Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Royal Guard

Hey Guys,

This is a semi-late update due to me running around with meetings and deadlines, so in short I'm just a few hours late from when it's been officially released but just to let you guys know, Sakray-R did patch the "Royal Guard" today with it's mount as well.

So without further a-do here you guys go:

Well I hope you guys enjoyed!

Also you can check out the list of other upcoming 3-2 class sprites.


Seraphiel said...

It looks great! I hope that Gravity is going to re-do all 3-1 jobs so they can look as good as RG and gryphon.

Anonymous said...

This time It came up really good, grats! I was wondering how will this class looks like and i'm not disappointed.
The only thing that I can't swallow it that the skill icons in 80% are nothing more than just a replica of some other already made skills.
Maybe the old style icons were not to good vizually, but they were all different. Today we got nice, coloured ones but they just resamble one another...sad.
Still waiting for Sorcerer the most.

Anonymous said...

Yes, certailny great.
I think that after finishing them all, it is time to work on Soul Linker, Teakwon Master, Ninja and Gunslinger, to balance the classes.
Imagine Soul Linker --> Medium, Ninja --> Shinobi, Star Gladiator --> Celestial Master, Gunslinger --> Sharpshooter.
I'll just have to do It myself, just like the rest of my fan classes hehe XD

Gabriel said...

The sprites are VERY nice!
The best so far ^^

The 3-2's sprites are way better than the 3-1's...

Anonymous said...

One word for it: Wow. Honestly, at first the Rune Knight looked pretty decent to me. But now seeing the Royal Guard, meh. IM MAKING MYSELF A PALADIN RIGHT NOW! XD

Irvin said...

I agree with anonymous 2 xD or 3 what ever one it was. Ah gunslinger class continuation would rock :D

Gabriel said...

The sprite is so awesome that the bikini on the female sprite isn't even bothering me xD said...

Beatyful srpite.