Sunday, January 25, 2009

Level-Up! Live 2008 Art Contest Submissions!!

Hey Guys,

This is pretty old stuff, but I happen to come across these pics when I was going through some old files back when I was in the Philippines for Level-Up Live 2008.

These were poster boards I made for their art contest. Even though the chances were slim to none seeing how I'm a developer. Plus when I was designing this the theme wasn't posted nor did I bother to actually check at the time since I was busy as it was.

The concept/Theme I picked was pRO's 5th Anniversary, seeing how I was the one who made their Birthday Poring cake...I figured to make it as a catchy theme type to impress pRO/LU.

The 1st pic. was a collaboration of some of the clip arts we made for Ragnarok World Championship 2008 shirts at our booth. While the 2nd design was customize for that picture.
(supplied by
Well I hope you guys enjoy!

Special thanks goes out to to showcasing my work on their site during the RWC 2008.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Anubis Headgear Release!

Hey Guys,

Back then I showed you guys my Anubis Headgear when I was 1st designing it.

Well it was released on all Philippine Ragnarok Servers as of: Dec. 23, 2008 - Jan. 7, 2009

It was a Limited Edition Headgear selling at 10,000 ROK Points (500php)
(references/details of it can be found here)

So yeah, stats of the final product are the following:
Reduce damage from MVPs by 10%.
Increase effectiveness of healing and healing items by 10%.
Item Class : Headgear Defense : 3
Location : Upper Weight : 0
Required Level : 70
Jobs : All

Well I hope who ever gotten the chance to own it enjoys it! I'm sure there will be another promo with it soon...till then, Laterz!

New Project ?! What could it be?!

Hey Guys,

This isn't an official announcement or anything, but take it more as a teaser of something to expect. This is all I can really share with you guys right now, seeing how I can't spill the beans just yet, but keep checking for further updates about this NEW PROJECT of mine.

Seeing how there isn't much released officially on new projects for RO besides Ep.13, take this as NEW YEAR's Gift from me. ^_^

Here's a sneak peek at my development of this project:
Yes It's a High Priest from RO1 in 3D?! AND SHOWING MORE LEG! ::snickers::

Well till then, Laterz guys!

I'm On Plurk Now!!!

Hey guys,

I just wanted to announce that I'm using Plurk now since friends wanted me to use it, and it's been fun using so yeah..If you want to hit up and add me go ahead, at lest you'll be in closer contact to the direct feed to the news, I TRY to update this blog but its so hard to at times, Plurk allows me to just go in and BAM! so yeah...I'll be bouncing back and forth.

My profile link is on the side of this site.

or go here:

Well I hope to see ya guys there!

-Oh yeah I'll be doing some new updates soon so keep checking!