Sunday, April 26, 2009

Ragnarok Nostalgia!!! + My Bunny Top Hat!

Well the project of the RO mobile "Ragnarok Nostalgia" for Korea is pretty much ready for the public now, equipped with some features as Japans RO Mobile Story but redesigned for simpler phones to handle it instead of the touch screen ones.

This is a new Mobile Game that's fully ONLINE playable with friends connected VIA Mobile.

It's still in the works if credits will be used to buy from the Kafra Shop, like in normal RO servers. For the mean time it's just as is, play the game win events, kill monsters, send your items and zenny to your real RO account....yeah it's all good!

Plus the nice part is the design of the game, it's actually Babyfied/Chibi/SD type so the sprite is actually reduced images of the larger size sprites.

One bad thing about the game is the lack of classes...right now it only supports MAGE, KNIGHT, and PRIEST, each going from 1-1 class to 2-1. Gravity is still in works with this project but the features and monsters are pretty fun to beat up! Maybe with enough support we can push these funky designs into real RO servers...

Last thing:
I'm very SHOCKED to see my Bunny Top Hat actually being re-used as a monster's Edit...but Gravity really messed up the other ear... ::sighs::
Either way, once again my designs have made a mark in RO! Woo Hoo

Heres a look at some of the sprites for the game and screen shots:

Here is also a video of the game play from the cell:

Hoped you guys Enjoyed!

Links to:
Official Ragnarok Nostalgia Korea

My Bunny Top Hat Sprite

Official Art works of my Bunny Top Hat


Shiki said...

hey it's cool the iphone RO. =3
btw do u know if there's a hi-res image of the valkyrie randgris =P??

Anonymous said...

will this be released in the Philippines?