Wednesday, September 1, 2010

RO2: CBT Day2 Feedback

After 1 heartbroken day and 2 hrs in on the 2nd day. Users finally got a chance to experience RO2:LotS. As users approach the elegant login screen, and character creation screen, they've began their quest hunting an array of Porings, and all other sorts.

But then the actual duty of the CBT kicked in while trying to have fun. The Bug hunting and the evaluation of the game's life....So here I am sharing with you all some of the general responds which came rather quickly, in the last hours up-until closing.

Here is the list of things that have been appointed to be discussed, changed, keep, or fix. These are just a few of the issues and feedback that were received awhile ago. Enjoy!

"Love the art direction"
"Skills are nice"
"Mobs are pretty"
"good touch for the Argo mobs"
"The game works - fast too like RO1."
"Animations are much more fluid. thumbs up!"
"Love the extra outfits, ty"
"Yay top view"
"neat, cast delay is back"
"this is great RO2!"
"it's eye candy for RO fans X_X"
"i like the mobs are different size based from their level of strength."
"Wow, my PC can actually run this"
"Maps are Large, Love it."
"Nice BGMs"
"Cute poring has Glasses"
"Flower picking interesting?"
"Graphics look smooth and clean"
"Job Emblems are cool"
"the GUI and sfx are nice."
"controls are tight, i like it"
"this game is nice"

"Why do i keep going to char screen?"
"I cant see this npc message"
"autoloot menu junk; get back the item drops like RO1"
"Keep the music expect pront."
"I do not like web start button"
"RO2 becomes RO not ; it can fail hard again promotes nothing other MMOs are doing or comes close to RO1 standards i'm done with my CBT good luck G."
"A 1st few mins, i feel board"
"We are floating when running"
"WHAT the? I turned to jigsaw puzzle."
"camera coding and jumping is same like RO2 Gate."
"HEY MOM fix da roof. my Mom says: how u up there? reply: I JUMPED!"
"No SoundTeMP?! What the"
"I look like a loser with these other losers - gimme a novice to look dumb in poring map!"
"I WANT MY STATS!!!!!!!!!!!!NUUUUWWW!!!"
"Net coding fails like RO1"
"Dc Dc Dc DC pleeez fix"
"why does my char hand goe through my weapons?"
"Picking crops?! im no novice i didnt sign up to be a farmer."
"Sorry Gravity the Emoticons from RO1 look like from some Chinese MMO"
"I don't see day and night, why?"
"hair loads up really slow"
"it doesnt take me away from that other popular MMORPG; when server closed I loged in that other one. feels like a cheap clone, older RO2 had better."
"died from standing too long or i missed something?!"
"Farmers should be a new Life Job; swordie dont pick shrooms [0_o]"
"Is it just me or did I die while being alive still killing things?"
"Thnk you for adding RO1 top view. It works nicely just gittery sometimes."
"I wished characters had more detail."
"O.o what is with the big mobs?"
"Why no other genders for jobs?"
"Grass looks like paper o_O"
"will we be compensated for almost 2days worth of logins?"
"I don't see anything special, no cut scenes, no NPC zooms, its rather boring and linear, right?"
"my face head is missing!"
"I stick with RO1 i hate jumping unless it is useful like TKs in RO1. RO2 jumping before was rather buggy too."
"Map bounding is screwy again..."
"This is GotW all over again ~ I was expecting more of an RO1 instead monsters, skill, maps, and classes are thrown in to make up for it. Gravity plez do something different with RO2 to make it RO1 but better than other MMOs. Cosmetics will not win over this one."
"WTH Sounds from RO1 were like used for totally random Stufz, pleaze put them where they belong"
"Fabres look like old men"
"ok ok ok i like it but i hate it. i hate this even more than grinding, trying to stomach this rolled up sushi meal is bothersome. Can't you just bring the nice models and interface over to RO1 tobe done with it. PLease."
"no story, no opening."
"i'm crying for everyone that been hyped up"
"no trailers = it is a mess"
"someone needs a magmaring in their pants"

Here are some screenshots that came with the reports:


Sidney said...

overall i liked the game.

Nice graphic style, gameplay not so slow, emotes (yay), but the monsters distribution really pissed me off .-.

Now it is something like "poring here" "group of lunatics there" "nothing here" like every other mmorpg nowdays out there.

Where is the funny random monster respawn from RO1 thats is funny when suddenly a monster pops up in the screen attacking you?

Hope there will be some kind of elemental system and chat bubble/room.

Corpse loot is fail,
item drop from RO is epic win.

no SoundTemp, what?? energetic and vibrant music ftw!

Anonymous said...

im disappointed...

[Chris Ruiz] Burn said...

Thank you for your feedback. I hope you'll continue to try out the CBT when it's a little more stable to enjoy some more of the game and it's features.

I'm sorry you feel that way. Hopefully the released version will be better for you and many others.

MarceloSix said...

PROS - all except ..

"I WANT MY STATS!!!!!!!!!!!!NUUUUWWW!!!"[2]
"Why no other genders for jobs?"[2]
"no cut scenes, no NPC zooms, no story, no opening

Anyway the game is sensational. =D

MarceloSix said...

Other PRO - The attack is fast, is very good ^^

Night-Hawk said...

Well i think novice class need to come back, i want to choose my gender, stats points like ro1, mobs distribution like ro1, you see an willow walking near a poring and bang! a wanderer comes to you! and if possible without target lock skills... like ro1 too ^^ if gravity do that... well the better mmorpg for a long time i think.
(sry bad english, but i think u guys understand me.)

Night-Hawk said...

and i forget the drop system of ro1 is the better in the world ^^
corpse loot is fail[2]

Sidney said...

Other PRO - The attack is fast, is very good ^^[2]

Some things i forgot (sorry >.<)

Skills animations is nice! great work there, but there are a few bugs (maybe?) like the Firebolt from mage, the "spear" disappears before it hits the targets.

Other things that would be great in the game (in my opinion):

make a little "stun" animation everytime the target is hitted, this would help archer and mage a LOT because the way it is now the monster approaches very fast, resulting the battle entirely in a "melle combat" (bad english =/)


Why don't fuse the old emote system (RO) with this new emotes? (crying animation + crying emote ballon for example?)


Some Intro when we create a new character (like a "movie") would be nice too ^^.


NPC Zoom from RO-GOTW was epic!

Deses said...

Most complaints can be summarized into "it's not RO1" and "it's only a beta"

Paull said...

Game Pros

the models and the art direction are great.
I love it.

Game Cons

I hate the standard battle system, i can make a great list of mmorpgs with this same system."including browser games"

-=my opinion=-
The battle system is the most important thing in a mmorpg. Is the only thing that can really differ the game and make him unique.
Using the same Battle-System of other mmo games is just like make a mod.

If was needed to copy some Battle system of other game, i think would be better make something similar to the RO1. "at last, this is RO2"

RO2 is different from RO1, this is not bad at all
But RO2 is just like the others mmo games... and this for me is a deception. =/

I know they will not change a entire battle-system
So... Good luck

*sorry for my english*

Anonymous said...

WTF?! I want to be able to pick my gender!!

Anonymous said...

I tried out the beta and my biggest complaint is the camera. The camera system is very weird because it follows you character automatically in the top down view mode. I really hope they change the camera controls.

Other than that I really like what I'm seeing. The game is in early stages but it shows a lot of promise.

Micc said...

Question: In character selection, I saw a face that was invisible, Are they gonna put more faces,noses styles, mouth style, eyes colors and types, eyebrow colors and types ( like last RO2) head size, hair colors, hair types, others clothes and colors and other customization things on char creation? Thank you so much, hope answer my question.

Blue said...

-character art, momevent.
-Skill presentation.
-most Monster design
-Environment.(loving the movement -of tress, buildings, etc.)
-BGMs are awesome.

-Grass and some plants are in 2d.
-The monster movement are not appealing somehow.
-The camera view needs improvement.
-The npc should have close-up function.
-Quests are a bit boring. (needs some interactive quest that needs thinking, story or something)
-RO 1 Item drop must return.
-no day and night.
-shud put some more environment effects (like fog).
-Delay in game is ruining gameplay.
-Sound effects needs improvement.
-novice should return
-training area like in RO1 should return.
-needs more intelligent monsters.
-needs better gameplay.

this is all my opinions.

this game is soo promising hope the final release will be epic. finger crossed.

Kyriuzh said...

In my opinion, the zoom system npc should return, he was pleasant.
I would also like to start without a defined class, as in Ro1.
Another thing I did not like was the sound of poring attack, when many of them attack looks like Pac-man. I also wanted to map the distribution of the mobs would be better prepared.

Another thing, the system of changing profession (Ctrl + V) could be improved by implementing a kind of locker rooms. And the battle system also could be better with more combat animations and character motion.

Thank you for your attention Chris, and sorry for my bad inglish.

opl3 said...

hi, Chris
thanks for new info

i like ro2's arts and animations, but RO2:LoTS looks like another boring "not ro1"-mmorpg =\

RO2 quests: "hunt X monsters" or "bring Y items", grindy and boring.

> "The game works - fast too like RO1."
Bash skill with 5 seconds of cooldown, is it joke? Longest cast time is 5 seconds of Emergency call skill on woe of RO1.

potions with cooldown time = fail

Gravity, just make this:
not renewal RO1 (interface, gameplay, game mechanics) + RO2:LOTS fixed graphic + less grind + more customisations + better craft system = PERFECT RO1 SEQUEL

need a lot of work, else:
> It should be changed for something like "fail for a second time".

sorry for my english

sonneHonne said...

I just have to give my opinion on this problem that is really bothering me, and i hope Chris and the dev team pay some attention...

the problem is the male characters:
1 - look too feminine, with female features such as big and delicate eyes, long hairs, small and delicate facial shape...
2 - are too deformed and unproportional, gigantic hands and feet, and very skinny body
3 - way too much side-fringe hairstyles

what they need is:
1 - more masculine features such as square shaped jaw and chin, a bit smaller eyes, less eyelashes, more eyebrows

2 - some more proportional and realistic bodies with appropriate sizes, a bit more of muscles ( not too much since the characters are young)

i hope this serves as example(ro2 pics)


[Chris Ruiz] Burn said...

Yes your correct it's still early beta, development is happing around the clock. Though it isn't RO1 it is trying to carry the name and feel of RO1 but also retaining that of what was RO2:GotW.

Thank you guys for the feed back, concerns, and suggestions. Most of which have already been mentioned, sent in, or being reviewed for possible adjustments for now, and on the release.

Rok On!

Kuugen no Nuke Addict said...

I'm so amused that people complain about dozens of things like
>no stats
>monster distribution
>loot menu

have they EVER played any MMO beside ro1 in the last 5 years? RO1 mechanics are completely outdated. Designer move on to other things because it's suiting popular demand. I just hope gravity wont yield to most of those uneducated complaints. and for gods sake, its the FIRST CLOSED BETA. Do you people have any idea how many closed betas a game goes through before it can be considered somewhat ready for release? How many closed betas had GOTW? 3? and that wasn't even enough.

Seal said...

Well... the game it's too commum... Like a generic mmo recipe :/
I know that it's a beta, i'm talking about the features realsed until today.
Ctrl V It's time to morph(into power ranger \o/). Where are the little rpg's qualities?
Suggestion:the camp that you can build on the filds, you know? Could be a place to change clothes! Would be much more logical and RPG. Of course would have a cast to change the clothes(and to build the camp too, i'm right?).
Now you ask me, "and when you log out? Or when you are on a city?"
Log out: A option would open to you choose change to npc etc
on a city: you could go to a place where your profession works! Like, Chef goes to a restaurante, talk to a certain npc and change to his profession. This is rpg!
About genders of job, it's no a problem... if this is only on beta! xD
The auto stats...this is a sin! u_u
Coud have the opition to CHOOSE if you want auto stats or not, you spoken about this before...
This story... Lee could work more on it, couln't him? It's like, The Villian sealed long time ago wake again and blablabla. Ok, this is the beggining, can be very exiting when the story evolve...afterall, I trust lee. Would be cool cutscenes and etc hehe, but this isn't a problem.
I have a suggestion... They used gamebrio, so... What's about get some buttons so meele atk? You know, the normal atk. Like, 5 diffent time of moves. For Exemple:
Q it's the faster move, but with low damage
W it's fast, with more damage
and goes like this.
T would be a slow move, with huge damage(of course, based on character stats)
So, this would affect the gameplay, would be more interesting.
That were just an exemple, i know they can do better than that.
And about WOE, that confusion, to simplificate the things, you could just click on the target, like RO1, and the char would do the atks randomly.
Change the Sprite when you change your equip '-'
And the NOVICES, we neeeeeed novices! xD
I thought about it while typing, so, of course that can be improved.
Good luck to RO2...
Work Hard! \o/

Ronny Candelaria said...

beautiful game :) can't wait to see more sceneries of midgard. <3 can we get maps and skills translated? >_< (actual maps of translation, not map names... if you don't mind...)

@Sidney: agree with monster distribution. I understand you can't make any monster spawn anywhere because of the lack of loading screens, but I think we can go around this issue: you can make it so that different monsters can spawn from the same exact spot with a certain chance and make maximum amount of any monster per map (or area). that way spawn spots will basically turn off is people keep farming them, because odds are the monster will eventually spawn somewhere else, and a different monster will spawn in it's place. I'm not sure how hard this can be to code but it might be an issue this late in the stage of development <=[

@Night-Hawk:I kinda got used to the idea of no stats and no novices. after some time thinking about it, it isn't so painful. What I don't understand is how horribly hard it is get rid of autolock >_< it's just painfully unnecessary. can't you just code it so that it asks for a secondary target (main target would only be for basic attacks) after you select a skill? I think it's important to NOT have target-locked skills as it is important to have AoE circle preview (which I believe you said we would have). "corspe loot fail" [3] if you want a suggestion, you can, based on monster height (which I assume size-properties will come back), make a formula for a random fling of 3D objects after the monster drops to 0 HP, and use the body to cover up the starting point of the 3D objects, which you can make small, and will magically get bigger when you loot them(OH come on, like you can fit loot in your pockets anyways, nobody can complain about the credibility of that <_<). hope the physics on them not falling through the floor doesn't scare you cause we'll have plenty of more 3D objects in WoE hoping not to fall through the floor >_>.

Nedamic said...

@sidney:it's called flinch, and it IS a great idea :) [btw, this was a HUGE part of RO1, as it was the way priests could train killing undeads with holylight.] "Why don't fuse the old emote system (RO) with this new emotes? (crying animation + crying emote ballon for example?)" [2] :3

@deses: of course, guess "legend of the SECOND" had nothing to do with it and the name Ragnarok is only an advertisement technique. like final fantasy! xD btw, many of these things made RO great and the lack of them in other MMOs is horrible.

@chris: I'm sorry but I think that RO2GOTNW was a canceled project; I don't think it should be given any credit, even if it was hard work, as you can't base a game off a project.


-one of the long hairs is attached to her head, but not her shoulders (2:26) all the other hairstyles look unique and beautiful(2:39) :)

-animations and skills look cool, but we got ourselves a walking dead glitch.

Nedamic said...

-please make sure first acolyte skill is heal, not nexus or holy light. we like to be party anchored.

-MINIMAL OR NO COOLDOWN PLOXXX!! specially for pots... where's the fast gameplay? atk speed is nice but it's really only supposed to matter for thieves (and occasionally other jobs specifically built for it with quiet a bit of hard work with cards and gears).

-I'm not sure, and lag probably had something to do with it, but I saw that when mimi logged into an acolyte, there were a lot of acolytes around her, but when she loggeds as a swordy there were tons of swordies, I would think that it glitched and everybody showed the same job x.x

-swordsman attack speed faster than expected, specially compared to a swordy with no agi stat in RO1, but guess I can't complain since we have autostats...

-character making screen is still in development right? I mean, we are missing gender and I don't like it when they let you try on clothes you wont get to keep (and probably wont get for a long time)...

-I think grass should be a bigger priority, since top down view is encouraged...

PS: see if you can merge my messages x) also, sorry if I'm bugging you too much, I don't want to tell you how to do your job but I want to help as much as possible <=O

MIC said...

Chris please!! =P The character's customizations (head size, eyes, mouth, eyebrow [like Gateoftheworld] etc..) will be refined.. won't it? Or it will be just faces selections?

Ps: I need to know i.i

[Chris Ruiz] Burn said...

It will be upgraded in time. There are currently still some options not open for CBT due to it still having some known issues. So the team removed those to lighten the load on some future negative feed back since it isn't much of a concern for this CBT.

Hope this helps!

Feral said...

I have a problem with level based equipment, because it instantly creates tiering

Anonymous said...


I loved the idea of Dimago as monsters.=D

Anonymous said...

pros :
"Mobs are pretty"
"The game works - fast too like RO1."
"Maps are Large, Love it.""Nice BGMs"

Cons : everything..
im quite disappointed, im agree with this statement "i'm crying for everyone that been hyped up"

Clark said...

I'd also like to make the suggestion that "Do not take all suggestions here on board", as they do not necessarily reflect the majority of opinions, and many posters of which may be subjected to being a borderline-percentage.

For me I'd like a weather system, wouldn't mind seeing a thunderstorm

Clark said...

Sorry for double post but yeah chris, the eyes look very hollow and the hair look very "FlyFF"

ShockWave said...

I disagree on Novice comming back, it was frustrating, HOWEVER, I do agree on bringing the trainning zone back, imo having the first 5 levels atleast, should be in some zone that helps u get familiarized with the content of the game, with npcs that hand out quests and explain to you how to play the game, a tutorial basically.
btw to the comments who said u saw lots of classes of the same type only, its because currently most of the starting zones are class specific (archers+acoyltes, swordie+thief something of that sort)

I read a comment saying 'this game feels grindy and boring'
apparently U haven't played RO1, king of grinding games?

Concerning Combat, I'de have to agree I would like to see the RO1 combat system kept in place (no cooldowns but cast delays)
for both potions and skills
if you intend on keeping cooldowns, they must be short unless you add a wide variety of skills considering u have enough mana to use them, for a mage to be auto-attacking is fail.

I think thats enough for now, I'll keep commenting later on.
good day, hope to see good progress in this beta

Anonymous said...


This is a ALPHA TEST! 90 % of the game is pure Bugs, sex locked classes, etc etc etc.

Please, name it Right. Alpha, and not Closed beta.

Since this is a Alpha, just 3~5 k of players need play. The other 17 k only got angry.

Now ...

*Random mobs spawns

*Classes for all sex

*RO1 Loot on ground

*Novices! Srly! WE WANT NOVICES!

*Quest to change to 1st job. (Wich is REALLY nice, cuz you know your job and a lil of history of your guild)

*Mounts, Camps, Hot Air Ballons, and NO OPEN MAP? Please! Make a giant world map! Honor Rune Midgard from RO1!

*That delay from skills that not exist on RO1 is lame. LAME.

Its Ragnarok guys! Make a Ragnarok game. Forget the Gate of The World. No one like this crappy game.

Again, this is RAGNAROOK!

We want Novices, training grounds, quests for 1st job, noices, no delay on ceartain skills, novices, loot on ground, war of emperium and novices.

merru said...

my screenies gone black when i tried to take a screenshot (windowed mode)
*3rd day*

Anonymous said...

Waiting for new Closed Beta of

RAGNAROK ONLINE 3 The TRUE Legend of Second...

Chris and Gravity, think with me...

If i wanna play a game like WoW,

i would play WoW.

Ragnarok is Ragnarok, Wow is Wow.

Put more things of Ragnarok 1,

dont turn your game in a New mod of Wow.

Anonymous said...

Peopleeeeeeeee... how can u complain like this, It's just a beta!!! Besides it's just the first part!!!! How is that u complain about genders, customization, gameplay?? Some people is already saying that this game is condemned, like they did with RO" GOTW (although it was very bad). I mean there're a lot of things to do, a lot of time to improve the game. Betas are for that, for people to give feedback and then for designers to correct the mistakes, but you should not be that harsh! You are acting like if it was the final cbt and the game would still suck. Gameplay is still being developed, (although the cooldown on some skills and potions scares me)It will get better in the future!!! Sorry for the bad English, I have some things to add but I do not remember so I finish here.

Great Work Gravity! Keep on!

Anonymous said...

Another thing I noticed: the sound effects don't really fit. The dagger sounds more like something blunt and the poring sfx doesn't really remind me of the poring even though it's obviously a poring and it has the same cool poring death animation from RO1. I hope they are still working on the sound effects :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Chris.

I agree with most Things That Other People Have Spoken, Has a lot to Improve yet.
More what I did not like the game Was the movement and sound of the attack of Various characters and mobs, And Also The effects and animations of skills, wizard Mainly, I hope the animation skills are not the Same at all levels.
When we attacked some big monster, the character is inside the monster, what makes it unpleasant.
I Hope that with upcoming closed beta Will Improve the game more and more because he is still very similar to Several Other mmos.

Thanks for reading my feedback.

Victor said...

auto-stat? Its a big mistake and disappointment, one of the great things in RO1 its the stat system its stupid to remove this system the game gets boring and many players gonna stop, sorry if I'm wrong about the game system.


jsgnextortex said...

I think Almin is not a good "welcome town" for Ro2....Familiar cities from RO1 like Prontera or geffen(when made) can cause a better first impression for RO1 players, in my opinion....having prontera as an unreachable "pro city" is the exact opposite from RO1 where novices and pros were united and having fun all the time....the same happened with RO2:Gotw, a lot of players dropped the game before knowing "where is prontera?"

Ronny Candelaria said...

big creature's attack range has to be fixed so that they only attack at a certain distance, so that they don't sit on you.

MarceloSix said...

Mount must be exclusives Knights / Warrior

Knight / Warrior - Peco (with two different types of Pecos)

Assassin / Rogue - Assassin already moves fast, Rogue (no idea)

Priest / Monk - has agiup

Hunter / Ranger - Hunter uses Wolf and Ranger has the skill Windwalker.

Wizard and Wiz - use a flying broom maybe

Anonymous said...

some other stuff came into my mind today, why not being able to put numbers and other characters in our nicknames? Plus I would like to have party names back that was a fun feature I always saw someone around with a party name that puts a grin on my face. About another point on gameplay, lets have a simple system for monsters changing targets just like in ro. and monsters sense that I attacked them even if my first hit misses WOOOt this is not ROish !

Anonymous said...

further opinions on gameplay:
we cant deny that community is a strong part of RO, we could sit in pront at guildspots and have nice conversations with eachother chat for hours open public chatrooms to look for parties etc they were all essence of ro. Now we have a bad chatting system. Why not bringing the party list/friend list back with private message windows? If a person wants they can disable the windows just like in first RO. Also the chat rooms would be nice along the merchants in prontera. If we solve trades parties over the channel chat or auction houses we will lose interaction, communicationbetween players

Anonymous said...

Part I
I believe the game at its current state doesn't promise or feature any innovative gameplay. At this point it is difficult to create a totally new system for a unique gameplay thinking game is having beta phase already and I feel that this game lacks the gameplay legacy from original RO.
We have the potential to use the topdown camera view but rather than making it just a few angle mimics you could add a switchable mode in the game. Just like topdown mode/ classic 3rd person mode. Topdown mode could be useful for grinding/pvp/woe purpose where a player wants to unleash top performance from their character.

Better aerial view for scouting around, hunting looking for the strategical points. Exact camera mode from original RO, limited angle changes, character fixed in the middle of the screen. WSAD keys disabled during the top down mode to enable battlemode. Enchanced GUI for combat purposes. I am sure this would appeal original RO fans.

About gameplay in this 3d environment thing is its really difficult to lock on a target using left click when I am running around with my archer. I rather use the attack command on skill bar to lock on which is a big cons for the game.
Bring back fast spammable skills for a higher game tempo. More actions per minute = more fun and challenging. Another thing to add FW plx walking these huge whole maps is no fun at all. And of course with the random spawn system if it comes back I really hope it will, FW would be good for hunting bosses, fast leveling around etc u know...

Anonymous said...

Part II

Another point mobs stick to their spawn area and get back there if I drag them away for hunting reasons. This kills the gameplay and would limit AOE leveling possibilities in future. AOE is simply bringing another aspect to leveling and parties. Let players have freedom to come up with good leveling ideas, strategies etc. This is what RO was great at millions of possibilities, ways to achieve something. Players would develop their own technique rather than using one of few boring fixed ways to level, fight.

Original RO favored creative gameplay, had great boundaries. Players were controlling the flow of game unlike other MMO's. There were many tactical choices.

Element system with levels is just one little example for this...
One last thing auto stat is not RO, we loved working on stat skill calculators for days to create our own builds. I don't want a RO where my archer has STR VIT INT from beginning. Let me chose what my character gets. Maybe I want to play a pure powerhouse rather than your allround auto stat char. Maybe wanna invest my stats on the ones that would aid my falcon in future.

I hope to draw some attention from dev team. Just having old monsters back to recreate the RO's feeling would be insufficient. -out-

Anonymous said...

5th post from me I hope all of them make it to your wall here. Equipments are very limited to classes. Will it change in future? Good old ro had a nice gear called chain mail that could be worn by many classes thus making it an important factor when you would open a new char. You could always use the equipment from ur other char no the new one and let the new one improve faster. Any changes possible for this system?

kilani said...

I'm reserving judgment for a while, but I wanted to say Chris it's really nice that you released such a list on the site like this.

The graphics are cute and nice, my friends like it. I have to say though we all hate the emoticons. Not the ones the characters physically do but the yellow ones. They should be more like RO1. I agree with con list they look like cheap and common chinese game emoticon, really really bad and childish. They should be white and more styled like RO1.

Also is weight gone? I don't really like the bag system of games like WOW. Making everything too simple is a bad thing, RO's greatness lies in it's customization.

I'm not sure about other things, I want to reserve most of my judgment for when I can play.