Friday, September 5, 2008

Meet and Greet Me?! LU-Live 2008!

Hey guys,

Today I would like to officially announce that I'll be heading back to visit the Philippines for a few days, and just in time for the annual Level-Up Live 2008 Event! Oct. 18th-19th

This year is gonna be HUGE for pRO, main reason because they'll be hosting the Ragnarok World Championships this year!

But that isn't the real reason why I'm posting this, It's simply because I'm telling all you wonderful people out there to come out and visit me at our booth in the LU city...

Yup thats right, you'll get a chance to meet me in person along with getting autograph works of mine, along with purchasing merchandise that our team made just for the event. You'll even get a chance to meet milady who does the RO clip arts for us (as seen on my pervious entires). So you could get her to sign your things too! We're willing to discuss as much as we can about RO and any other related topics, so if you want Interviews for your Blogs or what not...This is the spot and time!

Meet and Greet the official RO Spriter and Artist! Yeah, and buy some things too! hehehehe.
Don't Forget, LU Live is GONNA BE HUGE THIS YEAR! Don't miss out! See ya there!

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