Monday, November 12, 2007

Baby Class Sprites!

Hey guys,

Time for yet, another sprite add on. I think you guys have noticed with the baby class, that Gravity added a few years back, didn't have it's own sprite. Infact, it was, and is, the same class sprite but down sized to being tiny. Well, I would like to introduce to you guys somthing I designed for G.A.T.E. a few years back, regarding the release of the baby class....
Yup, completely adorable baby sprites. These sprites would appear instead of that cheezy shrinked down class. Infact the image you see is the true size and nature of these baby class.
For fun, I even created the Christmas outfit for them, that would automaticly patch over the current class sprite in december, so it looks like their tuned in for the Christmas spirit.

Cute, huh?! Well I hope you guys enjoy!


Kristin said...

Oh I wish there were the baby sprites....they're so cute. <3

Anonymous said...

too bad that those aren't in realy RO :/