Sunday, April 26, 2009

Ragnarok Nostalgia!!! + My Bunny Top Hat!

Well the project of the RO mobile "Ragnarok Nostalgia" for Korea is pretty much ready for the public now, equipped with some features as Japans RO Mobile Story but redesigned for simpler phones to handle it instead of the touch screen ones.

This is a new Mobile Game that's fully ONLINE playable with friends connected VIA Mobile.

It's still in the works if credits will be used to buy from the Kafra Shop, like in normal RO servers. For the mean time it's just as is, play the game win events, kill monsters, send your items and zenny to your real RO account....yeah it's all good!

Plus the nice part is the design of the game, it's actually Babyfied/Chibi/SD type so the sprite is actually reduced images of the larger size sprites.

One bad thing about the game is the lack of classes...right now it only supports MAGE, KNIGHT, and PRIEST, each going from 1-1 class to 2-1. Gravity is still in works with this project but the features and monsters are pretty fun to beat up! Maybe with enough support we can push these funky designs into real RO servers...

Last thing:
I'm very SHOCKED to see my Bunny Top Hat actually being re-used as a monster's Edit...but Gravity really messed up the other ear... ::sighs::
Either way, once again my designs have made a mark in RO! Woo Hoo

Heres a look at some of the sprites for the game and screen shots:

Here is also a video of the game play from the cell:

Hoped you guys Enjoyed!

Links to:
Official Ragnarok Nostalgia Korea

My Bunny Top Hat Sprite

Official Art works of my Bunny Top Hat

New AFK Bubble

A new headgear is coming your way soon to all official RO servers!
The AFK Bubble!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Ears of Ifrit Japanese Clip Art

Just a short little post about the Ears of Ifrit coming to Japan finally. You can get it if you purchase the Memorial Package 2009 for RJC which comes packed with a few additional things, but the best thing in it are my Ears.....yeah they Rock!
- jRO's Clip Art -

If you haven't see my previous post about me developing this Headgear and it's initial release hitting the Philippines 1st along with it's stats, then just click on this link here: Ears of Ifrit initial release & Stats

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Shadow Chaser

Hey Guys,

Shadow Chaser will officially be uploaded on Sakray! The rest are soon to come, I'll upload them once it's up. Just a little word of advise, the designs are not 100% but I'm not sure if Gravity will advise anything on changing things up, seeing how this has happened before again and again...but at lest the sprite is up, and the skills are still in testing, but so far so good.


Sunday, April 12, 2009

I'll be on - LIVE! The Show!!!

This week I just wanted to announced that I'll be featured on LIVE! The Show!
Hosted by Joey Alarilla!
(Many thanks goes out to you and Ryan for having me)

We'll be talking to everyone who visits the Live Blogging show (Between the Hours of: 3-6 pm, Philippine Standard Time) as we take in Comments and Questions about various RO topics. There might be prizes to be given out as well this time!
(I'm just saying this from experience watching them before, sometimes theres prizes so yeah.)
Alot of things could and be discovered about myself and the developments of RO, or any possible projects I haven't announced yet on here. So stay tuned!

It's this Wednesday the 15th of April!

Direct URL:

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Still here and there!

Hey guys,

I know I haven't updated the blog for awhile but I just wanted to give you guys a heads up I'm still here!I've been really busy with meetings, and work for RO! So trust me, stick around cause I got a few things to announce when the time comes, right now though the only thing I can announce is the new headgear that I developed almost a year ago for Philippines RO's Summer collection, which was the Beer-2-Cap it's a Hat with 2 beer cans on the sides with those long straws.

Hopefully if all goes well May something, it'll be released and I can show you the finalized in game sprite. But anyways, besides that Regional Championships are brewing for RO which means RWC '09 which is going to be held in Japan this year.

So yeah, I've been pretty busy catching up with everyone seeing how its Holy week (Easter Week). So yeah alot of people are on leaves or going on leaves, etc.

Besides that, I've been working on 2 personal side-projects which I'll announce soon...But yeah guys I'm really sorry for the lack of updates, this is normally when things get crazy.

OH YEAH, I'll also be updating you guys when you can possibly see me on a LIVE BLOG show hosted By Level-Up! and LU's Joey Alarilla. So you guys can actually ask questions and leave comments and we'll answer them on the spot or mention your comments. This is deffently gonna be one of those times where you'll need to jump on the liveblog site (its a video blog all at the same time) and ask away! So please check my plurk or here for future updates on it...!

Till then guys, Laterz!

Btw- My B-day is this 13th...Happy B-Day To Me!!!