Monday, June 29, 2009

*New Event MVP: Kingling! EX

Well as I promised in my earlier posts, that I would update you guys when the Event MVP: Kingling was close to being presentable.
The sprite HAS been done for awhile, it was the sound FX's and Card Image I was waiting for, before I showed you guys all of it without doing another post about him.

So without further a-do here you guys go:

*Please note: Final designs are subject to changes*
*I'm well aware of the delay in the video at some points, please don't mind it. I was in a rush to get that done since it was the only free time I had today to finish that up and I had a lot of programs running in the background. =___=

Once the MVP is patched through for the events, I'll upload some videos of his full potential. Hehe.

The Card image was selectively designed by veteran RO artist: Tharine

The card shows Kingling relaxing after have cutting so many apples just to make 1 apple juice for his followers. It's a cute concept and I liked how the merchant isn't even paying attention how the poring just swiped some apples to use, while there is another poring innocently looking around like, Whats going on here?!

Well I hope you guys enjoyed the video and some background info regarding the monsters development. Till next time!


awesome said...

Wow that kingling blade is Huge !

Vinnie said...

Great BGM, where can i find it?

[Chris Ruiz] Burn said...

@awesome: Yeah, makes you wanna think twice now on messing with those little porings, haha!

@Vinnie: Hehe, It's from the official RO Arranged-Album ~ Ragna Beat2. The title of the song is "Prontera" and it's track 10 on the CD.

Your local RO provider could be selling the CD's if not, you might have to order it from Amazon, Ebay, or some place else. Normally though, if you ask the providers you can get some kind freebies for yourself or account that comes with the CDs, hopes this helps!

Soul Link said...

That's a strong Esma Linker lol, 150+ damage from normal melee hit, is that with Mild Wind/Spurt? And why the Kingling's name is "Poring" xD

Anyway, I wonder why the card's border isn't the MVP's usual card border :p

Since it's an Event monster (which usually don't have card since they are well, event) then I'll assume that means Kingling's card would be VERY powerful - Event = limited amount of time to get the card, coupled with the fact that this one is a King, it makes sense if the card is a powerful one....
Something like autocast Power-Up lv 5 when attacking physically maybe? ^^;