Tuesday, August 10, 2010

RO2: The Jobs Q/A

Time to finally show all the good news about RO2 Jobs and their systems.

*Please Note: all information may still vary upon it's official release, due to it being still under development. Thank You!

You'll start off with 5 Main Jobs-

Swordsman - Acolyte - Archer - Magician & Thief
Lvl. 1~15/20

Upon those you'll currently branch off from 2 jobs like in RO1.

Swordsmans = Knight or Warrior
Lvl. 15/20~50 ~99

Acolyte = Priests or Monk
Lvl. 15/20~50 ~99

Archer = Ranger or Hunter
Lvl. 15/20~50 ~99

Magician = Wizard or Sorcerer
Lvl. 15/20~50 ~99

Thief = Rouge or Assassin
Lvl. 15/20~50 ~99

Now it doesn't end there - Instead of Rebirth or 3rd Jobs, RO2 will currently offer a Light and Chaos system currently known as the "Chara System" [Name will mostly change]

At Lvl. 50~99 Players will be able to choose between staying Neutral - Light[Holy] or Chaos[Dark].

Upon playing as any of those Hues you'll be able to bounce back and forth of which side you wish to play as. However, re-gather points to change back and forth to a certain side will take awhile. Though this allows players to fully take advantage of some skills being offered while being Light or Chaos. Being Neutral will have it's advantages as well.

Will this effect Guild Building & What other advantages are there?
Chara system would be effecting the type of guild you are building. The more Order players, the stronger your Order Guild skills will become, Not to mention the type of guardians and locations you can take over.

The type of Guild that takes over more regions or a certain location, will also effect the world that players are involved with. Example: If Payon is owned by 60% Chaotic Guilds then the prices and treatment from NPCs to common Light Players will drastically effect them. Starter Jobs will not be effected by this.

This is all still in the testing phases since the development team needs to see if this can be abusable, or not - based on the conditions that are currently set for it.

Will my job change if i'm Light or Chaos?

Yes your job will change. Depending on the side you choose you'll become a new type of class with new skills unlocked.

Can you tell us more about the Duel Jobs?

"Duel Job System Classes"

[4 more TBA]

This is still in the development stages to actually see if it can be a final design aspect for RO2.

You won't be able to just jump in the middle of battle and change into a Blacksmith, you'll be able to USE your blacksmith skills from the skill tree though. Outside of battle, you'll be able to change into a Blacksmith and take advantage of all your Blacksmith skills, while still obtaining and using SOME of your main job skills. You can still go back into battles as your Blacksmith - but remember your now limited to using some of your main job skills or weapons.

Tell us about the NPC system, I don't get it? I need to see how you can customize your "offline NPC" and how the user interface behaves, as I've seen how organized shopping makes a game more pleasurable and even helps the in game economy.

NPC's offline functions are pretty straight forward, as you'll have a whole array to different assets you can choose from. You can vend, forge, create, bake, the whole nine yards, just by selecting the pre-set options available. Prices for your NPC's services will vary as there is a Suggested price you should charge, but you may go over or under that. If your NPC is creating something for someone, the customer will select what they need from your NPC, allowing them to see your level skill for that creation as well. If your NPC if offering Users 1/2 the requirements [EX: Empty Bottles] then all they'll need is the rest of the requirements. If they meet the requirements, then Ta Da! You've just created white potions for your customers.

Once your Empty Bottles run out though, that option will be lost for future customers so the rest will be stuck providing the Empty Bottles, until you log back to hunt for the rest as a service to your customers. Of course though, this is one of the many options you'll have upon Release.

What will happen if I D/C in a battle? Will my NPC start crafting next to a boss?

If your worried about what will happen if your in a middle of a battle and you suddenly Disconnected, your place will still be saved and your NPC will not be activated until you active the NPC in a safe spot. It's a whole separated function that you must set, just like Vending in RO, but imagine logging off while vending and your Still making Zenny till your shop runs out. Once you log back in - you'll receive an invoice of your transactions and continue your adventure.

You said Acolytes will look like the NPC picture, what happened?
I never said thats what they'll look like 100% i said expect something similar, I'm not authorized to actually say it or not at the time. Designs of your outfits are not out of the question either - it's just RO2 is offering the newer design since time moved forward for Mid-gard, Knights even bare a slight resemblance to the Lord Knights.

Edit: I'll finish this post later - I'll be adding some more Q/A's and Screenies to share later too.


Juaum said...

Rouge looks awesome
Rouge ficou muito legal

Feral said...

:\ The interview with Jin-Soo Jun suggested that the basic jobs would all be standalone, with a window of opportunity to change jobs or to choose to continue as the basic form without consequence. I was also hoping the game would keep a low level cap like 50 to avoid the grinding mess and focus the gameplay on item collection. question and player interaction. Alas though we can't get everything we want I suppose ;) Very thrilled with the character design.

Anonymous said...

I'd really appreciated if the site was in english too. It's not even possible to copy the text to translate it via google, every non-korean can only watch pictures.

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for this info. I really like the design of the warrior :)

MrK.O. said...

I love the jobs! Great job! =D

Ibari said...

Amazing work from the artist... Let me congratulate them for achieving this high level of performance.

ShadowAxe said...

Guess I need to see the rest of the genders for the classes. Not too fond of the classes, but can work with the swordie line. I'm sure the prudes that bashed the Hell out of the female Arch Bishop are spazzing with joy, though. >_>

Roso said...

the classes are really cool, even making something that is near ro1.. you guys got a nice creativy in some classes and jobs, but... what made you quit with the other races.. it was such a good idea =/. By the way.. the other game was also a good one (first RO2 )... what will happen with it ?

jsgnextortex said...

Well...the chara design looks like a "grown-up" ver of the old Ro2 designs....I think thats what Gravity attemped to do, and they, in fact, done it well....
I like the chara designs of the classes, but....i expected them to have a little more "dark" design I think you know what I mean...
I like the new Acolyte design, it looks like a Rachel version of the old one, and taking in mind that in RO2 freya comes back its a perfect design for that....but I think the old one (Ro2[ver 1]) were more estetic....
I think i already heard that thing of the "chaos" and "order" setting coming in the Ro1 renewal.....I was so hyped out with that thin but it never came out for Ro1.....I think that feature have the future of RO2 in its hands, I hope gravity balances it well....

Anonymous said...


I really don't get it. So what can we see in these pics? Are these 2nd jobs or a 1st job and a 2nd job? I mean..on the Acolyte picture the first one looks like an acolyte to me and not a priest and on the mage picture I think the first one looks more like a Mage. So the "High Priest" and "High Wizard" like arts will be the 2nd jobs or these? XD

Anonymous said...

It's all very cool
thanks for sharing.

RO2 is perfect.

Feral said...

I was kind of hoping each job would be standalone in RO2... As in a "perma-Thief" would be just as viable as a Rogue or Assassin. Much the same I was hoping the level cap would permanently be at 50 because low level caps mean less of a straining grind to develop the character.

Anonymous said...

Amazing concepts.

Really loved Priestess and Sorceress clothes. Looks modern but RO like, that's what I wanted to see for so long.

Anonymous said...

This looks so good! Honestly... I can't wait for RO2!! /lv /no1

Anonymous said...

where is the knight cloak? =(

Anonymous said...

I have a question.

Would RO2 LOTS would be just one of those MMORPGS 'grind based leveling'?

THis would be suck if it is.

Anonymous said...

Will the chara system affect town quests like it affect the economy in game?

I hope so.

Ronny Candelaria said...

I'm getting tired of hearing bad talk about "grinding MMOs"! RO was a "grinding MMO" if you guys didn't know, and that's because Koreans are known to like grinding, just like I do. If you don't like taking your time to train & become good, and prefer for pay for some company that is ruining the game to level you up just so you can feel all high and mighty, you are pitiful! Some people actually like knowing they wont see noobs when they reach lv 99. it's stupid how many people think they deserve been max lv more than those who "grind". ENJOY TRAINING cause that's what half the game is about, not about been among the rest of the best (and the rest who are paying for the spam bots). If you don't like training GET THE F*CK OFF MY MMO!

@feral: "perma thiefs" aren't supposed to be as good as normal people, developers don't make the game to be that way and we all know it. stop trying to be unique, if you are obviously a lower rank you will obviously be weaker =.= random level caps are annoying, the globally known usual cap is 99, the way percentages go up to 100 and our fingers go up to 10. throwing around a random number like 75 or 80 or 50 to be the level cap just confuses everybody so get with the program. yes, straining grind is fun for developers, that's what gives depth to the game.

@last annonymous: chara is affected by quests. if you do good choises in your quests you are order, if you do evil stuff in your quests you are chaos. Kinda makes me wander how many people want to be chaos and NOT just to defy this post and the rest of the people that are order. How many people admit that they are evil and don't really want to improve on it...

Ibari said...

@Ronny Candelaria:

I think you're being quite rude to everyone here.

I'm also quite tired about games that only focus on endless killing the very same enemy in order to get an item that will make you stronger.

Honestly I believe that it was quite boring and stupid to spend hours hunting millions of items in order to actually play the game.

That's why I got tired of the Original Ragnarök in the first place. But I simply love their character design and "feeling" of the game.

I respect your opinion but, who do you think you are to say that it is "your" game? To begin with, I don't see anything wrong with improving questing and adding story to the game (the previous title had nothing of that). And encourage control of your character and discovering parts of the game's story instead of being and endless-enemy-killing-machine.

If you want to grind because you like it, fine I will respect you and let you do your thing. But making it a prominent aspect of the game it's a HUGE mistake.

Remember: More options, more types of players, that will always be better.

Feral said...

Interesting response, but my suggestions were not outcries to being unique or pulls out of thin air. A level cap of 50 is used in some games to ensure that numbers stat basic values stat relatively small, but not so small that 3 makes a whole world of difference. If the game is based on our influence over our character, and the level grind is to get our basic stats alloted to us, then perhaps it's best to keep small values, so that we can simply add to that and the dev's do not have to create bosses or new content with extreme numbers. Personally I'd like the grind of RO2 to be present to show seasoned players from starters, but I'd also like to avoid it being the game's centerpiece, coupled with an easier number scheme so that players can focus on growth through quests and deeds, I think 50 is a fine number.

For perma-X, I don't really see a problem with players deciding they like the fundamental job and advancing without changing their character in radical ways. In-fact, I'd rather the Dev's encourage that to create new options, since the added variety couldn't hurt (this coupled with the hinting at either a 3rd class or a 3rd extended jobset for every root class). While one could argue that each of the 5 jobs has a model which envelops an "Advanced X" form, it would seem silly to limit the cast that much. Sure it isn't an MMO convention, but it kicks the crap out of playing WoW/Lineage with Porings. ;) Guess we'll just have to wait for the finished product and hope Gravity wants to feed our appetite for a higher class of online gaming.

Thiago said...

@Ronny Candelaria: I totally agree with you, ragnarok is the best mmo cause u need to spend time to be strong, random guys cant be strong in ragnarok.The lvl cap have to be 99.

@Ibari: if you got tired of playing original ragnarok, is just because u n00b =\ sry its true.

Ibari said...

@Thiago: Never thought this was the place to discuss who's 'noob' or 'pro' in your wildest dreams.

Perhaps you're a kid or don't have responsibilities at all, but you should know that everyone doesn't have 23 hours free everyday to play a game. In my opinion I should be able to enjoy one of my favorite games as well as you.

Don't judge everyone just because we want some changes, you don't even know me ^^U.

And I don't think that spending that many hours should be the primal objective. I'm just trying to make the game a bit more fun, you just spill your statement and even insult me...

This isn't going to be the same game but just in 3D, you'll have to accept that fact sooner or later.

Thiago-Night-Hawk said...

@ibari well kkk you are funny^^, i dont have 23 hrs to play, BUT! the hours I play I play seriously if you think needs changing ragnarok go play ragnarok2:gotw and see what the changes made to the game, FAIL! and i think i'm older than you, well anyway you still nb and a kid =x

bad english , sry!

Daison Cariño said...

Hope that merchant class will come back and blacksmith will include to 1st life..and not n 2ND life...and we appreciate if the characters per job has the same sex. like swordsman either a girl or a boy...and we appreciate if you will put back the original towns... like the OLD PAYON...and geffen,izlude makes the RO2 80% sequence to RO1...

Anonymous said...

Given the direction of RO2 development its highly unlikely that the merchant will return as a starting class. Honestly a merchant isn't much of an adventuring class unlike the original 5. They already integrated the Alchemist into a dual life job as the "doctor".