Thursday, August 20, 2009

LIVE! The Show: RPC 2009

Hey Guys,

Currently at RPC finals where it's the Road-to-Japan!

Yes these are the finals for the Philippines, and you guys can watch it all here LIVE!

Updates to come!


OK I know this post was so a litte abrupt, but let me just say I was at the RPC finals, and became an unexpected co-host/guest for Level-Up's LIVE! The Show with their Host "Joey Alarilla". You might remember in one of my older post that I was also featured on the same show. It's always an honor to be on there. Thank You Joey!

Here are some pics I was able to take while there:
And Before I forget, I wanna Congratulate Team Influenza of New Chaos for winning this years Ragnarok Philippines Championship (RPC2009). Team Influenza will now be heading to Japan(Yokohama) for the RWC 2009.

I wish everyone the best of luck! ROK ON!

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