorcerer running through Ludlow with Porings
The Battle is ON! Thief, Acolytes, and Wizzard party up as Baby Wolf, Rockers, Lunatics, Hornets, and Porings fight for their lives.

And your Specs:

Friday, August 20, 2010

RO2: Intro. to Mt.Mjolnir Monsters

After reading through many requests, I've decided to take a little time to do a Quick introduction for you guys based on the new NEWS that was presented earlier today.

The article was entitled: RO2: Introduction to Mt.Mjolnir Monsters

Mt.Mjolnir is an area that sits around and in-between The Town of Almin and Prontera. This is also known to be one of the first places players will encounter once outside of these towns.

Let me introduce to you 2 new monsters.

One of which is a redesigned version of RO2[GotW] AndaNora's from the NORA family. The other is know as Brownie or also known as Leprechaun. These 2 guys are one of the few in their family trees...

Heres a Look at what AndaNora used to look like in RO2:

The article continues to introduce old casts of monsters we all know and love from RO1, promoting that they're finally in lush 3D!

Introducing the Poring Family 1st. explaining a little about them Followed by:
  • Lunatic
  • Vocal & his Grasshoppers
  • Hornets
  • ChonChon
  • Fabre
  • Creamy
(These are in FAMILYs so expect all different kinds)
It continues to explain what other monsters do you think will return? and then wishes you to return for more news.

I hope this helps, Enjoy Guys!

RO2: Beta Poster

I had a few requests in regards to the poster that RO2_Kafra posted on her Twitter.

As you can see here:
So after some time and high demands, I'm able to share with you guys a NON-Text Digital version for your likings. Here you go?! Enjoy!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

RO2:Translated Job Descriptions

So I was getting a few comments about translating the Job Descriptions.

I really didn't want to bother with those since they're a little flaky on actual details and some of these descriptions we all know from RO1. Never or less, some of the classes like Warrior, Hunter, and Ranger do give off some good information you guys might like.

Sorry if the translation might seem a bit rough as I was rushing, and the descriptions alone aren't that detailed.

Anyways - I hope this helps & Enjoy!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Blog Updates

Today I want to share the beta renewal site with you, as Project Revolution takes a new name called: Ragna-Dev

Bookmark if you'd like:
[Link is fixed - thanks for the tip]

I know it might not be the greatest thing in the world, but it's the least I can do right now with the pile of work I've been tending to.

So whats New?
  • Layout Design
  • Music Player
  • New Pages [WIP]
With the new pages, they're currently unaccessible. So I'll just go ahead now to inform you what those pages will be.
  • Evocation Box [This will be a place to finally put your suggestions for reviewing.]
  • Petition [This is where your approved suggestion becomes a Petition, you'll then collect votes to get that idea pushed to the next level.]
  • Contests [A Spot to see Ragna-Dev's latest contests]
  • RO-Shop [A place to shop for RO goodies]
Known issues to be fixed:
  1. No comment viewer
  2. No option to add a comment
  3. Dates on older post are messed up
  4. There is a Slight-Lag after viewing the Legal Notes in Google Chrome
  5. Music Player's next track buttons are hidden
  6. Viewing it in IE is horrible
  7. Other options have yet to be added...
With the current issues on the renewal site, I know it might be inconvenient since theres no option for the comments, thats why you'll always have the option to use the classic site, some of you might just stick around on the old layout due to being simpler and easier on the eyes, who knows. But here you go anyways.

Currently I'm hosting it through my company's server since its the most convenient right now, other than that, all I can say is that any business information you find on there please respect it as it's only ment for business. I know some of you tried to contact me through Skype already, while I appreciate the attention but please beware it's strictly for business.

I'll setup another account to do Skype sessions with all of you in the future.

Thank you & Hope you enjoy! ^^

Friday, August 13, 2010

RO2: Spirit Forging

The picture says it all! Now let loose your wildest imaginations.

With the use of the Duel Class [Blacksmith]: Equips can not only be Refined, Created, or Upgraded...but also gain spiritual attributes from monsters. You can even apply this to broken weapons you might have, which would allow you to fix or transform new weapons.

Personally I call it Spirit Forging - Users will be allowed to combine monster spirits to certain properties just like what cards used to offer, instead giving you a whole new unique weapon. This also covers various equips so with the Tailor just imagine what you'll be able to design with a Desert Wolf Coat?

Hope you guys Enjoy!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

RO2:Get Your Tester Account!

We've been seeing some feed back in regards to how to obtain a Beta Key. If you already have a RO2:GotW account then the process will be abit easier, and/or Gravity Gamer account. If not then you'll need to start from scratch and create and new Gravity Account.

CBT Tester Application:
2010 11 August to 25 August (14 days)

CBT Duration:
2010 August 31 to September 6 (7 days)

CBT Winners:
Fri, August 27, 2010 2:00 p.m. (@ 2:00pm Users will need to log-in to the home page to accept the confirmation of their winning account.)

Please note that this is limited to only allowing up to 5,000 users, and among those will be randomly selected. Paid customers from previous events and left over payments from RO2:GotW will automatically be placed in a separated [excluded from the 5,000] batch for testing.

If your account is fully validated then next you'll need find the Tester page. Take a look at the image below for the actual button. Make sure you logged into your account before proceeding.

After you've clicked on the Link a pop-up window will open as you'll need to start filling out some more information. Once the steps are finished, your done. ^^

GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE! Many will enter, few will win!

Hopes this helps! ROK ON!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

RO2: Trailer Coming Soon!

Yes it's Official - Gravity will be releasing it's RO2 trailer very soon!

Heres a Sneak Peak:

I'll update you guys with the trailer soon.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

RO2: The Jobs Q/A

Time to finally show all the good news about RO2 Jobs and their systems.

*Please Note: all information may still vary upon it's official release, due to it being still under development. Thank You!

You'll start off with 5 Main Jobs-

Swordsman - Acolyte - Archer - Magician & Thief
Lvl. 1~15/20

Upon those you'll currently branch off from 2 jobs like in RO1.

Swordsmans = Knight or Warrior
Lvl. 15/20~50 ~99

Acolyte = Priests or Monk
Lvl. 15/20~50 ~99

Archer = Ranger or Hunter
Lvl. 15/20~50 ~99

Magician = Wizard or Sorcerer
Lvl. 15/20~50 ~99

Thief = Rouge or Assassin
Lvl. 15/20~50 ~99

Now it doesn't end there - Instead of Rebirth or 3rd Jobs, RO2 will currently offer a Light and Chaos system currently known as the "Chara System" [Name will mostly change]

At Lvl. 50~99 Players will be able to choose between staying Neutral - Light[Holy] or Chaos[Dark].

Upon playing as any of those Hues you'll be able to bounce back and forth of which side you wish to play as. However, re-gather points to change back and forth to a certain side will take awhile. Though this allows players to fully take advantage of some skills being offered while being Light or Chaos. Being Neutral will have it's advantages as well.

Will this effect Guild Building & What other advantages are there?
Chara system would be effecting the type of guild you are building. The more Order players, the stronger your Order Guild skills will become, Not to mention the type of guardians and locations you can take over.

The type of Guild that takes over more regions or a certain location, will also effect the world that players are involved with. Example: If Payon is owned by 60% Chaotic Guilds then the prices and treatment from NPCs to common Light Players will drastically effect them. Starter Jobs will not be effected by this.

This is all still in the testing phases since the development team needs to see if this can be abusable, or not - based on the conditions that are currently set for it.

Will my job change if i'm Light or Chaos?

Yes your job will change. Depending on the side you choose you'll become a new type of class with new skills unlocked.

Can you tell us more about the Duel Jobs?

"Duel Job System Classes"

[4 more TBA]

This is still in the development stages to actually see if it can be a final design aspect for RO2.

You won't be able to just jump in the middle of battle and change into a Blacksmith, you'll be able to USE your blacksmith skills from the skill tree though. Outside of battle, you'll be able to change into a Blacksmith and take advantage of all your Blacksmith skills, while still obtaining and using SOME of your main job skills. You can still go back into battles as your Blacksmith - but remember your now limited to using some of your main job skills or weapons.

Tell us about the NPC system, I don't get it? I need to see how you can customize your "offline NPC" and how the user interface behaves, as I've seen how organized shopping makes a game more pleasurable and even helps the in game economy.

NPC's offline functions are pretty straight forward, as you'll have a whole array to different assets you can choose from. You can vend, forge, create, bake, the whole nine yards, just by selecting the pre-set options available. Prices for your NPC's services will vary as there is a Suggested price you should charge, but you may go over or under that. If your NPC is creating something for someone, the customer will select what they need from your NPC, allowing them to see your level skill for that creation as well. If your NPC if offering Users 1/2 the requirements [EX: Empty Bottles] then all they'll need is the rest of the requirements. If they meet the requirements, then Ta Da! You've just created white potions for your customers.

Once your Empty Bottles run out though, that option will be lost for future customers so the rest will be stuck providing the Empty Bottles, until you log back to hunt for the rest as a service to your customers. Of course though, this is one of the many options you'll have upon Release.

What will happen if I D/C in a battle? Will my NPC start crafting next to a boss?

If your worried about what will happen if your in a middle of a battle and you suddenly Disconnected, your place will still be saved and your NPC will not be activated until you active the NPC in a safe spot. It's a whole separated function that you must set, just like Vending in RO, but imagine logging off while vending and your Still making Zenny till your shop runs out. Once you log back in - you'll receive an invoice of your transactions and continue your adventure.

You said Acolytes will look like the NPC picture, what happened?
I never said thats what they'll look like 100% i said expect something similar, I'm not authorized to actually say it or not at the time. Designs of your outfits are not out of the question either - it's just RO2 is offering the newer design since time moved forward for Mid-gard, Knights even bare a slight resemblance to the Lord Knights.

Edit: I'll finish this post later - I'll be adding some more Q/A's and Screenies to share later too.

Friday, August 6, 2010

RO2: Screenshots

1st looks at some screenshots BEFORE they're posted at the official site ENJOY!

Prontera Lost Grounds [Underground Water Tunnels/Sewers II]
Path to - Mt.Mjolnir & Town of Almin & Prontera
Path to - Mt.Mjolnir & Town of Almin
Ludlow Old-Izulude's Surroundings
Ludlow Old-Izulude's Beach Side Path
Fire Spirit Dimension [Between Payon]
Well Now that Gravity added the images above - I'll just post their 1st batch as well.
Payon Region
Ludlow Town [Aka: Old-Izulde]
Entering - Town of Almin
Prontera Lost Grounds [Underground Water Tunnels/SewersII]

There is some confusion going around about if it's Izlude or not, I'll make this statement now since I'm getting alot of comments regarding it. So here goes:

Izlude went through alot of damage over the years, as the surface started to collapse and sink into the ocean. Izulde started to become a feast for the raging sea, as the settlers of the now proclaimed "Old-Izlude" needed a home, so they've decided to take to the hill side to relocate. New travelers will find this place to be called Ludlow because the Lud is now down Below.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Change Is Good: Blog Advisory

With the coming of a new RO, and many things to come in the future...I wanted to finally give this blog a fresh new design, name, and approach.

I've have this blog for almost 4 years...nothing has changed design layout wise, or even the banner for that matter. I think it's about time I give this place a new make over...and tackle new things with RO, not just for me, but for you guys too...

I'm sure alot of you guys are eagerly awaiting my new posts, which I do have some to share, but it'll have to wait till I open my Renewal Blog. I'll still take questions and comments, and try to answer them accordingly.

Hope you guys will understand, it shouldn't take too long . Just visit back when you can, I won't be changing the URL, besides giving you guys a new one to use. ^^

Thank you guys so much! Rok On!

Quick Advisory

will be down for awhile - Thanks!