Thursday, October 30, 2008

Rune Knight Mounts Confirmed!?!

Hey Guys,

I just came back to states, after a nice 2 week vacation to Philippines to celebrate the historic event of the 1st ever hosted RWC event outside of Korea! It was a blast I must say....and I hope Level-Up gets a chance to host it again soon!

Anyways, as I came back, of course I had to get back to work as well, checking my e-mails and stuff...

Well one of friends who's been keeping tabs for me at GungHo was able to show me the latest development on the Whole New World....YES all speculations are confirmed if what they're doing is true or not....I HIGHLY warn you........

Rune Knights Dragon Ferus
The Mount will be able to do Dragon Fire Breath Atks along with Auto Defense skills to protect the Rune Knight in some ways....Right now I'm only given permission to show some frames of the Dragon Mount...But I think you get the basic Idea. Enjoy!

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