Friday, June 12, 2009

True Love Flower Veil

Hey guys,

Another new headgear I wanted to share with you guys today is the:

True Love Flower Veil

*Design may still vary and is subject to change
Just like the "Magic Bunny Hat" this too was created for RJC, but as a joint promo if you bought 2008's DVD & 2009's. Once again this will be heading to all servers soon too, so keep an eye out for it. The name might be different (Ex: True Love or Flower Veil ) and methods to get it on your local servers will vary as well. It'll be up to your regions license holder of RO on how they'll want to release this item to you guys just like all the rest. Haha. Anyways, Here are the stats:

Head Slot: Top & Middle
DEF: 0
MDEF: 10
Refindable: Yes
Slot: None
Required Level: 45
Weight: 10
Usable Jobs: All
Special Effects:
Chant durations decreases by 10% when using skills.
Reduces 5% of SP when using skills.

Well I hope you guys enjoyed! See ya soon!


[Chris Ruiz] Burn said...

Thanks for the comments, I noticed your other ones about the same topic. However just like alot of RO art works and promo images, it never comes down to matching to the final sprite work, and this is because of the sprite being designed and developed before the final detailed art work is finish from Lee himself or his team in Korea.

Not to mention different artist have different views on what the sprite looks like or should look like. As I said there's been many things in RO that doesnt match the clip arts, and posters.

The 3rd jobs concepts was worked from Gung Ho's art works NOT Lee's. And I entirely agree with you, the Wurg looks really stupid. I never wanted to display that junk on here, thus why I never talked about it, only the original concept work before from years ago, which is more acceptable then this current junk.

Since there has been a number of complaints about the design, I'll take it to an account to work something out with Gravity on designing a newer mount, one that you can obtain a different way maybe but acts the same. I hope this will help! Thank you again for your concern and comments!

Seraphiel said...

I am really glad that this blog exists. Players have an opportunity to say what they think about RO. What is more, things have a chance to change, for the better. Ragnarok can compete with many other MMORPGs, it only needs to take a right direction in its development. Keep it up and give us more news!

[Chris Ruiz] Burn said...

Your welcome, and thank you for sharing your thoughts about this. That was the initial idea of the blog, it was to show everyone new content as it was going into production, to see what the general public reactions were before wasting time or money on a idea. There's been a lot of things in RO that just gets water down and down, time after time. Some stuff Gravity ends up removing or slapping together just because. Countless times we've encountered bugs, or glitches, or bad designs all because the lack of research and talking to the players that matters until things are too late.

I try to do everything that I can to maintain the essences of RO. But sometimes that can't be helped. So since I work very close with it, I figured to set up a nice blog under the consent of Gravity to show you guys just what is going on before or prior to it's release. You guys matter the most, since it's for you guys after all! So just tell me what you think and if enough thoughts about it come through, I'll see what I can do!

Once again, Thank you and ROK ON! ^.^

Györgyusz said...

Yeah, I also love this blog. It's so informative :) And as for the headgear, simply one word: Cuuuuuute :D