Tuesday, August 17, 2010

RO2:Translated Job Descriptions

So I was getting a few comments about translating the Job Descriptions.

I really didn't want to bother with those since they're a little flaky on actual details and some of these descriptions we all know from RO1. Never or less, some of the classes like Warrior, Hunter, and Ranger do give off some good information you guys might like.

Sorry if the translation might seem a bit rough as I was rushing, and the descriptions alone aren't that detailed.

Anyways - I hope this helps & Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

"Thank you so much....!!"

Ronny Candelaria said...

wow, I have to say these translations are beautiful, thank you very much!

Dreimos said...

Hey Chris, I appreciate your work on translating this for everyone, This game is starting to look more and more promising and I can't wait to try it out! I am very excited =) Thanks again.

Silvu said...

I see the archer's second classes were reworked a little.

Ranger looks like it's focused solely on ranged attacks and mobility, while hunter utilizes traps and animal companions probably trading this for inferior ranged power.

Swordsman second classes look a little different aswell , to me it looks like the knight took the job of the crusader , being the heavy armored guy , while not holy themed. Warrior looks more like berserker kind of fighter, using lighter armours but having superiour firepower and mobility.

I'm kinda confused about the sorcerer, to me, it sounds like it's a support class who's job is recovery of SP , enchanting allies, maybe reducing cooldowns of skills and stuff.

The rest looks more or less the same as in RO.

I'm a little sad that they scrapped bard , since I've always liked that class ;)

[Chris Ruiz] Burn said...

Yup, your correct about the Ranger/Hunter.

With the Knight - they've always had that honor, justice, while being under Prontera. You'll start seeing something more of a crusader in the later as they choose to become Order.

Sorcerer can focus on developing magic casts while moving as well.

Try not to consider bards and dancers just yet out of the picture, there are still more stuff coming for the release version. ^_^

Gamerstud said...

I'm going to hope that a Knight that takes the Light path turns into something resembling a Crusader/Paladin. I've so far loved everything I've heard about this game, but that would absolutely seal the deal for me.

I've been waiting on RO2 for years now, and I thank you for sharing all this information with us.

[Chris Ruiz] Burn said...

@Anonymous,Ronny Candelaria, and Dreimos:
Your welcome. ^^

Your welcome, And Thank you for taking your time to visiting and commenting the site.

Ibari said...

Thanks Chris for all your hard work. I really appreciate that you posted these translations.

Although it isn't your fault, I think there are some paragraphs that don't say what the class is about. I guess I'll have to keep waiting for more information about then (:

Thanks for everything, and let me tell you that everyone is excited and thrilled for that trailer!

XxBlackJackxX said...

Thank you man!

yo chris, questionz about the archer art work. I notice she haz a dagger will the archers be able to use em?

[Chris Ruiz] Burn said...

Certain types of daggers will be allowed to aid in close combat and getting away.

Hope this helps!

AngraManyu said...

Thx for this Chris !

I'm a bit confused about archer's second classes yet.

Which classe will have the "Mastery of Bow"?, I mean, this translations says that Ranger is gonna do this work.

It looks like Hunters left their bows, and use animals and traps.

Am I correct?
Please answer me =)

Pi said...

Awww I love the description of the assassin class! But I'm also very curious about the sage class /lv
Thank you very much for the translation!
Can't wait for this mmorpg! argh

Silvu said...

@ Angra

According to the info we have Ranger will be like Archer 2.0 i.e focused on rapid and strong ranged attacks using bow/crossbow/whatever.

Hunter doesn't abandon using the bow, it simply seems that his shooting skills won't be as powerful as those of Ranger's. To balance this, Hunter makes use of traps to ambush enemies and keep them at bay. I don't know the nature of those beastial companions, the two variants I can think of are:
- something like homunculus, permanent companion who has its own abilities and helps you during fights
- Beast Themed skills ( for example sth like Ram attack ( Summons an angry Ram which charges the target hitting him for xxx damage, or calling birds to peck at the enemy

Keep in mind that's just a pure speculation on my part, I have pretty much no reliable info other than posted here.

Blue said...

poor theives. :(
It will be hard growing in a community who doesnt respect them

ow well thats the problem of their job.


jsgnextortex said...

ok,ok....most of my worries about the classes died here.....everything looks nice for now....so lets wait to the final thing now....
I think I understood what rangers will do in battle, but Im a bit confused about warrior's role....they sound like "rebel Knights" or something like that xD
Here comes my question,hope you can answer....most of the 2nd classes are associated with a town of midgard, like in RO1, that means you will have to go to that towns to become each class(like RO1) or you will become 2nd class with a jobchanger(RO2 ver 1)?
If the answer is "like RO1"....will we be able to test that in CB1 or it will be jobchanger for now?

Noodlez said...

About bards, i always loved them played them in iro servers but i guess now in my opinion there going to become lifestyle jobs. It was said that 8 lifestyle jobs will be availible and the 4 most finished will be released at cbt so hopefully bard and dancer are lifestyle jobs because even if they arnt main classes who do dmg etc, playing music was epic

[Chris Ruiz] Burn said...

To answer your question, yes you'll be changing jobs in their respected towns and places like in RO1 on the official release. In regards to if the new CBT will have Quests ready in those towns, Yes(minor tasks & story) and also Yes to having a Job Changer Npc. The objective is to have most of the players at high level jobs and to be fully aware of the game mechanics, systems, and the world, to report any bugs, not so much on the Quests themselves, since there is only 7 days to stress test while collecting all the bug reports.

Hope this helps!

jsgnextortex said...

ya, I guessed so....they want us to test the different classes, the quests are simple coding and a bit trival for testing anyway....but I wanted to know if in the final release it will be like RO1 (I Hate jobchangers).....Im glad it will be that way :)

Another one,and my last one until the trailer gets released,its about the change between chaos,order and neutral.....it will be instant or you will have to do a quest to change between them?? (I know the chaos/order/ itself is determined by quests, but I mean when you change from one to another)

Silvu said...

About the faction swap , I guess it should be instant if you meet the requirements and have finished the questline which allows you to choose a faction in the first place. But that's just a guess on my part.

And about the testing, I'm happy that they're focusing on testing the mechanics and the classes, as quests are ( or at least I suppose so ) easier to balance and repair if they're broken.

I really do hope that there will be multiple areas for each level bracket and we're not simply led map by map by quests without having much choice if we like it or not. It would be nice if there always was an alternative.

Nedamic said...

hmm... by mobile magic I was thinking of magic that moves, like a summon of some sort, specially since they mention high costs which homunculus also had... I was also wandering if the hunter will have hiding skills, which are implied by the ranger description but not quiet assured in the hunter description. btw, I'm happy about the forced approach on luck for sins xD. luck used to be like optional for any class at all in RO1 X_X.

Roso said...

hmm sorry i seem to have had a problem with sending stuff to the right topic.. so this one is it. Between Warrior and knight.. which one will be more ofensive.. from what i read it seems to be the knight. Will both classes be able to use diferent weapons.. ?
And.. one thing i think you guys should really do for the future. like some years after.. probably you will want to upgrade more.. there is one class which i know many people like dispite even being bad, not strong.. etc.. that is Ninjas.. they are very popular man.. tricky skills.. abilities.. a mix of rogue with wizards..
I play games there is already MUCH time .. and have talked with many people about it.. everyone loves a good ninja... Its a nice class why dont you create 1 ? =)

Silfrun said...

Couldn't you post some sound samples in your next newsupdate? ;)
I really liked the music at the previous RO2 page, was that the main theme? I'd love to hear more!

IT jobs said...

Amazing Post!
The above provided translated job description info is really superb. I really appreciate that you posted these translations.
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Anonymous said...

Firstly, thank you so much for the translations, its really exciting to see them revamp the job system.

Its really interesting to notice some changes too, "Church of Odin", the removal of the Crusaders, Shutdown of the Assassin Guild and the entrance of the Republic of the black forest's sages into the Kingdom of Midgard's wizard guild directly. All these point towards the dramatic change of leadership in Rune Midgard, specifically after the *Spoiler*assassination of King Tristan III at the hands of Arunafeltz extremists*spoiler*
Can't wait to see if my speculations are correct!

TL;DR Flavor speculation in progress