Friday, July 24, 2009

Quick Cash Shop Button!

Hey Guys,

Something that's been patched through to pRO servers recently and will most likly be making it's way shortly on all servers, it's the Quick Cash Shop Button.

Yup just like on most MMO's now and days they offer that mini-icon to go directly to the Item mall instead of the hassle of going to the NPCs for the common items that you might need. Well this was requested by the pRO team, to get developed so that players that can't get to the Item Mall, can get the items they might need ON THE SPOT.

This is really a good thing for Guild teams now that might need Elites, LOL.

Heres what it looks like in game:

Well I hoped you guys Enjoyed!


Seraphiel said...

It's a good idea. Renewal interface changes are also great. Gravity should implement high resolution sprites and textures for 3D objects so RO will look like a brand new game. They should also upgrade game's engine and provide us with newest DirectX support. RO will be able to compete with newest MMOS after changing its visual appearance a bit. Oh, and gravity should advertise RO. Advertisements have great power nowadays.

Vinnie said...


I agree, plus i mean c'mon if MapleStory has a commercial, RO should have one too.

Anonymous said...

been years since i saw the last RO advertise in europe :(

Anonymous said...

hello there i'm playing MRO[MalaysiaRo]
my server just implement these functions Today .