Saturday, August 14, 2010

Blog Updates

Today I want to share the beta renewal site with you, as Project Revolution takes a new name called: Ragna-Dev

Bookmark if you'd like:
[Link is fixed - thanks for the tip]

I know it might not be the greatest thing in the world, but it's the least I can do right now with the pile of work I've been tending to.

So whats New?
  • Layout Design
  • Music Player
  • New Pages [WIP]
With the new pages, they're currently unaccessible. So I'll just go ahead now to inform you what those pages will be.
  • Evocation Box [This will be a place to finally put your suggestions for reviewing.]
  • Petition [This is where your approved suggestion becomes a Petition, you'll then collect votes to get that idea pushed to the next level.]
  • Contests [A Spot to see Ragna-Dev's latest contests]
  • RO-Shop [A place to shop for RO goodies]
Known issues to be fixed:
  1. No comment viewer
  2. No option to add a comment
  3. Dates on older post are messed up
  4. There is a Slight-Lag after viewing the Legal Notes in Google Chrome
  5. Music Player's next track buttons are hidden
  6. Viewing it in IE is horrible
  7. Other options have yet to be added...
With the current issues on the renewal site, I know it might be inconvenient since theres no option for the comments, thats why you'll always have the option to use the classic site, some of you might just stick around on the old layout due to being simpler and easier on the eyes, who knows. But here you go anyways.

Currently I'm hosting it through my company's server since its the most convenient right now, other than that, all I can say is that any business information you find on there please respect it as it's only ment for business. I know some of you tried to contact me through Skype already, while I appreciate the attention but please beware it's strictly for business.

I'll setup another account to do Skype sessions with all of you in the future.

Thank you & Hope you enjoy! ^^


Anonymous said...

Very cool. I like both the new and the old design so I dunnot which one I'll use more.

Anonymous said...

Excuse my ignorance but the main theme that plays once you get into that page is one of the RO2 themes?

Thank you for your answer.

Markus said...

Hey Chris, I like your new site ^-^

and here I go, the first petition I'd like to start!

Title: World Wide open beta test.
Why it would profit:
-The fans get to test their favorite game
-The developers would get a free test under the hardest conditions and (if they'd release a little English client) way more bug reports!

I think probably everyone wants to see the new game BUT to get a beta key you'd either have to use an illegal tool to create a KSSN or you have to "steal" one from a website and play the game under fake name...

I want that fair players get a chance to play it as well. A world wide beta wouldn't hurt for a week or so and it just would profit everyone!

Anonymous said...

uh-ma-zing x] where did u get the song from?

ZeroCartin said...

This is great news :) I hope to get more updates on this great game. Hope the little bugs get fixed.

[Chris Ruiz] Burn said...

@ Anonymous #1:
Thanks! ^^

@ Anonymous #2:
The song is from RO1 through The Memory of RO OST.

I'm sorry but petitions are not open until the page is up. I'll announce when you can start submitting. In regards to your suggestion, the current CBT is being stressed test as there are selected outbound players to test the connection throughout the world.

Giving it a World-Wide CBT is unlikely to happen within these next couple of days, though, If anyone is willing to share their experiences once they've been a winning confirm CB Tester then maybe I could arrange something for them to stream it live here for you to watch. ^^

@ Anonymous #3:
Which song?

@ ZeroCartin:
Thank you, I'll be working out the bugs as soon as I can.

Rok On!

Markus said...

I don't mean it has to be before the cbt /opt but some time after the Korean testing is finished
Just a week or so for all

junji said...

it looks very neat! i like it alot :) great bgm, i love the payon theme! awesome..

Silvu said...

Yeah, a livestream with or without some commentary would be a really great addition to the project ;)

Thumbs up ^^

asd said...

Need RSS

Trevor said...

Can you possibly make the music not automatically play? I think it's kind of annoying that I have to stop it every time the page refreshes.

Tipeton said...

oh no sorry i don't like the knew layout at least the basic blogspot was readable.
And the theme is too childish.
It seems ou put a lt of work on it but i'll stick the old version.
It looks like what i was doing 7 years ago. :'(
Keep it simple get read of the back ground put a plane color like a light grey or blue.
take the stripes off the banner and put a white tranparency on the main image will see the text a lot better.

I hope i'm not to hard on you.

Paull said...

Very cool, i like the new site
I don't see where i can comment in the posts

And i like the petition idea


You can say if the Knight will have cloak? I think if i can't Dye my armor it would be good if i could dye my Cloak.

"sorry, my english sucks ^^"

JP said...

Love Theme of Payon /lv

Mikedot said...

I agree with ASD. There needs to be a RSS feed so I can add it to my blog roll.

[Chris Ruiz] Burn said...

I haven't gotten around adding the RSS buttons to the new layout if thats what you mean. However, RSS is on the Old layout. Unless you wanted RSS for a specific place...

Autoplay has been now disabled - Enjoy!

@ Tipeton:
No hard feelings dude. As I mentioned before, it isn't the greatest thing in the world, some people will like it, some won't thus why the option to use the old one is still available. It isn't final but thank you for the creative criticism.

Options for expandable clothes, armors, and accessories will be available.

Hope this helps!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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