Monday, June 29, 2009

*New Event MVP: Kingling! EX

Well as I promised in my earlier posts, that I would update you guys when the Event MVP: Kingling was close to being presentable.
The sprite HAS been done for awhile, it was the sound FX's and Card Image I was waiting for, before I showed you guys all of it without doing another post about him.

So without further a-do here you guys go:

*Please note: Final designs are subject to changes*
*I'm well aware of the delay in the video at some points, please don't mind it. I was in a rush to get that done since it was the only free time I had today to finish that up and I had a lot of programs running in the background. =___=

Once the MVP is patched through for the events, I'll upload some videos of his full potential. Hehe.

The Card image was selectively designed by veteran RO artist: Tharine

The card shows Kingling relaxing after have cutting so many apples just to make 1 apple juice for his followers. It's a cute concept and I liked how the merchant isn't even paying attention how the poring just swiped some apples to use, while there is another poring innocently looking around like, Whats going on here?!

Well I hope you guys enjoyed the video and some background info regarding the monsters development. Till next time!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

RO Renewal Presentation Prt.1

Hey Guys,

I still haven't forgot about the update on Kingling and right now he's 80% finish just tweaking up some final frames along with everything else I gotta get done. Hahaha!

Anyways, I wanted to share with you guys a presentation that Gravity kindly arrange for the public (You) to see just whats *NEW with the renewal and the new classes skills.

Just remember this is part 1, so the 2nd video is being currently worked on at the same time as of the new sprites that are being developed to show off the 3-2 classes and some extra features. Well Enjoy!

What you'll be seeing:
  • Introduction to Each 3-1 Class
  • Arch Bishop & Rune Knights Skill Overview
  • Mechanic & Warlock Skill Overview
  • Guilty Cross & Ranger Skill Overview
  • Academy Training
  • Skills Hot Keys Renewed
  • Expanded Shortcut command list
  • Novice Grounds Expanded to show Noobie Help Images
  • Novice Grounds Expanded for class specification
What isn't shown as of yet:
  • 3-2 classes
  • New Interface
  • New Equip Interface w/ Drop down menu for Stats
  • Rewards for Academy Training
  • 3rd Jobs Equipments (Yes all Reborn Equips works too)
  • Monster Dictionary
  • Quest/Event NPC Mini Map locations
  • Expanded Storage Menu w/ Searching Items
  • Upgraded Party System
  • And more!
Well Guys I hope you've enjoyed! I'll Update you guys again soon!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

*New Event MVP: Kingling!

Today I wanted to share with you a new MVP coming your way, hopefully soon that is. He's cute, round, jumpy, gold, and of course a KING....


*Design may still vary and is subject to change
This new monster is even more devastated then the Event "Poring the Conquerer". Giving him the powers to spawn every type of Poring to known midgard, along with some additional MVPs/Mini Bosses in there, not to mention also having super powered buffed skills and stats. He's a king for crying out loud, and he loves ruling his peoplelings and lands. Or should I say world....New World that is. Haha.

I'll work on providing you guys a video or some screenshots soon, I'm just finalizing some stuff with him (Which I'll explain in my next post) before he gets shipped off to get added.
Well I hope you guys enjoyed!

Friday, June 12, 2009

True Love Flower Veil

Hey guys,

Another new headgear I wanted to share with you guys today is the:

True Love Flower Veil

*Design may still vary and is subject to change
Just like the "Magic Bunny Hat" this too was created for RJC, but as a joint promo if you bought 2008's DVD & 2009's. Once again this will be heading to all servers soon too, so keep an eye out for it. The name might be different (Ex: True Love or Flower Veil ) and methods to get it on your local servers will vary as well. It'll be up to your regions license holder of RO on how they'll want to release this item to you guys just like all the rest. Haha. Anyways, Here are the stats:

Head Slot: Top & Middle
DEF: 0
MDEF: 10
Refindable: Yes
Slot: None
Required Level: 45
Weight: 10
Usable Jobs: All
Special Effects:
Chant durations decreases by 10% when using skills.
Reduces 5% of SP when using skills.

Well I hope you guys enjoyed! See ya soon!

Magic Bunny Hat

New Headgear which will be coming to all servers soon, and it's known as:

The Magic Bunny Hat

*Design may still vary and is subject to changes
This was a pretty easy and basic headgear to be created in the first place so nothing to boust about. It was originally created for the limited item packed with the DVD of RJC 2009. However, In a few months time I can assure everyone that this headgear will make it's way across the Japanese sea very very soon. Methods on HOW to get it will of course vary with each regions servers so keep an eye on your local RO Servers for details. Here are the stats:

Head Slot: Upper
DEF: 1
Refindable: YES
Slots: None
Required Level: 80 +
INT + 1、
MaxSP + 50。
Useable Job: ALL
Special Bonus Effects:
When the user uses Physical Attacks, there is a low probability of casting Fire or Ice Bolt Lvl 1-3. In addition when then user is being physically
attacked there is a low chance of casting Lvl. 1 Heal on self.

Well guys, I hope you enjoy!
Also be sure to check out the "True Love Flower Veil" which I'm gonna showcase too.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

NEW Official RO Manga!

Hey guys,

Today I want to share with you a new RO manga that's being created by Gung Ho and will be published inside a Japanese monthly manga magazine called "Dengeki-Maoh". So to answer any questions...NO THIS ISN'T ABOUT Myung-jin Lee's original manga...even though I wished it would have been it, lol, but this is a completely new story and art style created for Gung Ho and Japan readers, which actually is rolled around the same structure of RO-Animations foundation of plot and character development.
Manga will hit Japanese stores: 5.27.09

Summarized Story/Plot :
It's center around a Female High Priest and a sad excuse for a Knight...In the story we quickly find out that the High Priest isn't your typical nice Full Support. Instead shes the most meanest unsentimental jerky support you could ever party with.At the same time, the suppose "HERO"(Dish) is having a hard time being the Knight he's suppose to be...**Cough**Rune-Knight**Cough**

They'll be joined by 3 additional (party)characters:
A cutey prissy Female Merchant &
The pretty boy master mind of tactics the Male High Wizard.

*At times a Male Priest will jump into battle or events to prove the Female High Priest wrong.

Not to mention 3 troublemakers/comical reliefs characters:
Female Ninja
Female Hunter &
The (*Pimp LOL, I'm just calling him that) Male Professor/Scholar.

My Thoughts:

The manga is actually well made, not too messy, not to perfect either. But I can see why Gung-Ho wanted to make this manga. Main reasons is that the 3rd Jobs will be introduced in a few months time in Japan and round the what better way to slowly introduce their story line then with a manga of a Knight who COULD become the very next Rune-Knight or Royal-Guard.

The manga defiantly was created to keep players on the edge while theres promos to BUY the manga Japanese players of jRO will get limited items after imputing their redeem codes. Not to mention since RO2 is basically Dead for now, Gung-Ho has no other Anime to work one since they had plans for doing the RO2 with the manga they'll be slowly producing the next RO anime under this generation of hero's.

However, when you think about this manga compare to the ALMOST similar in many ways in terms of key character development, plot, and story. The main MVP will be consider in this story will be Satan Morroc & Nidhoggr being the biggest pillars to the story, along will Thantos and Naght yes the period of time is almost current to patches, so as I said just when 3rd jobs is finally released fully...this guy will be encountering 3rd job characters.

Last treat for you guys, official manga pages just for your viewing!
I hope you guys enjoy!

2 ---- 1

4 ---- 3

6 ---- 5

8 ---- 7

10 ---- 9

12 ---- 11

14 ---- 13

Well I hope you guys enjoyed!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Wanderer & Minstrel (Clown) Sprites!

Hey guys,

Today I'm gonna share with you something new that'll be patched through kRO Sakray this week....Which I'm happy to be able to show this before it's soon uploaded.

*Designs may still vary
YUP! Minstrel & Wanderer's Sprites!
  • The Minstrel is based on the idea of a Jester/Joker of playing cards, thus the reason for the red, white, and black colored theme, not to mention the jacket too.
  • While the Wanderer was based around the idea of a wandering swan, thus the reasons for the white feathers and wings.
Well guys I hope you enjoyed these, more to come!

Also you can check out the list of other upcoming 3-2 class sprites.