Wednesday, July 8, 2009

New: Red Cup

Small post today about a new and simple Headgear that'll be hitting jRO servers soon, and soon following official servers in the coming days to possible months.

The Red Cup
*Please note final designs are subject to changes

It's a typical Japanese cup that many choose to drink wine/liquor from.

Actually, this headgear was designed based of a (spin off by monthly) RO manga featured in Japan and was requested by the artist (Narihara) of the manga to be brought out as a new headgear to promote the newest issue "RO Am I going?" which will be released between this Augs - October. jRO players will have to wait till the book finally released to get their hands on this item while other regions will soon be patching and prepping up with their own promos.

Each volume in Japan will come packed with a ticket that will allow you to get this lower headgear. The tickets will expire if you don't redeem them with in a few months, so yeah.

On to the Stats of the item: Red Cup
Head Slot: Lower
DEF: 0

Refined able: No
Slots: 0
Level Requirements: None

Weight: 10
Special effects: For each monster you kill there is a probability of them dropping Mastela Fruit Wine. *Note: The type of WINE it'll drop or item is subjected to changes.
Use able Jobs: ALL

Well Hope you guys enjoyed!

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