Monday, May 25, 2009

Expected time-frame for kRO Sakray 3-2 sprite patches

Hey guys,

Small post today I wanted to let you guys know of prior to my post awhile ago on the Shadow Chasers this is the time-frame we're expected to finally upload the sprites to kRO's Sakray-R server. It takes about 3-4 weeks to finalize and upload the next sprite onto the patcher if things change I'll update you guys.
Please note design, dates, and expected classes may vary

Well I hope you guys enjoy!


Anonymous said...

It's June already but no minstral Sprite to be heard off = / . What happened?

[Chris Ruiz] Burn said...

LOL, we had a minor set back because of the sprite wasn't ready on time for the skills to be coded with it. Along with some other technical difficultly regarding the file's act motion file. Hehe, it's sorta fixed now well playable just some tweaks now. ^_^

CarlosPanda_who_once said...

Shura is the next before Sorcerer and after Wanderer/Minstrel. Not way complex.

Sorcerer will be the next after Shura and before Royal Guard. Not too complex.

Royal Guard will be the next after Sorcerer and before Generic. Because it is the most complex of all I know.

Generic(Genetic) will be the last after Royal Guard... I'm correcting it... It is the most complex class ever. *sigh*

[Chris Ruiz] Burn said...

@ CarlosPanda_who_once:
LOLz don't try to make things too complex for yourself, this time line is mainly base on what's closes to being ready. I'm just aiming for the Royal Guard and/or HOPEFULLY Sorcerer to be out with in July or August, that is the plan since the skills and the sprites are close to being finished.

As for Generic yeah its gonna take some time since the concepts keeps getting played with between skills and art. =___= yet some previous designs are done.

Anyways Thanks!

ice-wind said...

I say itll be
Shura - mid august
Sorcerer - late sept - early october
Royal Guard - late november
Generic - mid / late january 2010

this is baised off about how long
it took them to do the first set of
3rd jobs, announcing them around august of 2008 finishing up around march? or feb 2009...

Anonymous said...

Royal Guard in november? noooo =(

Györgyusz said...

Wasn't the order originally sorcerer, then royal guard? Why did you changed it, or am i just crazy and this was the original? I guess it's because of the summoning things, and probably that's why generic is the last. Am I right? :)

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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