Sunday, April 12, 2009

I'll be on - LIVE! The Show!!!

This week I just wanted to announced that I'll be featured on LIVE! The Show!
Hosted by Joey Alarilla!
(Many thanks goes out to you and Ryan for having me)

We'll be talking to everyone who visits the Live Blogging show (Between the Hours of: 3-6 pm, Philippine Standard Time) as we take in Comments and Questions about various RO topics. There might be prizes to be given out as well this time!
(I'm just saying this from experience watching them before, sometimes theres prizes so yeah.)
Alot of things could and be discovered about myself and the developments of RO, or any possible projects I haven't announced yet on here. So stay tuned!

It's this Wednesday the 15th of April!

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Joey Alarilla said...

Thanks, Chris!


[Chris Ruiz] Burn said...

Welcome! And THANK YOU to you too!

It was fun, Hope to do it again soon!

Anonymous said...

I completely missed it... Mostly because of Time Zone confusion...