Thursday, October 30, 2008

Me & Myung-jin Lee

Hey guys,

While I was at Live 08 it became a real treat for me to finally meet the man behind the Ragnarok Manga, which started the entire revolution of Gravity buying the rights/license to produce it as a MMORPG...and then it growing into a massive Franchise world-wide...pretty much he has a easy life now relaxing and collecting royalties from all over the world, oh and he does a few art works here and there to help with concept arts and promotional use...some day I hope I can be like that, lolz.

Anyways here are some pics. I had taken on my Flip Mino while I was there...We really had a nice time, we we're able to talk 1 on 1... well with the exception of his translator of course, about all the things we've both done for RO, along with what can and will be done for the Future of RO! He was really excited to see my works, and really hopes that Gravity and Level-Up! can work out a better understanding with our new contents about to be produced after a whole new world...Sadly he has no control over Gravity's approval with contents, tuff luck though, LOL.
It was still a great honor to meet him and talk about things!

Soon after the meetings and a week of organizing thoughts, Level-Up! and Gravity started to undergo new Developing ordeals which will conduct new plans basing around new installments and developments after a whole new world. I'm VERY Excited for all the new projects and concepts we'll be developing seeing how my roll is now much more larger then before with previous RO installments. /gg

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