Friday, September 3, 2010

RO2: CBT Day3/4/5 + Screenshots

Day 3 was filled with more testing on the connectivity, channels, logins, patching, and trying to fix some major bugs. In fact it became such an issues the servers actually had to close early for the players to even test on. I received a call last night about it actually, so some of you guys noticed I haven't been streaming the CBT. While I'm still aware of some concerns and issues the team and public are having, let me stress out that this is all part of the CBT.


Day4 started off with continuing and recapping the fixes that team made before closing the servers last night. While it might not have looked much of an fix upon start up, the team requested for another 30mins to close down to fix another error. In exchange, to the players Gravity extended the CBT to the players an extra hour to test the new stability. Generally it worked, but still not sure how players from long distances we're handling it. A great deal of players finally made it to Home base "Prontera" to job change, made some new weapons, clothes, and armors.

Others have ventured off to the Prontera Sewers too.


Day 5 - Things started to get a lot better as we approached the weekend, making the server stabilize for everyone across the world. Some things are still being tweaked around with each channel, but for the most part except for the lag and random DC's it works.

Today we've seen a good amount of players finally turn lvl 15 to get their Peco Rides. Others started to job change and venture off to Ludlow and Mt.Mjolnir. Some started to battle the Dimago's while others tackled the Grand Mastering.

Also a lot more positive feed back started to roll in once players had a chance to set aside their frustrations and become more open-minded with the game itself. The servers became a little more stabilized as another playtime of extension was granted as well.

Some new feedback actually are in regards now to some of the skills, buffs, cool downs, items, warps, mobs, systems, animations, etc. Most of which is in regards to RO1, or just giving creative criticism, which is all very appreciative. Some players even sent in pictures of them falling out bound of the maps like in Prontera sewers or jumping into lakes to swim with the fishes at Prontera.

Though bugs are what we're really after, just for a heads up, some been found in the party system, some quests, Peco mounts, and a few other things. For the most part though, actual bugs that are being worked on, one of which is actually a concern that sometimes a player account turns into a broken/fake GM account...not really changing them into a GM but they're locked from using Skills, and a few other limitations while being hidden. If this happens to anyone, please Log out completely, and try to re-log to see if it corrected the issue, if not please make a report on the bug support page.

For the most part, things are starting come together.
Now for some screenshots throughout the days:

GM bug:

Day 3 & 4:

Day 5:

Hope you Enjoy!


Kyriuzh said...

Hello Chris.

The game is getting really nice.
I hope that in future, BGM and sound effects the game better, because today is not pleasing me.
I also expected more of animations and effects of some important skills of the game, Fire Bolt for example, even though they are lvl 5, just a spear of fire hits the mob.
Another thing that no one is getting used to is the auto-stats, maybe people get used to it after a while.

Another thing I think, is that the game should be fewer channels. 15 Channels separates the very players

On the game's graphics, this really cute ... but I wish he would be improved with some blur effects and Vsync improved. And I realized that the game does not have a sun in the sky.

Chris. Thanks for reading our comments, I hope they help improve the game even more.

( Sorry for my bad inglish. )

Sidney said...

Hi chris, nice screen shots you got there!

My toughts about the game for now:


-Graphics style
-Prontera is beatiful
-Nice monsters
-Some BGMs are excelent! (great job)
-Character "screaming" the spell name (love it!)
-Spells animations and attacks


-When you cast a spell, firebolt for example, the monster comes after you (really fast btw.) before it gets hit.
-When you cast a spell, even if miss, the monster comes after you anyway
-No flinch when get hit (monster), this is a huge disadvantage for mages, acolytes and archers.
-Monters approaches to fast.
-Prontera BGM (really? >_>)
-Most MVP monsters (or Boss, idk) can be defeated by just 1 person (huge disappointment here), this game isn't supose to be played in party?
-MVPs/Boss easy (again xD)
-Simple quests like (kill x, gather x)

Thats all for now x)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for publishing all of my posts I hope that it catches some attraction from you and dev team. And since you are an art dev I should tell you that we need some GOTW features like poring bag etc, better texture and monster design. Some more cuteness. GOTW was good at this point. Keep up the good work, and use the feedback thats why game is up there after all for us players ! :)

Anonymous said...

nice can't wait to play this here in philippines! ^_^ hope to come here in phil early 2011

Hyde said...

Very nice SSs and good news. It's good to know that the game is more stable now.

BTW, seeing how things are going, do you have any idea when will the OBT be announced? We, players that don't have the oportunity to play in the CBT are nervous! xD It will be, of course good for the Dev team, because then will have more people searching for the bugs you cited in the topic.

BLUE said...

From the looks of it, day after day. this game is getting so much better.

HOpe it will be released worldwide sooner. PLEASE..

By the way Chris thanks for the information. It keeps us non-beta gamers updated.

Keep up the good work Gravity.

Anonymous said...

add /gg and /ok in game plx thx.

Anonymous said...


i have a question. what about the potionsystem? i can use unlimited pots without cooldown like in ro1?

Anonymous said...

weight system should make its place in the game as well, sorry for spamming your blog chris :D

[Chris Ruiz] Burn said...

Thank you for your concerns, the original 15 channels was to currently get everyone playing while stabilization for each channel gets tuned correctly. The goal is to reduce it to at least 7 if need be.

I also know that it does divide the players, however it is necessary for a server to hold alot of players onto one server using channels.

I'm sorry if you feel this way with the game, but in regards to the MVPs being killed Solo it isn't possible at such early stages. The players that been killing GTB is a Quest Boss, nothing more than a lvl 1 type boss to spice up the adventure. The actual Lvl 2 and 3 versions are located else where. While the same goes for all the other major MVPs. So PLEASE do not be alarmed to thinking that major bosses can be soloed so easily.

Your Welcome & Thank you too. ^^

No promises yet on a 2011 release date for Philippines since the initial project isn't even ready for OBT yet. If anything, I would expect somewheres in Late 2011 to early 2012 Maybe if all goes well, honestly I can't really say besides maybe ask GM Tristan. ^^

The team is hoping to release a Late 2010 OBT Or Early 2011. Thats all I can say for now. ^^

Thank you.

merru said...

i wonder if gravity allow for me to report a bug in english...

Anonymous said...

aw too bad i thought its gonna release here in phil early, many players are waiting for this game and want to play.

chris can i ask a favor? i don't have contacts with GM tristan can you ask him for me? thanks in advance. ^_^

balik ragna sana!

MimiChan said...

Did I win the mouse pad o.oa

Anonymous said...

thanks for keeping this blog up for our feedbacks. I hope devs will make good use of it. Personally I really want ro1 mechanics and gameplay which is possible to be done. Could you please reply to my posts at the day 2 section :)

[Chris Ruiz] Burn said...

Yes, you may make reports in English.

Sure Thing I'll make sure to ask him later on. Hope to see you at Live2010, ROK ON!

Just drop me a message with your email address. ^^

Anonymous said...

Hello Chris. I am very glad to hear that the team is planning to release an OBT in late 2011. The game has a lot of potential and I would hate to see it rushed out before it's really ready.

Some of my concerns:

I noticed that every time you use a skill, you can't really use another one afterwards. For example, on my archer I always start with double strafe, but when I try to use my second skill (charge shot) there is a very noticeable window where I can't use the skill. This is very different from RO where you can use your skills very fast right after the other.

Other concerns - some skills effects are awesome while others are kind of underwhelming. Like others said, fire bolt/ice bolt and charge shot for the archer.

Anonymous said...

Hi chris, awesome screenshots u got there.

anyhow i want to ask, when does Gravity plan on releasing OBT for RO2:LotS? and if they do, would foreign gamers be accepted or they would have an ip ban?

putting tht aside, judging by the screenshots, i love the game, the art direction is awesome, although i think some details needs to be added to the character design, etc the hair to make it much more realistic and cooler[living up to one of the modern MMORPG standards]

one last thing, will thr be something like day/night cycle going on?? if yes, IM VERY HAPPY, heck i'll even suggest that they have 4 seasons! ;D

Amnesy said...

Hum. I wanna leave every comment about graphic and animation outside. I'm not really interested about that, for now.
What I'm watching with criticism is the interface. I think this kind of interface, used almost everywhere is not enjoyable. this because is dispersive, incomplete, obsolete.
dispersive because is a flourish of bars fulling the screen and reducing the visibility.

Incomplete because, even with all that bars, you are unable to gather fastly the information you need. the windows will be superimposed one over the other.

Obsolete because i have seen this kind of interface so many times...

Another thing is how the target works. do it more visible. a simple circle around the mob is not enough.

other that, i don't understand why the priest and monk have the right to use shield and wizards, rogue not. you are supposed, as rogue or thief to go in a close combat without any heal skill or big amount of hp.
as mage you are supposed to stay in a long range, but this is not what happens because the monster comes near you and hit, but you have low hp.
So why a priest should have a shield and these 2 classes not?

thanks, and good job.

Anonymous said...

Is there any monster evolution in RO2 like in RO1? Its pretty minor feature but it was quite interesting to see a peco egg transform into fully grown peco peco.

Daison Cariño said...

waaaa how nice,, my favorite monster are there, I thought they're not...I love those monsters..and the PRONTERA town...makes my ears giggle weeeee.. how nice Gravity..hope to back all the OLD TOWNS...and OLD PAYON, the geffen,and others...

Anonymous said...

thank you very much! we are planning to quit ro1 just to play ro2 and we are a bit disappointed about the news that it will not release earlier than we expected but its ok it is a small sacrifice so that the game will be a stable and ready to play. more power /no1

see you in LUlive2010!

(sorry for bad english)

Cortes said...

Thx for all Chris !

In my option, RO2 is just an adaptation from RO1 to MMORPGs current styles.

I didn't see any sequel.

Slow battles, targe locking, insane cooldowns.

Just like other MMOs.

The game is good, but I'm not gonna play it. I wanna play Ragnarok.

Sheepiroth said...

As a member of the CBT, I was able to play my archer up to level 7 in an hour or so. The game looks absolutely beautiful. I love the scenery and it is very reminiscent of the original game. However, the gameplay does not have any of that "RO feeling". When I use skills such as Double Strafe, I am stuck in place for a full 2 seconds. I really hope the game designers did not put this horrible self-stun in the game on purpose. Skills, just like auto attacks, should be able to be used on the fly, just like in RO1.
There is no reason to purposely slow down combat. I also would like to see stats added into this equation. Autostats make me feel like my character is the same exact thing as everyone else's.

ShadowVFX said...

This game looks great, but it really bugs me how huge all the monster and scenery are compared to your character. It looks like someone shrunk you down to 2/3 your original size.

That King Poring was ridiculously large compared to your character. I can suspend my belief for a lot of things, but how in the hell could a human defeat something that large with just a sword? Even a massive slash would be nothing worse than a paper cut! And the Fabres are the size of a bus!? Really!?

skim said...

It's a shame the idea of different areas and battle having different background music was not implemented, but I trust that will be part of the game by OBT. Also, it's a shame the faces are so.. unemotional. :( GotW characters seems to genuinely feel happy, sad, angry, determined... etc. But on the other hand, GotW didn't have peco riding :p

DrProfessor said...

Looking at gameplay (I didn't make it into closed beta) I'd say that the big problem with combat is that... It's slow!

In Ragnarok Online one,characters continously attacked, it was back to back attack animation. The only thing inbetween attacks was the animation for it. I liked that.

DrProfessor said...

I really hope that the music diversity from RO1 is reached. All the Rock and techno and Jazzy sounding songs, I actually liked some places more for their music. At the moment I'm displeased with what I hear except for 1 or 2 songs. I reaaaly don't like the music for Prontera, it's... cliche.
Combat looks slow too. In Ragnarok Online 1 the only thing seperating two attacks was the sprites animation. Sometimes with less than a second inbetween if you were a slow novice.