Friday, August 6, 2010

RO2: Screenshots

1st looks at some screenshots BEFORE they're posted at the official site ENJOY!

Prontera Lost Grounds [Underground Water Tunnels/Sewers II]
Path to - Mt.Mjolnir & Town of Almin & Prontera
Path to - Mt.Mjolnir & Town of Almin
Ludlow Old-Izulude's Surroundings
Ludlow Old-Izulude's Beach Side Path
Fire Spirit Dimension [Between Payon]
Well Now that Gravity added the images above - I'll just post their 1st batch as well.
Payon Region
Ludlow Town [Aka: Old-Izulde]
Entering - Town of Almin
Prontera Lost Grounds [Underground Water Tunnels/SewersII]

There is some confusion going around about if it's Izlude or not, I'll make this statement now since I'm getting alot of comments regarding it. So here goes:

Izlude went through alot of damage over the years, as the surface started to collapse and sink into the ocean. Izulde started to become a feast for the raging sea, as the settlers of the now proclaimed "Old-Izlude" needed a home, so they've decided to take to the hill side to relocate. New travelers will find this place to be called Ludlow because the Lud is now down Below.


Anonymous said...

Is that town Prontera?

[Chris Ruiz] Burn said...

Yes It is.

Anonymous said...

What means "soon"? Today or in a week?

Wisarut said...

Thanks for sharing the screenies! We really appreciate it.

Frost @ irowiki signing out.

[Chris Ruiz] Burn said...

^^ Your welcome. Thank Gravity as well for the change of heart. They're doing all the best they can to make this game work out. Your feed back is much appreciated.

New character models are coming soon! Get Ready!

*Edit: sorry to Wisarut/Frost for deleting your comment, I was having a bit of a hick-up with the comment section. Though, I was able to retrieve it. However, the time stamp isn't correct.

Anonymous said...

This is so awesome! It looks very bright and colorful just like RO1. I can't wait to see the char models.

Swissbit said...

Great to see some Screenshots.

Thank you very much for sharing! We are all very excited looking into the future of Ragnarok Online.

Keep up the good work.

Greetings from Switzerland.

Anonymous said...


Why the stats system of RO1 is gone?

Auto Stats sucks!

5.000 Players in the Closed Beta will ask for that!

S2Felipe said...

whoa its great but how u get?

Kyuur said...

Hey Chris! I have a question for you since you seem to know the Gravity guys on some level. :P

What do they think of us foreigners getting into the Closed Beta? I've seen no attempts to drive us out but I was wondering if it bothers them at all.


jsgnextortex said...

First of all...thx for u for posting and for gravity for changing their mind about giving screenshots before the beta....
At first look I can see that they TOTALLY changed the style of the game.....RO2[ver 1] used realistic textures and shaders as RO2[ver 2] uses more cartoonish textures and a shinnier shader....that can be good for someone and bad for others, I liked more the look of the first ver at the first look, but, in the other hand, this one looks more similar to RO1.

Ok, comes my question (i hope u can answer)....The new Ro2 will support Anti-alliasing in the final release?
And another one, in case u cant answer my last one, there are warps for the indoor places or you enter without any loading screens like RO2[ver 1]

Sidney said...

I think they have to upgrade the graphics, A LOT.
Didn't like the ground texture (mountains..), the water is terrible( hey, we are in 2010!)

These graphics looks like of a 2007 game, not a 2010 one.

I hope gravty read this and implment texture improvements, anti-aliasing and less blurry.

[Chris Ruiz] Burn said...

@ jsgnextortex: I'll answer your Question about the Anti-Aliasing.

Anti-Aliasing is still being finalized. Since the plan is to make this optimized for most of the PC's out there unlike RO2[ver1] was promoting. Gravity has a large target for Internet Cafes to hit in Asia - plus their publishers have a demand for wanting minimum requirements to date. But it's been taken into consideration for those who want to use it, just like RO1 has the Effect on/off option. But currently, it does not support it.

I too would like to see this jabbed in there by CBT. So keep your figures crossed.

Seal said...

Hey Chris, wasup?
Man... i have the same question about the Stats sistem... many players said that this were one of the things they loved in RO(including myself)

So... No novice? auto stats? Daily Life Ultimate skills that transform you on the profession(it's like power rangers x_x)?

Cruzaders like sub duel? Hm, it's interesting...! But... to many others will be strange don't have a Cruzader/Paladin Class '-'

I have maaaany others things to ask, but, today is all XD

Thank you very much for everything that you showed/explained to us (:

Mikedot said...

I'm totally OK with the way it looks right now.

I don't know why, but sometimes I like it for my visuals to have a little jagginess.

Anonymous said...

Everything looks and sounds awesome so far, except mainly non customizable stats like in RO1. I was showing a bunch of old friends, ones who had quit playing a long time ago, and they were very excited to play the new RO2.. But when I mentioned the stat issue to them, they had no interest in it anymore. Customizable stats is something they, and myself, loved about RO1. It was one thing that made the game unique compared to others.. :[

ShadowVFX said...

This definitely has the feel of RO in it. The architecture for Pronter's castle is alright. I just don't like those "sky bridges" going to the wings on the side. However, this is an extremely minor issue, and generally I'm pleased with these screenshots. I'm a bit bummed to hear that Izlude is gone, it was the first town I ever visited outside of Prontera back when I first started in 2002. I'm very excited for this game and am very hopeful that it turns out to be a success and appealing to us old-school players.

[Chris Ruiz] Burn said...

@ Everyone:

I appreciate your concerns for the future of RO2. With that said, there are some changes that have or will be happing in time.

I'll tackle what seems to be on everyones mind.

*I believe there might have been a misunderstanding regarding an auto-stat system? Though, RO2 will be promoting some new systems to make RO1 players come out of their shell a little so please try it before sending hate mail.

This doesn't mean you'll be limited to customization. I think it's safe to say customization is the 1st approach for this title.

Between the Card system, to the Jobs, and the new Jig-Saw/ Tailoring this title will be offering customization.

Novices will still be around - a lot of ground testing is happing on their actual roles.

And Crusader/Paladins have not been forgotten, nothing is finalized on them being a Duel Life class since there are already plans for an approachable Holy Swordsman type.

Daily Life Skills - you'll be able to use ONCE per-day. These skills could transform your character to another Race, grant you with a powerful buff/move, or grant you something special. Perfect example is the Berserk Skill in RO1. Just imagine your only allowed to use it only ONCE per-day.

Well I hope this clears up some misunderstandings.

Flamey said...

I think it looks alright. It's gonna have top-down view so it's a wise move to not implement much detail into it. I like that it has kept that "cube" design - like everything is sharp and so, like in RO1. As I can see it has similar color palete like RO1. It's just awesome. I feel the RO1 spirit in these screenshots.

I personally don't care about AA as I can turn it on with my gfx accel.

That screenshot "Prontera Lost Grounds" is the one which is on the official site for a long time. It's just reversed and zoomed out.

I bet they didn't want to show us something like "final product" but they wanted to show us the graphic style of RO2.

Now I'm interested in the UI, character design and GAMEPLAY!

Once again, good job Chris!

Anonymous said...


I agree that this art style really does capture the feel/look of RO1. I like that the graphics won't be too advanced because then my computer wouldn't be able to handle it.

About the auto-stats.. like Chris said, it could be a misunderstanding but I am hoping that if it is true gravity at least reconsiders. I am still excited about the game by all means it's just that custom stats was a big feature in RO, IMO.

Miroko said...

Auto status is confirmed?this could destroy Ro2 X_Xi loved ro1 because of status distribution, Can you confirm?

Anonymous said...

People are just opposed to change. It is too early to complain about non-customization because of auto-stats, as none of us have even played the game yet. There are ample games out there that have auto-stat systems yet you can modify your stats in other ways (an example being equipment)

Thank you for all the info, Chris. I am so glad we got screenshots before CBT. I hope we get to see the UI and characters soon!

jsgnextortex said...

ok...taking a deep look at the maps and places, specially the trees.....I have a question.....its about the possibility to use the "old RO1 top down camera"....
Here comes....if you are using the top down camera and then you walk under a tree, how you can see trough the tree??....the same applies when you go indoors...
I mean, the trees and the rooftops go invisible, semi-invisible or the camera will be forced to the RO2 when you go to that places and when you go out it turns RO1 again??

pvp whore said...

What about pvp and pk ? And no, I dont want to hear about WoE.
Pvp used to be the only reason to play ro for me. It was fast paced and easy to just jump in.

Anonymous said...

seriously, i hadn't play RO1 before, but anyhow, I think there are ample of ways to customize your own character, gravity making the initiative and bold enough to come out a little more from RO1's shell is very admirable.

That being said, they found other ways that substituted the stat distribution system which are far more creative than the good ol' stat system. I appreciate innovation and novelty, and effort to improvise.

Lastly, people should give games a try, and not pass judgement on them when no one even had the chance to play it. I'm quite disappointed at some of the gamers today being so conservative to new changes and possibilities.

No one is here to play RO1 in 3D.

Sidney said...


The "Top-Down view" camera angle will be a little inclined just like Ragnarok Online 1, so this will be no problem at all.

Anonymous said...

All i want is a fast paced gameplay with top-down view and without the aim-lock, to be different from all this 3d mmos

sorry, my english sucks >.<

Anonymous said...

These skills could transform your character to another Race
Are there different races in the game?
And what about classes?

Anonymous said...

Dunno why but prontera city remember me quite of Tales of Vesperia first town :)

jsgnextortex said...


Yes, its a problem...coz the "inclined camera" cant reach indoor doesnt matter how "inclined" it is -.-

Deathm00n said...

Hey man first of all, thanks for the screenshots, and my name is Thiago Ruiz(maybe we are from the same family XD but i'm from brazil so I don't think it's possible)

I wanted to ask something, when you look to the SS from afar like the way you posted the graphics are better than when you look them near, the question is: the graphics will be more like the one when you look from far?

Ronny Candelaria said...

I'll stop mentioning CTO Jin-soo and proceed to drool over the screenies, like normal people do in posts about first ever shown screenies:

1st)It's a prontera that does good to old RO, keeping the medieval town cheery above beautiful. love the color palette and the sky looks wonderful. Even so, it could use better lighting and shadows.

2nd) love how, like in RO1, the town looks like a maze xD, even though this one is much bigger! can't wait to hear the BGM for it to be populated :) just a little suggestion: if you can, put a little fog in those places that shoot water (nothing big, just a little white smoke floating up), kind of like a waterfall, that way the town looks more royal & realistic :)

3rd) perfect, can't wait to see what populates this dungeon and how the new thief bugs will look! I always thought it would be awesome if the prontera underground sewers connected to the glast heim underground sewers, that way the town gets help better help from prontera, gets rid of its infestation, and becomes a port town, since in the official RO map, it's right next to many small islands!

4th)the colors are a little odd and the shape looks somewhat small (in RO1 paths used to be pretty open xD, not like I'm not open to a change, just saying it's odd), but I'd like to see what kind of town it leads to :)

5th)the textures and objects could use a little polishing, this looks like the ranger town, as the description says they will be linked to elves, which, in norse mythology, are very close to nature, ergo the big tree in the middle of the town.. well it's all just speculation ^^

6th)never seen this shade of ragnarok before, and I'd like to see how else have you developed and innovated midgard :)

7th)reminds me of the entrance to emir cave in RO2 GotNW, and makes me wander if it'll be an agresive or tourist beach in LotS, and what kind of races (mermen maybe?) are friendly with.. normans? xD

8th) sounds like the Muspellheim from norse mithology, which is like a counterpart to niflheim (which is supposed to be the town of ice). they were linked to the ygg tree, making me wander where have you located niflheim o.O

9th)looks beatiful, love the textures, but needs some particles.makes me wander if you can swim in LotS x)

10th)looks a lot like hodemines, I wander what role will this town play in the new storyline :)

11th) The whole scenery of the town changes from this point of view, now it's not so foresty, and looks a lot more like ludlow. makes me think that towns are gonna be huge in LotS!

12)looks very diferent from prontera or glastheim culverts, I'd like to know if you can get some kind of dejavu or nostalgia out of these dungeons, I'm not sure they'll feel like they did in RO1.

13)WoW, I remember this place form RO1... now it looks a lot more detailed, like the one I saw before was just a rough sketch.. the building on the left has its door open but the building in the right doesn't so this pretty much comfirms you wont get loading screens for entering houses xD. Kinda makes me wander how many houses will be there to explore, or just for filling.

[Chris Ruiz] Burn said...

@ jsgnextortex:
Trees, objects, and various rooftops will turn transparent as your camera approaches those. Camera angles will change depending on the location or settings.

@ pvp whore:
There will still be PVP from what I've seen - it's a focused element along with WoE. PK is still an issue being finalized since there is a new system the team might introduced that could either replace it, co-assist, or ignore it all together.

@ Deathm00n:
Please wait for the Released version, as The screenshots are still in the development phases. Textures and Shaders are still being finalized too.

Anonymous said...

Hmm I think Prontera's floor titles should be white.. Everything else looks really good but I think it would look better (and more like the original) if it had white floor tiles :D

Feral said...

=D Awesomesauce, I love the gentle amounts of distortion involved, but retaining a very believable setting. Will Prontera still be in the shape of Odin's Cross? Will it be the capitol of the new Midgard government? (I was actually kind of hoping Einbroch would be). I like the concept of the world physically changing though and can't wait to see the new Morroc and Einbroch. I also hope they will be as massive looking as Prontera.

Anonymous said...

What about cast times/cast delays (ro1 have dynamic gameplay unlike many other mmorpg), WoE and guild skills (like emergency call ._.)?

sorry for my engish

Neiri said...

Prontera looks AWESOME, I totally feel back in RO1. GREAT JOB!

Anonymous said...

excited for character model screen shots!!!!!! tnx for the info btw.. you rock!!

MarceloSix said...

Ro1 had a dynamic gameplay, unique.

The quick attack when aspd is high, will continue?

Like as speed of attack in the Lords Knight berserk skill.

This is very important for good gameplay. (Like the RO1 had)

Ibari said...

I think some people just overreact before even knowing all the details. We have to open our minds a little, because even if it's based on the first Ragnarök, is not the same game.

We have to evolve and get out of the shell. Don't be afraid to read the features this game has to offer. And even if you don't like something, hell, is not even finished! Everything can change prior to its release.

I'm quite pleased with everything mentioned so far, and I would like to encourage the development team to keep up the good work. I have doubts and suggestions of my own, but I don't know if I can put them here.

Is there any place where I can give my suggestions to the Ro2 Team?

Thank you Chris for all your work,


Anonymous said...

Any word on headgears? Like, will we get the RO1 and/or RO2 headgears?

[Chris Ruiz] Burn said...

@ MarceloSix:
You'll have to wait to see. ^^

@ Ibari:
I'll be announcing details about this soon, please wait awhile longer.

Hopes this helps!

jsgnextortex said...

A stupid question here....will the characters be able to jump like in RO2[ver 1]??
I know it was useless most of the times.....but I liked that thing....

Anonymous said...

@ jsgnextortex: i dont think that was a stupid thing, in fact that was a quite fun way to enjoy the game in the first RO2. I remember people getting into unreachable zones just jumping and glitching these's, was a pretty funny way to see the whole map at that point. :)

Anonymous said...

when will you post the character models? just wondering.. hehe the wait is killing me.. XD

jsgnextortex said...

okay a question about the main topic "the screenshots"....
In the different screenshots, the shadows seems to be in different directions and the sky looks a bit different.....that means that the RO2[ver 1] day cycle is back?

Anonymous said...

love the trees. its have a feel of RO. <3...

Anonymous said...

man, where is the odin's statue? With this now i can say this ss is not the finish models. Gravity showed us bottom of the pie. Real thing in the top of the cake.

sorry about eng :D:D

pvp whore said...

Is there a chance there will be linux client ?

Anonymous said...

I wish not every monster turns red when attack like in Lime odyssey. Just my opinion. =)

MrK.O. said...

The water of the game disappoint me. This doesn't look like water!

Anonymous said...

ive seen new screenshots in the RO2 website. PLease Update.. =)

Gen said...

Ludlow's background kinda reminds me of Ker-Ys/Douarnenez mythical story. Ys was known as a great city built on a bay later flooded by the sea and whose only the french town of Douarnenez is told to be a remnant nowadays. The legend also tolds that one day, when the city of Paris shall fall, is to rise anew from the water the city of Ker-Ys. Well, I'm quite out of subject, but that's an interesting parallel to do (there's also to point out that strange phonetical similarity that share Iz-lude with the name of Ys - pronounce Eez -, pure fortuity ? RO has quite a big amount of precise mythological inspirations, that wouldn't even be a surprise, Lude itself being the name of an old french duché).

Anyway, thanks for your daily informations about RO2 Chris :)