Thursday, October 30, 2008

Art Works For My Bunny Top Hat!

Hey Guys,

I'm just sharing with you guys the Clip Arts that was created base upon my "Bunny Top Hat" I made about a year ago for pRO servers...which now is getting around world-wide commercial release. Well anyways Enjoy the Pics.


You guys be the judge...Anyways, if you like these head gears and more, you can check them all out currently on all pRO's servers!

Me & Myung-jin Lee

Hey guys,

While I was at Live 08 it became a real treat for me to finally meet the man behind the Ragnarok Manga, which started the entire revolution of Gravity buying the rights/license to produce it as a MMORPG...and then it growing into a massive Franchise world-wide...pretty much he has a easy life now relaxing and collecting royalties from all over the world, oh and he does a few art works here and there to help with concept arts and promotional use...some day I hope I can be like that, lolz.

Anyways here are some pics. I had taken on my Flip Mino while I was there...We really had a nice time, we we're able to talk 1 on 1... well with the exception of his translator of course, about all the things we've both done for RO, along with what can and will be done for the Future of RO! He was really excited to see my works, and really hopes that Gravity and Level-Up! can work out a better understanding with our new contents about to be produced after a whole new world...Sadly he has no control over Gravity's approval with contents, tuff luck though, LOL.
It was still a great honor to meet him and talk about things!

Soon after the meetings and a week of organizing thoughts, Level-Up! and Gravity started to undergo new Developing ordeals which will conduct new plans basing around new installments and developments after a whole new world. I'm VERY Excited for all the new projects and concepts we'll be developing seeing how my roll is now much more larger then before with previous RO installments. /gg

Ragnarok DS Test #2 (DarkKnight Sprite)

Hey Guys,

I got another chance to test RO for the DS, and this time I was finally able to test the Dark Knight and Male Shaman...As a Plus side to things, they did increase the map mobility so u can rotate some of the maps, but only to a certain degree, kinda like in the Insides rooms/Inn/Shops from the towns...But never or less they're trying...

As for the Dark Knight and Shaman Class sprites, nothing has really changed besides it's playable for your main character to change into...or one of the orginal classes...You only have 7 Jobs to choose from and they only expand to 2-1. Plus you'll have the choice of Dark Knight or Shaman....

Besides that the game is looks alright, but still the sprites has been downgraded alot to fit on DS units as I said before in one of my pervious Posts about this...So it looks like someday I'll be in charge of recreating those 2 Jobs for RO

Anyways heres another little sneak peek at the classes...To be honest I was truely expecting the Dark Knights to be alot more like Nightmare from Soul Calb. but I guess they just couldn't do it that way, I mean they already have the look, why not the weapon....Oh wellz I'll make sure that they'll have somthing like a huge buster sword later on down the road, LOL. Till then guys, Laterz!

Mechanic Mounts

Hey Guys,

This is some more stuff about the Whole New World stuff, continuing off from the Rune Knights Mount...Pretty much this time it's about the Mechanics Mounts...

(Designs and Functions are subject to change)

This time Gravity has developed the same kinda thing I worked on before with the ride on mechas for mounts but it's of more of skill/function for the Mechanics to use and make, they're actually arranging IF the class should allow development Mechas for all player classes. But as it stands only Mechanics and control these beastly beasts. The Heads can be changeable here and there for diffrent looks to match your likings (however that function might take along time to actually complete so there's only 1-2 default for now). The base head works as a Skull for the endoskeleton, while I'll explain in abit later, it can be upgraded.

The system works pretty easily considering it's only changing your class sprite and head sprite, and then adding the list of mech'll be locked from using a lot of normal summoning skills etc. so be caution these are pretty much melee type fighting machines so far, but they'll have options to equip new head PARTS like you do with head gears...weapons and junk will also increase your type of skills and battle mode. Hey maybe someday they'll give them missiles to shoot out!

How Does a Mechanic Build and Ride a Mech?:
Very simple, accuire the skills from your quest. Collect the materials and bam, now you've learned the ablitly to create a Mech armor. Next you'll need to be able to Equip it. Thats another Quest Skill where your going to be taught how to ride it and what it limits you from it. After that the rest is history.

It's sad tho. a long time ago the GM's (and possible players) were suppose to be able to ride in mech like things too, but it seems like gravity didn't want to deal with a Capcom Law suit with it ALMOST looking like Baby Commando from "Captain Commando". Take a look for yourself:

Yes the sprite even blew out steam from the pipes...
::sighs::So much effort to be put to waste...

Till then guys, Later!

Rune Knight Mounts Confirmed!?!

Hey Guys,

I just came back to states, after a nice 2 week vacation to Philippines to celebrate the historic event of the 1st ever hosted RWC event outside of Korea! It was a blast I must say....and I hope Level-Up gets a chance to host it again soon!

Anyways, as I came back, of course I had to get back to work as well, checking my e-mails and stuff...

Well one of friends who's been keeping tabs for me at GungHo was able to show me the latest development on the Whole New World....YES all speculations are confirmed if what they're doing is true or not....I HIGHLY warn you........

Rune Knights Dragon Ferus
The Mount will be able to do Dragon Fire Breath Atks along with Auto Defense skills to protect the Rune Knight in some ways....Right now I'm only given permission to show some frames of the Dragon Mount...But I think you get the basic Idea. Enjoy!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The 3rd Eye!

Hey Guys,

Just as the heading says...."The 3rd Eye". This is a one of the many new head gears I'll be submitting along with "The Poring Bags".

There really is not much to share about this head gear since, it's pretty much a 3rd eye. Kinda like the ones you see Shamans, Monks, or any other Anime character have.

This head gear is FULLY animated with the eyes blinking and it closes as well when being hit.

The stats for this headgear is still unknown besides the fact I want to give it +INT, +DEX in some ways along with autocasting Ruwach.

Well I hope guys enjoyed this funky little headgear...MORE TO COME SOON!