Thursday, October 30, 2008

Ragnarok DS Test #2 (DarkKnight Sprite)

Hey Guys,

I got another chance to test RO for the DS, and this time I was finally able to test the Dark Knight and Male Shaman...As a Plus side to things, they did increase the map mobility so u can rotate some of the maps, but only to a certain degree, kinda like in the Insides rooms/Inn/Shops from the towns...But never or less they're trying...

As for the Dark Knight and Shaman Class sprites, nothing has really changed besides it's playable for your main character to change into...or one of the orginal classes...You only have 7 Jobs to choose from and they only expand to 2-1. Plus you'll have the choice of Dark Knight or Shaman....

Besides that the game is looks alright, but still the sprites has been downgraded alot to fit on DS units as I said before in one of my pervious Posts about this...So it looks like someday I'll be in charge of recreating those 2 Jobs for RO

Anyways heres another little sneak peek at the classes...To be honest I was truely expecting the Dark Knights to be alot more like Nightmare from Soul Calb. but I guess they just couldn't do it that way, I mean they already have the look, why not the weapon....Oh wellz I'll make sure that they'll have somthing like a huge buster sword later on down the road, LOL. Till then guys, Laterz!

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