Wednesday, June 24, 2009

RO Renewal Presentation Prt.1

Hey Guys,

I still haven't forgot about the update on Kingling and right now he's 80% finish just tweaking up some final frames along with everything else I gotta get done. Hahaha!

Anyways, I wanted to share with you guys a presentation that Gravity kindly arrange for the public (You) to see just whats *NEW with the renewal and the new classes skills.

Just remember this is part 1, so the 2nd video is being currently worked on at the same time as of the new sprites that are being developed to show off the 3-2 classes and some extra features. Well Enjoy!

What you'll be seeing:
  • Introduction to Each 3-1 Class
  • Arch Bishop & Rune Knights Skill Overview
  • Mechanic & Warlock Skill Overview
  • Guilty Cross & Ranger Skill Overview
  • Academy Training
  • Skills Hot Keys Renewed
  • Expanded Shortcut command list
  • Novice Grounds Expanded to show Noobie Help Images
  • Novice Grounds Expanded for class specification
What isn't shown as of yet:
  • 3-2 classes
  • New Interface
  • New Equip Interface w/ Drop down menu for Stats
  • Rewards for Academy Training
  • 3rd Jobs Equipments (Yes all Reborn Equips works too)
  • Monster Dictionary
  • Quest/Event NPC Mini Map locations
  • Expanded Storage Menu w/ Searching Items
  • Upgraded Party System
  • And more!
Well Guys I hope you've enjoyed! I'll Update you guys again soon!


awesome said...

Great renewal video .
still missed the kingling >.<

Seraphiel said...

Can you tell us if Shura is going to be released as a next 3-2 job on Sakray R?

Seraphiel said...

By the way, why there isn't a PK server available on kRO and iRO? Not even some kind of PK-system in normal servers. I know some people who would definitely join a server where they can compete with other players everywhere. There wouldn't be exp penalty if you were killed by a player. Gravity could also make some Faction system or just introduce some system which will give points for killing other players. Those points would be exchange for some items/exp. RO has a great potential and Gravity should use all options available for MMORPGs. PK-Server/System would be a great addition.

Seraphiel said...

Yes, I know about BR and PH but I don't like changes that were done there. I am looking forward to a server like iRO Valkyrie with PK but that won't happen, I guess.