Sunday, February 3, 2008

Dark Randgris Helm!

As you guys might know already I’ve already talked about an Official headgear which is currently on PRO servers. Well today, I’m going to touch base on yet ANOTHER new headgear I’ve designed that is included in PRO’s new headgear collection, but this one is special to me…

See, back when I was working on GATE, I created a class known as the Elites, who each watch the servers, and towns. With that, they needed to stand out from the crowd, seeing how I created a new custom class sprite for them I figured they needed to stand out further…SO I designed them new equipments so it’s easier for them to stop the perpetrator.

Ahhh, nostalgic times…..Anyways, there was a certain headgear they wore known as “The Darkness Helm” it became a very popular headgear with players and even with my chosen Elites.

As time went on to finally pitch new creations to Level-Up! Games in the Philippines, one certain headgear caught the eyes of the brand manager of PRO at the time, and it was no doubt “The Darkness Helm”. Soon after I sent sample images to him, Gravity then wanted more of that content and others, so now I present to you….the NEW “Dark Randgris Helm”!!!!!

For the official release I gave the wings on the Headgear more detail, so it matches with official standers.

Here’s an exclusive look at the in-game sprite and promotional art together:And here are the stats of the headgear now:

+4 Dex, Mdef+1Upper/Middle Slots

If your interested in this new headgear I’ve developed please take your time and look for it yourself at the official Philippines Ragnarok Online Server…Enjoy!


JackVender said...

Glng! I play on pRO servers.

didnt no if i to get this headgear or not.

Alot of money...::sobs::

I like the art work of Soul Linker, not many pictures of them. V_V

Im happy now to see this is an offical headgear.

More Power!

Anonymous said...

is this refinable?