Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Change Is Good: Blog Advisory

With the coming of a new RO, and many things to come in the future...I wanted to finally give this blog a fresh new design, name, and approach.

I've have this blog for almost 4 years...nothing has changed design layout wise, or even the banner for that matter. I think it's about time I give this place a new make over...and tackle new things with RO, not just for me, but for you guys too...

I'm sure alot of you guys are eagerly awaiting my new posts, which I do have some to share, but it'll have to wait till I open my Renewal Blog. I'll still take questions and comments, and try to answer them accordingly.

Hope you guys will understand, it shouldn't take too long . Just visit back when you can, I won't be changing the URL, besides giving you guys a new one to use. ^^

Thank you guys so much! Rok On!


Anonymous said...

Very nice Chris!

Wish luck to you on the changes!

Anonymous said...

very very very excited for RO2:LoTS!

Ronny Candelaria said...

heyy, I was wandering if you had any plans to get on your new site's skype accout? It's turning out really cool :) I just had a little question: are the BGM in your site actual in game BGM? I had in mind BGM with either no lyrics or lyrics in a language people don't usually know (like the ones for RO2 GOTNW), but the new payon BGM has lyrics, and they are in english... I think lyrics in BGMs kinda keep you from making your own story, you just listen carefully to what people say, not draw the world you hear. I'm kinda thinking it's just a remade version of RO1's BGM (not to be included in RO2 LotS).. can you confirm any of the BGM in your site to be in the game? that pront field sounds amazing. btw, are we also getting varied BGM artists? We all know one of RO's bests assests is it's music, can we get any news on that? x] all I've heard is like completely uncomfirmed X_X