Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Hey Guys,

Just alittle awhile ago Sorcerer was finally released on Sakray-R. Here is a look at the sprite:

Now to share with you guys a little about the design. As you can notice, it's Japanese/Oriental themed Sorcerer, but if you closer at the build of the sprite, it's just like the Genetics layout to keep the major reborn designs intact. The Sorcerers wear magical amulets to amplified their new controlled elements. Both Male and Female lost the fox for feathers to match some current trends of sorcerer/magic users designs in other games. Female DOES wear a transparent dress and wear sandals.

Well I hope you guys enjoyed! More to come soon!

My honest opinion - Check the comments.


[Chris Ruiz] Burn said...

I seriously don't understand why the removal of the big bracelets. When I saw the concepts for this I seriously cried...I'll accept the feathers for the fox in exchange but why remove the bracelets! The bracelets could have still followed the same theme as the amulets with the green,blue, red. I'm also upset at the transparent dress for the Female along with the removal of her kool red high heels. Now she looks like a Dancer....honestly this was a complaint I was having with many members. As you can tell Japan is trying to push their own Flavor into these classes. With the Sorcerers containing so much oriental feel it makes you seriously wonder...They're Sorcerers, Not a Japanese based class that needs to where Kimonos.

Anyways Thanks guys!

Momo Noguiko said...

I play as a sage/professor, I expected for something "Scholar" like, not this...

They look so flashy, if GungHo wanted somenthing "Japanese", yes, they really look like some singers that use this kind of ridiculous clothes.

If Warlock looked like some Final Boss from many games, his brother Sorcerers looks like some villain with strange clothes... (Someone said Kefka?)

And my black stylish highheels are gone!!! I want my highheels back, I loved them so much, why they took off these marvelous things??

Anyways, there's a chance for the sprite be changed?

[Chris Ruiz] Burn said...

Hey Momo Noguiko:

Regarding your question on changes, I'll be posting a Petition soon for this to be available to the entire RO community.

I hope this will help! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I'll miss my fox T.T I prefer it more that those feathers, they look barbarian like to me.
They should do something with male sprite pants, they look so old fashioned.
For some reason i can't stand that flashynes that comes from them and the fact, that part of their cloak pops down directly from their looks so...innatural? Overall it's nothing more than Scholar sprite with flashy adds and new coat. I enjoyed the old sprites because they were modest. And what they did with Female transparent dress and removing her heels in unforgivable and don't fit that class at all. As Sage fan I'm little dissapointed here.
If Japan want's to 'push their own Flavor', they should think about some new classes that would have completely new fresh design. It would be acceptable then, because players are used to old Classes and don't want drastic changes. It spoils the fun. I remember when Rebirth classes were added, everyone said - WOW, that looks good, when 3-1, 3-2 came out, they are saying - WTF!? Honestly some features of new classes just don't fit...

Seraphiel said...

You should include a note about exp rates in the petition. Leveling past base lvl.100 (below isn't much better) is extremely long, boring and daunting. My Sorcerer on Sakray R is lvl 102/9 and I get like 0.1%~0.2% to my base level and about 0.5% to my job level. I am fighting monsters which are lvl.108 and Sakray R has 10x rates. I can't imagine leveling on regular servers with rates 1x, 0.01%~0.02% and 0.05%~0.07% per monster? That's insane. Somebody should explain to Gravity that this is actually breaking the game and its fun, not to mention that this will encourage people to play on private servers. Furthermore, developers should change party system to be more beneficial since even with the last update to the party system it is still better to play alone. In my opinion it should look like this:
- Let's say that a monster gives 1000 experience points
- When a teammate kills the monster exp is distributed as below.

Leader + 1 party member = 50%EXP (500 for each player)
Leader + 2 party members = 60%EXP
(600 for each player)
Leader + 3 party members = 70%EXP
(700 for each player)
Leader + 4 party members = 80%EXP
(800 for each player)
Leader + 5 party members = 90%EXP
(900 for each player)
Leader + 6 party members = 100%EXP
(1000 for each player}
*NOTE: At this point everybody gains the same exp as if they were alone so it is not worth to play alone.
Leader + 7 party members = 110%EXP
(1100 for each player)
Leader + 8 party members = 120%EXP
(1200 for each player)
Leader + 9 party members = 130%EXP
(1300 for each player)
Leader + 10 party members = 140%EXP
(1400 for each player)
Leader + 11 party members = 150%EXP
(1500 for each player)
If exp rates were increases 4 times, leveling still would be challenging but also more enjoyable. In a full party (12 people) each member would get about 0.12% (0.02*4[changed exp rates] and 0.08*150%=0.12%[party exp modifier]) per monster instead of 0.01%~0.02% or lower. Such a big group of players can kill a couple of monsters at once so leveling wouldn't be that bad. These are just rough ideas, it can be done in a different way but something have to be done if Gravity wants to improve their game of course... Sometimes, I really feel sorry for Gravity's actions. If I were RO's Game Designer, I would do many things differently (better). Ragnarok Online would shine among other MMOS since it is really a unique MMO, some people are just wasting its potential by making wrong decisions.

Gabriel said...

I don't understand why are you whinning about.

The sprite is VERY similar to Prof's, if you just wanted a copy of the previous sprite just change it yourself in the data of the game...

The male sprite is cool, but he is too similar to Proff imo.
But the female is just GREAT, the best 3rd female sprite.
Please don't change anything in it xS

See how a female sprite can be beautiful without bikinis? xD

[Chris Ruiz] Burn said...

@ Seraphiel:

Exp rates can only be changed through the regions brand managers through proposals/requests from Gravity.

I can't ask or even promise exp changes no matter how many names sign it, regardless of how little the exp changes would be too. Thank you though for your efforts, but honestly Gravity's DEV team won't change the formulas no matter how easy it'll be or how it'll still be balanced for challenges.

This is about sprites, not mechanics, besides most RO servers have exp mods every so often and you can buy advance field manuals to help. Other then that there is almost nothing I can do regarding exp. Sorry.

Striding said...

Gravity specially raised the EXP requirements 'cause of the easiness the Koreans had to get to lvl 150 and the problem is that the only end-game content on Ragnarok is WoE, and some people don't think that this is enough, unless they keep creating new instances, like 100 per episode(yeah, exageration), to make people really up to continue playing, even before this things came, people played for years...

Chap said...

I liked the sprites, but with less feathers the sprites could be better.
The alternate dye looks really better then the original.
The unique thing that I complain is the fact that gungho is doing things based on japanese opnions, even with another countries around the world.
We play a global game, not a japanese game.

Györgyusz said...

We had to wait for this so long? Is this a joke? Everyone in my guild laughing on this sprite. To Gabriel: Is it similar? Man open your eyes... If this is similar to something, then it's an undereducated court jester... At least the girl is like a clown. I don't have problems with the fox, nor the feather idea. But first of all it's disgusting, even the feathers, there are too many things on the sprite, so it's a kitsch... Not to mention, that someone who is educated, wouldn't want to wear transparent (???) clothes. There were so many user made sprites on the net. All of them were much better. I'll make one myself, and I'll change the sprite in my client asap. It's horrible. I don't know how did you guys thought this. The amulets are great, it's sash, and even maybe the sandals. An educate man probably would wear MORE clothes, but why not? If I think of Platon, Aristotle... I can't imagine them with Nike shoes :D But the clothes, and those ridiculous colors... "designs in other games" It's ro man! Who the hell cares about other games? We play with this, cause it's not an "other game"! If this sprite will not change, I'm certain in one thing. As much certain, as I waited for sorcerer, that I will never ever change into this! I'll rather continue my wow carrier. Didn't you have the time so you mixed the sage sprite with the gipsy and clown? o.O

[Chris Ruiz] Burn said...

@ Györgyusz:

I understand your concerns about the new sprites, this is why I'll be having a Petition soon.

All these designs were conceptualized under GungHo not Gravity and DTD. I strongly disagree with them focusing on designs that are similar from other games and what they feel is appealing to their culture. Also, I'm not please on how they keep pushing the girls to look like advertisements.


NeutralParty said...

Honestly I think it doesn't look too bad after all. Maybe everyone should just keep it cool before they go around screaming "FIRE! FIRE!". Who knows they might change it later on? And don't forget that sometimes, changes could be worse than the previous.
Moreover, since many people aren't satisfied about the sprite(s); think of it this way- there are millions of RO players around the globe. Majority thinks that they can do a better job than the sprite creators. But then again, the panel would have to choose only ONE sprite, and there goes another arguement like "This is BAD, I can do BETTER!". The panel can't possibly please everyone. I strongly believe that if people are going to start quitting RO because of such a small thing, then they aren't loyal RO fans after all.
-We play a game to have fun, not to look cool. Thats why its a GAME. Want to look cool? DO it in reality and impress someone. =) -

[Chris Ruiz] Burn said...

@ NeutralParty:

Thank you for your comment. I do agree with your comment regarding players quitting over designs. [There is still a chance for hope!]

Please take in consideration when you state the issue to be a "small thing" it actually is an important topic since this will BE the character design everyone will end up seeing and using. So wouldn't you feel out of place & isolated when your max level character looks like a push over compared to the previous job. Some players are also paying good money to keep the good quality work circulating, seeing this would be shock to the veteran players who are used to wholesome - cute - appearance.

However, as a sprite artist/developer for RO, I find it disturbing to take away the very assets that makes RO pure, which was it's nice and unique designs. Not to mention, previous jobs we never complained about because they looked nice as they were.

I want everyone to also try to notice the 3rd Jobs art work, the style of art that was suggested by GungHo to use was "CLAP" style.

This isn't about who can do what better In my prospective, it's mainly the principle of these guys went in a whole different direction when they seriously shouldn't - we've spent 3+ years developing this... This process and this style is NOTHING like the old days.

When I was handed the concept art for Sorcerer I cried I said...mainly because they don't look like an UPGRADE from Professors. These guys seriously could have been very nice from 1st try.


Gabriel said...

Yes Burn, it's exactly that.
The sprites have totaly different styles from the past ones, and most RO players agreed with this problem.

I wish RO had alternative sprites (1 or 2) for each class, it would be very hard to do, but i'm sure players would love.
Making multiple designs for the same class, like making a Sorcerer look more suportive or more battleish, at the players choice... yeah

Let's hope

Neece said...

Burn, I can asure you're not alone on this. RO's main charm is it's cuteness, it's purity. As long as it is possible to actually do something about the sprites, bRO's community will fight alongside you for that purpose. We don't want to play as scantly clad woman, we want to be CUTE!!

It's realy nice to know that we think alike. As long as there is a will, there is a chance.

Anonymous said...

where can i download these new sprites???help help help...

Gabriel said...

Burn, I must agree with you. That is not a simple question. I played as a Sage my whole life (man, that got a little emotional o.o ...but basically it is true) and I always loved Sage/Professor's sprites (and Juno's music, I stay in Juno so I can listen to it all the time). But they are wearing too much stuff. Sorcerer is only a Professor with a Sage's pants. I do not care if I need to wait for another month or so, but the way it is now feels like Sorcerers were rushed. Maybe they rushed on the design because there are not that many Professor players, but we deserve attention too! About the female's concept... maybe somebody must look at the game and say: " This is not a friggin perv game, it is an MMORPG! "
Thanks for your effort Burn, whenever you do the Petition, I will sign it!

Anonymous said...

thx man..ur such a nice guy..erm..are u one of the gravity teams? @@

Anonymous said...


Hope said...

I'm just glad that the 3-1's are alright(for the exception for the G.Cross, because they removed the cool scarves(refering to A.Cross))The Female Archbishop has very disturbing stokings lol. Anyway, about the Sorcerer sprites; I'm looking forward about the skills rather than the sprites. But I have to say that this sprite, on a scale from 1-10, I'd give it a 6. Not too bad, but then again, not that cool either. The only thing I totally cannot agree on is the removal of the female high heels. I mean to say, isn't it pretty obvious heels look better than sandals. At least the male sorcerer isn't wearing pyjamas like the male scholar though(refering to scholar's shirt)That striped shirt has always turned me off the scholar class xD.
Conclusion: Lets just wait for further information and protest when the time is right. That way, things will be less hectic. :)

Györgyusz said...

I always hated those ridiculous high heels. I mean, I love high heels in real life, but on the sprite it looked like the shoes of an old woman who don't realize how awful she looks T.T Though many told me, it doesn't look bad, so finally I accepted my "destiny" :D
But in this sprite's case... I haven't heard anything good, except the few comments here. Each and every person agreed that it's the horror o' horrors. I didn't liked most of the 3rd jobs, but in most cases there were people who did love 'em... But now, I hear and read the comments everyone makes for me, that either "poor you" or they either laugh on me T_T
I won't play with this.
I don't agree, that it isn't important, how your characters look. Then why does so many people play with the worst mmos, which doesn't have anything, but their graphic? Ro is nice in it's way, and we, who pay for it, and we who see our characters for many hours a week, it is so important that in a few cases we'll leave our jobs, or even the game.
I don't want to watch something I don't like, and annoys me. Annoying doesn't equal with the enjoying of the game. If I don't like it, I don't enjoy, I'll stop playing. Even though I like the skill concepts much.
I don't have a problem with foreign culture's styles, sometimes they can look cool, but not in this case T_T
I can't wait for that petiton. T_T