Sunday, September 20, 2009


Hey Guys,
I'm leaving a reservation spot for the Genetic so you guys get a heads up that it's coming very soon!
As I promised The Genetic was coming soon! And as of today - a little awhile ago - it was officially uploaded to Sakray-R. Now that I can it's released I can freely show you guys the design along with explaining some designing backgrounds to it.

The Genetic - is short for Genesis/Generator. These guys pretty much are loyal Biochemist who can generate DNA and strands into other things. It really makes it the TRUE job level up from the Bios. Not to mention the Genetics can generate new stronger homunculus to aid in battle.

Heres a look at the sprite:
Now the design of the Genetics is pretty simple since it's suppose to represent something similar to the previous job. As you noticed the shoulder-pads are now wider/bigger and also animate. This was simply because the last job shoulder-pads WAS suppose to move and breath-fire just like the art works you guys might see around. However, due to deadlines once the sprite was finished and the public liked it how it was, it was never looked backed at. Since this is a new job of the same type, this time it was made a point to finally make the shoulder-pads move like they're alive.

The outfit now represents more of a creature then just the cape did before, which showcase it as demonic/fiend armor. The chest armor is Satan Morroc while the shoulder-pads are Hodremlins.

Well I hope you guys enjoy! More to come soon!


Anonymous said...

What i like about this sprites is that they look kinda "unexpected". I think we were all thinking that it will be closer to the old Creator, and we have here a completely new design almost not sililar at all. At first i was a little distracted by the animated parts of armour, but in the end i liket it, it's a nice add. What i don't like is the female standing pose. I really liked the old one. And I persoally think, that those two stripes of material on the back are so not practical at all, and look hideous. U really should think of removing this "thing" or redesign it to look more like the old one, because this is totally not cool.
What i really do like is skill icons. I must say it's a really good job!
Can't wait for Sorcerer.

Anonymous said...

Unlike the previous anonymous I can definitely see the similarity to the creator sprites. I like how you took the teeth costume concept and ran with it. It looks like you had a lot of fun exaggerating that aspect. This is one of my favorites of the new sprites. I wish you had given the female creator a skirt instead, though; the bikini just does not match the alchemist/creator line at all.

With the scholar sprites, could you please consider keeping the fox-scarf? I think it would be especially neat if you animated it with a similar technique like the Genetic's shoulder pads.

Gabriel said...

I like the male sprite, but i don't like the female sprite at all.

The alchemist's and creator's sprites were very cute, and with this class they lost all their charm =/

And what's up with the bikinis?
LOT'S of classes have them, they aren't so nice.

But the skills icons are great!
I wish all thirds skill icons were as original, lot's of them are recycled.

Anonymous said...

I saw those editet sprites and I must say they are way better, especially because, as someone else mentioned, they gain that "charm" from previous Alchemist and Creator. The shoulders can stay animated, it's a good add, but female one should get a skirt, she would look so much better, especially because many female sprites got that bikini outfit, what is somehow becoming boring.

[Chris Ruiz] Burn said...


Thank you for sharing your thoughts about the sprites and the edits.

Honestly tho. there isn't much changes done to the Genetic Edit the fan did. Infact the male had it's Hodremlins turned into normal Shoulder-pads, and the color on the wrists & neck was just changed. The males Shoulder-pads would have worked that way if they made it Big Eyes. lol.

As for the female, once again changed of color on the wrists, gave her a one piece and added the mini-skirt. The shoulder-pad, looks like only 1 side was edited to be just a normal shoulder-pad, which looks way too normal. One thing I do like they edited on her is the gold trim for the lining of the breast part.

With some of these changes your taking away the whole point of the class design, which is suppose to represent Life/Creation in some way throughout their whole look.

Anyways, Regarding Contest- Japan & Korea do host sometimes contest accepting art works, and making them into sprites on our end. 99% of the time though its for new headgears & only once a year. Philippines will be hosting contest like this soon in the future, as for iRO you'll have to contact one of the GMs on the forums.

These contest we can't just DO out of nowhere's because there are schedules to follow on. When we have the time or resources to do it, that is when a contest is open from a selected region who requests it.

For class edits idea - I like your idea but I don't think Gravity nor GungHo is going to trash months of work for some fans edit. The only thing regarding classes they can accept are classes that haven't been done, and it can't already have a sprite made. They can only accept the concept art AKA Model sheet.

Other then that, the only other possible thing is demanding a certain aspect of the character to be tweaked. The Dragon mount for the Rune-Knight was a perfect example of this, many people didn't like the eyes covered from the dragon, it made him look like a robot, and it made no sense for it to be treated like a horse, the proposal was escalated by stating the Dragon will appeal to more players IF he shows attitude with it's eyes being seen.

Regarding the whole Bikini Design on the Female, honestly that is what the team in Japan desires for the concept. While Team Korea really is trying to keep their characters to look still semi-wholesome.

Ex: The Female Rune-Knight sprite has a panty shot in the sprite and older art works- however, Korea went and changed the art work soon after, due to how much Japan is trying to make the girls sell out [You know what they say? Sex sells]. Don't be surprised if you see more design just like the Female Genetic end up getting it's art work changed down the road.

Sprite wise, if the public demands a certain change then it could be changed.

Thanks guys!

Gabriel said...

Yeah the mais problem isn't the mouths, but the bikinis.
The best female sprite in the 3rd classes is Warlock imo, and maybe Mechanic.

They are getting very annoying, 8 classes out of 11 have them.
Classes like LK and Creator were very cute without them, and now they are bad =S

Darn you pervert japoneses xP
I hope Sorcerers don't get them too =S

Gabriel said...

Sorry i said it wrong
I meant that 8 out of 11 are showing the belly and/or the legs.
Thing that the previous classes didn't.

I don't know if i'm expressing myself clearly, sorry.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the post above, the outfit color of the warlock's official art look so much better than the one used in the sprite. The whole brown outfit doesn't look very appealing...

Rafa said...

the new shoulder pad will be animated? because for me animated is sometime that is alive and genetic works in live creation

Rafa said...

is posible to make shoulder pad lookS like big animated eyes xD

Anonymous said...

Regarding the comment about accepting concept artwork for classes that don't already have sprites:
Could this mean that if someone has a good concept art of a sorcerer they could send it to gravity and they might select it?

Yoru Tsuki said...

I have to ask this:
If some one has an art concept for, say... sorcerer, could they foward it to gravity so they might change the design a bit before releasing it? or is it to late for doing this?

Neece said...

Burn, regarding the sprites, as the "bikini trend" is the will of the japanese team, is there any chance that Gravity alows for alternate, more "propper"/less skimpy versions of the sprites for other RO's around the world, even if through cash shop? I mean, why are we forced to acept such insult to play a game we like just because the japanese belive "fan service" is an excelent thing?
I belive a feature like this would make quite a number of players happy... and we can ask the RO comunity, if Gravity is wiling to listen.

Anonymous said...

I like this female sprite and I'm a girl, and honestly I think that bikini dresses on the female sprites are cute, cos it remember me the women of the fantasy book or the fairies of the fairytales.
My main is a stalker, and I have been quite sad when I saw that the sprite of the Shadow Chaser wasn't sexy as that of Stalker, so having also a creator, I'm happy that I will be able to have at least another sexy sprite.
Anyway this is just my personal opinion.

[Chris Ruiz] Burn said...

@ Neece:

To be honest about new/buyable outfits/alts for each class. I've been proposing this to Gravity for a few years now...

I strongly believe if enough support is shown here I can forward this. It'll clearly show that players are willing enough to purchase even the simplest upgrades. I'll make a new post regarding this topic and ask for help with you & the RO community to work with me on this new petition.

Thank You very much!

Seraphiel said...

That's a great idea. We can post a link to the petition on different forums regarding RO, official and fan. We can ask people what they think and if they have any other solid ideas about improving RO which can be included in the petition. Then you can forward it to Gravity. I believe that people at Gravity will take this petition seriously if many players sign it up.

[Chris Ruiz] Burn said...

@ Yoru Tsuki:

Your question was about if someone made a concept could they send it to Gravity.

Yes and No. It's illegal for any game company to accept outside work unless it was contracted to a noted agreement that was made.

When we do contest, the contestants must sign a waiver giving us all rights to the design regardless. This is the same waiver that outsiders must get ahold of 1st from the main company. They will not accept your own contract or waivers, you must clearly know someone in the network of the company to go through this way.

Other then that, the best choice for an artist to express his or her ideas is through art sites where it's protected. Most selected artist for RO do get picked right from those to become the next artist for posters, promos, and even for in-game concept arts.

In the End it's still under Gravity & GungHo's choice if they're willing to accept you idea, If you suddenly sent them your Concept, and they liked it - once you hit that sent button you basically giving them all rights to do what ever with it. However, 95% of the time game companies don't accept outside work or ideas due to it having issues.

To make efforts easier for everyone regarding new changes that the fans would like to see, I'll be setting up an important post about a petition for changes soon.

Anyways - Thanks guys!

Rafa said...

Homunculus S is still in development or it was not never planned by gravity?

[Chris Ruiz] Burn said...


Homunculus S are underway. It was part of the development plans.


Rafa said...

you know if Gravity is planning the 2-2 of ninja=?

[Chris Ruiz] Burn said...

@ Rafa:

Yes the continuation of the expanded jobs have been talked about, and concepts are being arranged. No official word when we'll start doing sprites or what classes they shall be.


Rafa said...

Based on the official homepage description of Genetic, Homunculus S has been decided to be an evolution of existing homunculus. They described the types as Insect/Spider type, Elven type, Golem type and phoenix type. I guess they are evolution of Vanilmirth, Lif, Amistr, and Filir. No further details were given beyond that.