Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Blog Advisory

Hey Guys - just a quick update on things.

After and during the events of CBT I've been seriously swamped with work, I still have to give a post on the 6-7days [which is minor] and to award our contributors for their Screenshots/Video submissions. Not to mention I'm still going over all the comments and suggestions you guys been sending in, which some haven't been uploaded yet. I'll try to get to those soon.

Oh yeah, I had some requests to show the mouse pads I was giving away, so here you go:

In between all of this, I'll be doing an interview with Rafa and his community over at Ragnatales. Don't worry when it's released I'll repost or direct link you guys to the interviews.

We got RWC in Oct. and LU Live2010 in Nov. - Not to mention I got alot of things to finish up between now and End of Q4.

Though, I want to actually apologize to the RO1 community and fans out there for what might have seemed like I've neglected, but in all honesty, I haven't. I'm still developing for RO1, in which is mainly my focus right now.

As always, I'll try to keep you guys updated. Till then!


Anonymous said...

Oh wow that mouse pad looks really sweet. I totally forgot about the contest :( I hope there is another one for the other beta test(s).

VlaD said...

Hi Chris, i been trying for days to post this, but i don't know why it doesn't shows up, so here it goes

Part 1

Hi Chris

The game is looking good graphics wise, it looks awesome, the devs made a good job keeping the essence of the original ragnarok,
but i have a lot of complains about it, and suggestions too. I know they will sound radical, but at least i want you to know about this.

First, i have seen a lot of footage, images, gameplay, etc, and all i can see is another RANDOM KOREAN WOW COPY MMORPG, yeah
,i said it, i think that Ro2 is taking the same path that all the other mmorpgs that have been released for the last years,
and you know that they haven't done much to the mmorpg industry.

Let's take a look at the combat system, is the same thing that uses WOW, AION, Lineage II, you name it. The GUI, same problem.
The leveling system is gross, nobody wants to grind over and over, to level up, go to a different place, and grind for another hour
that's old, and it doesn't appeal to the market anymore. Do you really want to fail, devs?
The Questing system isn't much different, kill X amount of X monsters, Give X npc X item, Go get X Plant/mineral/stuff. i'll repeat
it again, THAT'S OLD AND BORING. If i wanted to go to a farm and farm carrots, i would play Harvest Moon. I want to ESCAPE REALITY
DO AN EPIC QUEST WITH MY ALTER EGO, stuff that you can't normaly do in real life. I haven't seen the PVP, but i can guess how is going
be, a battle that's stat based, selecting targets and spamming a spell. duh

VlaD said...

The PVP in the normal mmorpgs are always based in your gear and stats, if you have more stats than your opponent, you win.
BOORING. In HnS games, your gear and level is important, but you fight people based in your skills and strategies, and you can
take advantage of the environment. Example, in a swordie vs mage fight, the mage can run into a hill, taking the ground advantage
because he can aim from war away, but what can do the swordman to get him?, he can dodge/block and charge, hide behind big rocks or trees,etc.
Wouldn't that be much FUN?!, yeah i'd love it. Everyone Would.

I had a longer comment done before, but the page didn't load, and i lost all my writing -_-, so here's a summary.

Developers and Chris, i KNOW that you can't make this much changes, but i'd really appreaciate that you can reply this comment
so i know that at least you read it, because it took me quite a while to write it.

korean said...

how are you deciding the mousepad contest winner?

is it one for video entry and one for screenshot?

i think you should let video winner choose which mousepad to get because it is a lot more effort to record fraps, and render, and then upload to youtube

screenshot is just prtscr and tinypic lol!