Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Shura Sprite!

Hey Guys,

It's taken some time but it's finally here added as of this morning:

*Designs may still vary

Sorry that this is a rush post, I'll edit it later on just I been pretty busy.
Also you can check out the list of other upcoming 3-2 class sprites.

Well anyways I hope you guys enjoyed!


Vinnie said...

Heihachi From Tekken? haha

Nice sprite..I've been waiting so long for this.

Anonymous said...

It looks really cool, but for some reason, I think the arm posing should be switched because the bent arm looks girly to me

Gabriel said...

I liked this sprite very much, seems like all the 3-2 Sprites are a lot better than the 3-1 ones xD

I loved the female sprite, she looks like a fighter but is very cute at the same time.

Györgyusz said...

The flame loooks nice, but come on. The girl's breasts seem the smallest among all other characters, and it's not just her breasts, but her whole upper body seems weak and too tiny somehow. And the guy... Is he wearing a skirt? o.O I loved most of the new sprites, but this one...

Anonymous said...

Györgyusz, some of us don't like our women with massive sacks of fat hanging off their chests. And if you paid any attention at all to the sprite, you would be able to tell that her breasts aren't small at all; they're just bound with a thick material. She has plenty of cleavage.