Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Our welcome introduction !~

Welcome to Project Revolution, where we introduce Ragnarok Online in a revolutionized, new way!

Our goal is to continue the production of Ragnarok where Gravity is currently lefted off, and attempt to attract the new, old, and even private server players of RO. Today, RO is still considered one of the best massive multiplayer online role-playing games to date. However, since the announcement of RO2’s production four years ago, it’s simply not getting enough support. Players realized that RO1’s updates became repetitive, with the same base add-ons, just different terms and appearances. Additionally, what made players really lose faith in the product was the release of Baby, Ninja, & Gunslinger class. Finally, and perhaps the worse, was the poor programming of RO1. Indeed, players noticed that RO had a lot of bugs and functions that were never completed, but some of which I can safely say have just been installed on to current international servers.

Despite the prices, low-quality sprites, missing functions, repetitive patches, and low- quality 3D models, Ragnarok Online still has an aura that drives players to it’s servers. This aura is something no one may ever understand…

Let me start by stating that everything we say and do is under the critical observation of RO players around the world, so it’s only natural to say that we have taken numerous surveys to figure out what makes RO players crave to play it or not to play it.

In this B-Log, we will let you explore a world like no other…the RO world! A world where the could have’s, would have’s, and should have’s actually become reality!

With this Blog, I want to encourage everyone to review the information that is being created for this project and for you to put your best efforts in helping us with your thoughts and comments on each topic.

I will be updating this on a periodic base, so come back soon!

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