Friday, August 20, 2010

RO2: Intro. to Mt.Mjolnir Monsters

After reading through many requests, I've decided to take a little time to do a Quick introduction for you guys based on the new NEWS that was presented earlier today.

The article was entitled: RO2: Introduction to Mt.Mjolnir Monsters

Mt.Mjolnir is an area that sits around and in-between The Town of Almin and Prontera. This is also known to be one of the first places players will encounter once outside of these towns.

Let me introduce to you 2 new monsters.

One of which is a redesigned version of RO2[GotW] AndaNora's from the NORA family. The other is know as Brownie or also known as Leprechaun. These 2 guys are one of the few in their family trees...

Heres a Look at what AndaNora used to look like in RO2:

The article continues to introduce old casts of monsters we all know and love from RO1, promoting that they're finally in lush 3D!

Introducing the Poring Family 1st. explaining a little about them Followed by:
  • Lunatic
  • Vocal & his Grasshoppers
  • Hornets
  • ChonChon
  • Fabre
  • Creamy
(These are in FAMILYs so expect all different kinds)
It continues to explain what other monsters do you think will return? and then wishes you to return for more news.

I hope this helps, Enjoy Guys!


Ronny Candelaria (Nedamic) said...

thanks a lot =) I'm sad there's still no word on pukui... we need a leaf element poring! :O

Sidney said...

I didnt like the poring, it doesnt look a "jelly" anymore, too much "opaque", make it more transparent.

And my very "best of the best" favorite monster in Ragnarok......
The Chonchon: well, not the best but ok =/

Lunatic is so beautiful in RO2, good job^^

As well as rodda frog and rocker^^

Chris, Munak and Bogun will come back?

Anonymous said...

"It continues to explain what other monsters do you think will return?"

Return of RO1 or RO2?

RO1 - Everything

Ro2 - I do know, i don't played

Feral said...

Very neat! Gate of the World had some nifty monster designs (like the Zadoras) which I hope to see return. I'm hoping to see an improved instancing system so field monsters can be mainly for experience hunting :) It's quite nice that Gravity is actually taking the time to be more intricate with monsters and lores. Let's just hope the AIs and variables are as interesting as the monsters aesthetics.

jsgnextortex said...

okok, I can see fabre and creamy there.....but where is my pupa?.....I mean, fabre and creamy are now two different monsters or they are related like in RO1??....the fabre->pupa->creamy transformation will make an appearence in RO2??

Inaho said...

Do you have any screenshot of the monsters or the characters in-game?

I cant acess the official web site because its crash my web-browser and i cant find it anywhere else.

Anonymous said...

andanora looks better in the picture than in Ro2

Pi said...

I hope Deviruchi will return!! /lv Oh and of course PecoPeco, Nine Tail & Moonlight Flower :3 Loved those monsters <3

But I also like the design of the new monsters. AndaNora improved a lot! Good work~! /no1

Anonymous said...

wish lighthalzen is in Ro2 :P

oh and MVP too! xD

Silvu said...

Well , it's not too long until the beta starts , and then we'll be able to see many monsters ( and players ) in all their glory ^^

I do hope that PecoPecos return , followed by endless variations of a common poring ^^

And about player models it would be nice if the classes kept their distinct looks , with some touches of customization. I always liked the fact that you could ( and even had to ) tell the players class by their looks.

Anonymous said...

looks good. can't access the site cause it crashes my PC, but since the beta isn't far away - i can wait for more screens :D

Anonymous said...

lighthalzen monsters! esp the ones on the lab!

Diego said...

Crhis how are you? well I would like to know when the trailer will be shown ... and say that I love the work that gravyt is about to launch ...

and missing only one week of the launch of gravyt cbt as all of this?

well ... cbt hope I will go to see things that leave me excited about this new version

and a monster and I'm anxious to see is the wolf of the desert .. o /

bye o /

Mic said...

The mobs' graphics are the same as the first RO2, aren't they? I thought it was different..

Anonymous said...

is there will be night monster? i mean when its night some monster will appear. something like that. XD

MW said...

The 3D AndaNora model shown is from RO2:GoTW, along with the concept art for that design. The top picture shows the re-design of the monster for LoTS.

Anonymous said...

Chris, and the Video?

Blame on you! haha, just kidding!

You created a super Hype, and now the trailer is delayed. I'm gonna die waiting.

Angevon said...

Baphomet's got to be there ;) and Doppel and Drake and many other MvPs.

Mic said...

But will porings and others classic mobs have a new graphic, or it will be the same as ro2?

Daison CariƱo said...

here in phillipines we want to back those wolf,poporing,thara frog,ghost ring,eddga,turtle general...those OLD RO1,not this generation because it is too far for balancing the we expect those jobs. and to back those skills...hope WARRIOR job makes it "Crusader"...because WARRIOR means looks like playing cabal far for RO1 Sequence...we appreciate if phillipines has also the CBT,for us to comment..because, the top online players in the whole world are french and phillipine hope levelupgames has this CBT also...and thats why RO2 gate of the world commented by all filipinos because its to far to is sequence...and we want also AGAIN to give a feedback for this wonderful RO2 LoTs...not to make it bad...just to make it perfect ingame..we expect that the sequence for RO2 is 100% to our RO1 if not...then players wont deal with that game we expect those RO1 -> RO2 100% sequence to its OLD RO1....we wan't to back the OLD PAYON..not the latest payon of RO1...we also want to view the GUILD war..but limited to its SIEGE Area..not town by town(5each)LOL...we expecting RO2 better than RO1...then we shift to RO2..if not then we will stay inside to our RO1...we love the OLD RAGNAROK!!!!.we want it back..using your RO2...because today..we have a imbalance game playing....we hope that not to ignore this message....

~pRO Player