Sunday, May 17, 2009

RO DS coming to the US! + Details!

XSEED Games have been working closely with GungHo in order to try to get the license for RO for sometime now, and it seems like after today's Press Conference, it's been officially confirmed that it WILL begin being translated and ported for US households. Winter of 2009 it's aimed to be released.

If your not aware of Ragnarok going to the Nintendo DS, this is chance to get all the details. I've provided you with some info down below.

Unit- Nintendo DS
Rating- E (for everyone)
3 Save slots
Maps - No 360 rotation of the Maps unlike in (PC) Ragnarok, flat 2d-3D look alike BGs.
Music - Semi-Remixed versions of (PC) RO.
Sound FX - Ported Sound FXs from (PC) RO along with some new ones that do apply.
Cut Scenes - There are parts for the story line you'll see the sprites and events act on its own.
Opening - There is a quick mini CG opening of just the main characters clip arts moving across the screen.

Game Modes:
Wifi ( you and your friends (1-3 players) will battle through a 50 floor random dungeon called Mirage Tower collecting items and Exp, restrictions do apply there and certain conditions must be made to proceed to the next floor. )Game play methods:
3 Save slots
Walking - Taping or holding down Touch screen
Maps - No 360 rotation of the Maps unlike in (PC) Ragnarok, flat 2d-3D look alike BGs.
Battling (Skill enabling) - Different strokes with the stylus or tapping the hot key

Classes: (Each class can be Male Female)
  • Novice
  • Swordsman - Knight
  • Magician - Wizard
  • Acolyte - Priest
  • Archer - Hunter
  • Thief - Assassin
  • Merchant - Blacksmith
  • Taekwon Kid - Star Gladiator (Taekwon Master)
  • Death Knight
  • Shaman


Party (You will be given up to 2 NPCs who will be tagging along with you in your Quest, durning Wifi runs you'll be in a party of 3 as well.)
Guild (You can set up a guild among yourself and parties in the Game, and also among your friends you connect with via Wifi.)
Equips (Just like in RO you can equip headgears and different items, your NPCs can be equipped with items too.)
Cards (Just like in RO you can equip cards to your Equips and also to your NPCs equips too.)
Stats (Just like in RO you'll be able to control the stats of your character)
Skills (Just like in RO you'll have a skill tree to work through as you level)

Hope you guys enjoy!

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