Sunday, February 3, 2008

Baphomet Horns!

Today I would like to introduce something I’ve planed to for some time now.

It’s known as the Baphoment Horns, which are pretty much a kick ass version of the original Majestic Goat Horns. This headgear will be released world-wide, after an estimated time of 3 months. HOWEVER, Philippines Ragnarok Online (PRO) is currently the 1st to get this fine headgear to its item mall before any other country.

Here’s an exclusive look at the in-game sprite and promotional art together:

The stats of this headgear are:

+12% Damage versus Demi-Humans
+Attack Power
Upper Slot

If your interested in this new headgear I’ve developed please take your time and look for it yourself at the official Philippines Ragnarok Online Server…Enjoy!

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Suicune said...

the baphomet horns its on Indonesia Server Now...