Friday, June 12, 2009

Magic Bunny Hat

New Headgear which will be coming to all servers soon, and it's known as:

The Magic Bunny Hat

*Design may still vary and is subject to changes
This was a pretty easy and basic headgear to be created in the first place so nothing to boust about. It was originally created for the limited item packed with the DVD of RJC 2009. However, In a few months time I can assure everyone that this headgear will make it's way across the Japanese sea very very soon. Methods on HOW to get it will of course vary with each regions servers so keep an eye on your local RO Servers for details. Here are the stats:

Head Slot: Upper
DEF: 1
Refindable: YES
Slots: None
Required Level: 80 +
INT + 1、
MaxSP + 50。
Useable Job: ALL
Special Bonus Effects:
When the user uses Physical Attacks, there is a low probability of casting Fire or Ice Bolt Lvl 1-3. In addition when then user is being physically
attacked there is a low chance of casting Lvl. 1 Heal on self.

Well guys, I hope you enjoy!
Also be sure to check out the "True Love Flower Veil" which I'm gonna showcase too.

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