Sunday, August 29, 2010

CBT Contributors + Contest

Hey guys - I'm actually looking for some CBT contributors who are willing to share their experiences here. There are 2 reasons why I'm doing this:
  1. So all the wonderful people who actually can't see the game can enjoy it here.
  2. So that in cases there are any problems or issues other people are having the team can actually review it much quicker, than through the bug support page.
I'm also doing a side Give Away/Contest for Contributing. This is actually my 1st time doing something like this, so please be patient with me while I work out some kinks. Right now I've received 2 exclusive "Thank You for Testing RO2" mouse-pads for give aways, it would have been nice to give out more, but it wouldn't be exclusive or a contest if they were. If you guys got any suggestions about this, or future contests, please let know. ^^

*In regards to that, the Contest or rules may change at anytime.

SO 2 Lucky winners have a chance to win a Mousepad.

In respects to the lovely LU-pRO players and Fans: If anyone gotten a CBT who wishes to Contribute and lives around the Metro Manila/Makati area I will be placing you guys in your own Drawing. Deal is, you gotta let me know what area your located at & still be eligible on the rules.

IF NO ONE from the Metro Manila/Makati area participates I will then be just Drawing 2 WINNERS.

Special Thanks to: Gravity


So how do we submit our videos or Screenshots?

Simple just send a comment to this post with your file link, or video channel. Any Contributors videos or screenshots that gets uploaded here will have their Websites[if any] and Names shown.

Current Give Aways:
1 Lucky Contributor from Metro Manila/Makati area will also receive an exclusive RO2 Mousepad!!
1 Lucky Contributor will receive an exclusive RO2 Mousepad!!
*IF NO ONE from the Metro Manila/Makati area participates then 2 Lucky Contributors.

Rules for Contest Eligibility:
  • You can not submit a post without a proper NAME [Anonymous names are not eligible].
  • You MUST submit your Country/Region. [Addresses will not be required until after the Draw if you have won.]
  • Must be videos or screenshots from your own account, not a friends or borrowed from another user on a site without permission.
  • Video/Screens must show actual game-play of RO2:LotS, any other type of applications seen inside the imagery will not be eligible.
  • Video/Screens qualities must be within par to Youtube standard quality.
  • Videos/Screens must be RAW - This means no additional music, watermarks, art, etc.
  • Videos/Screens MUST be submitted between: 8.31.10 - 9.7.10



Anonymous said...

why cant we go to there r username and password required

Mimi Chan said...

I think I wont be eligable for the prizes since I am in a different country at the moment (Though I spent a lot of years in Paranaque)

But I would be posting videos, a lot of them in real time ^^

Hopefully that would help a lot ^^
Keep an eye on my channel ^^
(and possibly my RO RPG in the making *.*)

Good luck with the contest ^^

Mimi Chan said...

Actually sir, I will be doing a live stream!

Check it out!

I am doing the old RO2 for the moment though ^^;

Shan said...

guess i qualify. I will be making a post by the 7th if I remember.

[Chris Ruiz] Burn said...

Plz visit the new Url:

Thank you.

@Mimi Chan:
Everyone is technicality Eligible regardless of location unless they don't have a address to mail to or they didn't follow the rules.

I'll try to keep an eye out for your Channel!


[Chris Ruiz] Burn said...

@Mimi Chan:
Thank you, I'll be adding yours to the pool ^^

ok thanks! Looking forward to it.

Anonymous said...

i cant wait to see the video xD!!
its day 0.. but the trailer is not out x(

Dreimos said...

I would of loved to live stream the beta.. but unfortunately because of the hours of the beta.. (timezone difference) I won't be able to.. I probably wont even be able to play until Saturday night (due to work)

Ronny Candelaria said...

awww I don't get to participate or win a cool mousepad >_< well gotta wait till you upen up the ragna-dev shop.... good luck to everyone! =D