Sunday, January 25, 2009

Level-Up! Live 2008 Art Contest Submissions!!

Hey Guys,

This is pretty old stuff, but I happen to come across these pics when I was going through some old files back when I was in the Philippines for Level-Up Live 2008.

These were poster boards I made for their art contest. Even though the chances were slim to none seeing how I'm a developer. Plus when I was designing this the theme wasn't posted nor did I bother to actually check at the time since I was busy as it was.

The concept/Theme I picked was pRO's 5th Anniversary, seeing how I was the one who made their Birthday Poring cake...I figured to make it as a catchy theme type to impress pRO/LU.

The 1st pic. was a collaboration of some of the clip arts we made for Ragnarok World Championship 2008 shirts at our booth. While the 2nd design was customize for that picture.
(supplied by
Well I hope you guys enjoy!

Special thanks goes out to to showcasing my work on their site during the RWC 2008.

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[Chris Ruiz] Burn said...

Nice work on the Fan-Fiction and Character Builds.

I must say tho. some of the events in the story happened too fast, giving a feeling unfulfilled to the characters and the aura of the monsters.

Concept is good, it's just you should focus on making the reader more attach to the main characters being presented so when the climax increases to her Death the readers will feel sorry for her.

In your case, you created her, she fought a demon, thought she was doing good, and BAM dead...there wasn't much to attract the reader to make her stick in our minds.

Best thing to do is expand the concept...if your making the little sister the star of story, you might want to work on making the story more dramatic from the start, without much talk and details of the older sister. Just the fact she died then and there and the little sister found her dead raging to get vengeance Etc. Etc. A bunch of shows have this kind of concept flowing, in the 1st episode you get 2 characters and 1 dies making the viewers feel and understand the pain with the 1st and 2nd character.

If you ever seen RO the Animation, you'll see that Kio and Igura both we're best of friends and when Kio died you could relate and understand how Igura felt, because he was BLAMING himself of his death. So in the end Igura made it his goal to put Kio to rest once he knew he was a living zombie, just to atone for his sins.

So good way to make this part of your story, is try to build up a start with SHOWING the 2 sisters being very close, and then make it so that the stalker has a mission or a REASON to leave making the older sister BE a older sister in telling the little on to stay in prontera or something Etc...and then expand the fact of how or WHY the little sister ended up finding her body in a remote place like that. (ex: maybe she was following her to hope to protect her but couldn't keep up and then when she got there thats what she found. Or she just like to follower her big sister so she can watch all the action and get some pointers.)

Last thing, is the monsters dialog you need to focus on making them seem more scarier, or more demonic like...they seem very immature. Same can go for the Stalkers comments...

Never or less, your on a good track with things, and I'm VERY impress with your witting skills for a Young Filipino. Thumbs up dude! keep up the nice work! and feel free to update me anytime on here or on my plurk.