Friday, August 13, 2010

RO2: Spirit Forging

The picture says it all! Now let loose your wildest imaginations.

With the use of the Duel Class [Blacksmith]: Equips can not only be Refined, Created, or Upgraded...but also gain spiritual attributes from monsters. You can even apply this to broken weapons you might have, which would allow you to fix or transform new weapons.

Personally I call it Spirit Forging - Users will be allowed to combine monster spirits to certain properties just like what cards used to offer, instead giving you a whole new unique weapon. This also covers various equips so with the Tailor just imagine what you'll be able to design with a Desert Wolf Coat?

Hope you guys Enjoy!


Silvu said...

I'm aware that you prooly don't know how it works yet but I'm going to ask anyway ^^

Soo , to me it sounds a little like creating pre-carded items which is cool.

The question is how do you obtain the monster's "spirit". Is it a drop of some kind , or do you get it by some blacksmith's skill?

Anyway , it certainly sounds quite interesting^^

I'm still very hyped for the trailer, I hope that Gravity won't keep us waiting for too long ^^

Angramanyu said...

Awesome !!!
I saw in ragnarok2 website but I can't translate that!

Thanks for the translate for us Chris!

I think this is a new feature, never saw in other games :)

Ibari said...

It reminds me of the dolls Lulu used in FFX, which were based on iconic monsters of Final Fantasy, but this expands even beyond that.

Nice feature, but what about the trailer? º3º

Anonymous said...

This game sound better than any mmorpg game. I believe that the new mmorpg games will copy these new systems from Ragnarok online 2 los.

I want make Ifrit katar xD!!!

Anonymous said...

Chris, you rock dude!

thanks for the info and keep the good job ok?

Rafa said...

Thinking about RO1 pet system bonus perhaps this system will provide bonuses like pets actually do. Since we are having cards equiped on players, not in equipments anymore I think this is a good alternative to empower a weapon.

Perhaps these spirits are the "new cards" but for weapons.

Good one! I like that!

Anonymous said...

tovarishi !!!

it is friday, and ...err.. i can't find trailer


jsgnextortex said...

OMG!, this is the first Ro2 feature that was totally unexpected ,for me xD
Im looking forward to it....

Seal said...

Ok, you win. I prefer this "spiritual forge" then Cards.
RO2 will rock.

Anonymous said...

This game is getting fantastic.
Many systems.
Many possible builds.

Blue said...


I cant wait to make an golem armor, Wolf hood, imp sword and etc.. haha many ideas popping..


Anonymous said...



There will be the pets with bonus in RO2 Too!

This Mob Spirit is the card system of RO1 + the auge system of RO2Fail.

Anonymous said...

I like the idea of enslaving monster spirits for my personal effects ;D Though I hope it's truly "unique" effects for each type of spirit forging, not just a stat bonus that has a superior version come out a year later. I'd also hope that this doesn't apply to MvP monsters as MvP cards had way too much impact in the first game. Thanks for the heads up Chris, hope Gravity hears what it's western customers think about as well.

Paull said...

Hey, Chris
do you know if will have cloaks in the game?

and if the battle will be target-lock like others mmorpgs or manual-target like RO1?

PS: Spirit Forging + Body-Cards... It sounds great!

Anonymous said...


Juaum said...


you have failed,Rafa never says ''there will not be pets in RO2''

Ronny Candelaria said...

this system sounds incredible revolutionary but I'm just wandering the quality of the blacksmith's product... I'm concerned with how you can get the best gears in-game, when you have so many different ways to get them. Instances, MvPs, Quests, spirit forging. I also wander if it'll only be available for certain weapons, and how will, two items forged with the same weapon differ. I'd like to see some similarities, so you might be able to forge yourself a full monster costume xD. I'd also like to see some differences so you can have, per say, two swords with the same spirit but that each look unique. Thanks a lot for the info, this system sounds great ^^

Anonymous said...

Shaman King? :D

indie! said...

sounds more like WoW Enchatment System, and sounds good for me, the question is "how many spirits i can forge on my equipment?".
anyways, that's cool.

Deathm00n said...

hey man, where's the trailer of the game you said the would be released?

Anonymous said...

i would think its more like u chose the aperance of an weapon with different stat and bonuses similar to the card system but with new apperance you know? so all of your equip can look diffrent besides the tailoring system whitch can be used by everybody but just particuailary. if you are not an tailor or am i wrong? otherwises can only blacksmithes use this ability to change weapons or every tailor to reinfore a headgear with a spirit for example? ps: sory for my bad english but im trying my best xP

Ibari said...

I know we don't have all the information, but at first glance I see one drawback about this system:

Every weapon can be spiritually-enhanced? If that's so, how much powerful they will become?

Because I would like to use serious-looking weapons. Although I find funny and interesting that Muka shaped mace, I find it to be ridiculous for let's say... a badass Warrior.

If this applies only to some weapons (like the previously elemental bonus that the Blacksmith was allowed to do) then perfect. But if they "force" us to enhance every weapon with a silly sprite in order to progress within the game... then I won't find it funny.

Keep up the good work,


Hans said...

yo, I wanted to know whether RO2 is a F2P game or P2P game?

Silvu said...

I guess it will work kinda more like this.

As a blacksmith you get a blueprint to forge for example Muka Mace.

And to create it you need like 50 Steel , 15 Pharcon and what not and Muka Spirit.

Combining that gives you the Muka Mace.

So rather than another customization to existing weapons we will use the spirits to simply create new weapons.